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Cleaning budget: free templates + checklist

  • What to do - the tasks
    • vacuum
    • Wipe
      • Cleaning tiles
      • Cleaning of laminate / parquet
      • Cleaning of PVC
    • Wipe the dust
    • clean the bathroom
      • Tips for quick cleaning
      • Effective cleaning
    • Laundry
  • Checklists and templates

Cleaning is not one of the favorite tasks for most people. Nevertheless, no one comes past it. With this guide, we show you how you can use a budget to make cleaning more effective. You will also receive many valuable tips that make cleaning even easier. The free templates and checklists were designed by us lovingly, so you can hang them at home and always know what to do.

No one wants to spend that little spare time exclusively with cleaning. Some even reserve the cleaning for the weekend. This time you should spend with the beautiful things. To achieve this you will need a budget and our checklists.

What to do - the tasks

In a normal household there is always something to do. However, you should be aware that no one can survive in a sterile environment. A "cleaning until the doctor comes" is therefore not necessary in most cases and with regular cleaning also not necessary. A completely germ-free environment is also not healthy for our body.

Some cleaning tasks are to be carried out daily, others once a week, per month or even per year. Make beds or wipe the kitchen worktop belong to the daily work and are not treated separately here. At the end of the article you will also find different plans for different approaches to printing.


We do not want to make a blanket statement about how often you have to vacuum in the different rooms. The frequency depends on several factors:

  • Are you allergic "> Recommendation on the frequency of vacuuming:

    • Kitchen - at least every 2 days
    • Living room - 1x per week
    • Hallway - depending on the season (every 2-3 days)
    • Bedroom - 1 x per week
    • Children's room - at least every 2 days
    • Bath - at least every 2 days


    When we speak of wiping here is meant the wet or wet cleaning of floors. It is important that you treat each floor covering individually. A tile can be cleaned differently than a parquet floor. Also different is the frequency of cleaning. In the kitchen and in the bathroom also with the wet cleaning higher hygiene requirements are to be considered. Quickly dripping some fat or other food on the floor in the kitchen and should be eliminated as soon as possible. In the bathroom, however, soap or toothpaste can soil the floor. Again, the faster you react, the easier it is to remove the dirt.

    Cleaning tiles

    Most tiles are insensitive to water. Therefore, it is recommended not to save. For cleaning tiles normal detergent is sufficient as a cleaner. But if you want it very clean, you can add a small splash of vinegar.

    The first pass when wiping should be done quite wet. Then rinse the cloth and wring out very well and wipe over dry in a second pass . Finished!

    Cleaning of laminate / parquet

    Laminate and parquet tolerate no moisture. Therefore, both should only be wiped damp . For the weekly cleaning a splash of detergent in the water is sufficient. Occasionally, however, additional care should be mixed with the mop water. For parquet and laminate, there are special care products to buy in the trade, which seal the floors.

    Oiled parquet is not easy to clean. Use some high quality wood soap in the mop water. This should be treated regularly with care oils.

    Cleaning of PVC

    PVC floors are easy to clean. Depending on the degree of pollution, the use of water with a little detergent is sufficient. Once a week, simple wiping is sufficient. If you want, you can add some vinegar to the wiping water. This is especially recommended in the kitchen.

    Wipe the dust

    Who likes dusting ">

    clean the bathroom

    In the bathroom are often Soap residues, splashes on the mirror and on the tiles and deposits on the shower the problem. This is quite easy to master with simple home remedies. Regular cleaning also includes:

    • Toilet
    • basin
    • mirror
    • shelves
    • shower
    • tiling

    Tips for quick cleaning

    1. You should always have a rag and some paper towels in the bathroom.
    2. After bathing wipe the shelves around the tub with the cloth.
    3. The shower can be cleaned every time you shower. Use a fillable sponge brush for this purpose. Fill them with a little detergent and lemon essence. Now you can rub the shower with it after every shower and immediately rinse with clear water.

    Effective cleaning

    To clean the bath quickly and effectively, you should consider the sequence of cleaning steps. The following instructions should help you:

    1. Distribute toilet cleaner evenly in the toilet and let it work.
    2. Removal: Clear all items that interfere with cleaning:
      1. Rug (shower, bath)
      2. old towels in the laundry
      3. Empty the trash and empty it out
      4. Soap dish, toothbrush cup and other utensils on the vanity
    3. Put some water with detergent and some vinegar or lemon essence in the sink or a small bucket. These solve limescale and soap scraps.
    4. Using a cloth, wipe off all surfaces and the mirror.
      1. Then dry with kitchen paper or a cloth.
    5. The shower should also be cleaned with some vinegar or lemon essence. Or you save yourself this time and note the above tip 3
    6. The toilet cleaner has now worked long enough and so the toilet can be cleaned from the inside. With the "old" water in the sink, now clean the toilet from the outside. Use a separate cloth for this.
    7. Now you can wipe the floor. Please note the above notes on the topic "wiping"
    8. Now clear all objects again.
    9. Finally, add new towels. Finished!


    Of course, how often you wash your clothes is very different depending, among other things, on the number of people living in the household. As a result, a single household will wash less frequently than a 4-person household.

    Tip 1 - Sort laundry:
    To make the job easier, you should set up separate laundry racks for the different types of laundry and / or colors. This saves you time for sorting your laundry. Also means when the laundry chest is full for "black and dark", just fill up the washing machine and off you go.

    Tip 2 - Wash clothes:
    To work effectively you should start the washing machine before you start any other activity. The machine washes by itself. Is your washing machine a bit off, z. For example, in the basement, set a timer so you do not forget the washing machine.

    Tip 3 - hang laundry:
    Hang up the laundry immediately. To save time again, you should hang the laundry straight and straight. This makes a possible ironing either completely unnecessary or it is easier to hand if the laundry is already quite smooth.

    Checklists and templates

    With our free checklists and templates we want to make your cleaning more enjoyable. The lovingly designed templates can be easily printed and hung.

    Download PDF - Cleaning plan bath
    Download PDF - 10 minutes cleaning plan

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