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Make with bread bags - poinsettias made from bread paper bags

  • Make creative poinsettias out of bread paper bags
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  • Make advent calendars out of bread bags
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Hard to believe, but from simple and very inexpensive bread paper bags can be tinker in no time magical poinsettias that look as if they were made by great artists and acquired for a great deal of money. We provide you with the basic instructions for creating a poinsettia made out of bread bags and also give you some tips on how to change details on your own to achieve particularly chic and unique stars!

You can buy them for a penny in the supermarket or in the drugstore: paper bread bags, which usually serve as packaging for snacks, but can also be wonderfully converted into inexpensive crafting materials. Especially in the hectic Christmas season, in which the creative work with children or even without offspring brings contemplation and peace, the bags fulfill their purpose brilliantly, as they allow the quick and easy production of fantastically beautiful poinsettias. The basic instruction, which we present below, is also a good introduction to the DIY world of craftsmanship, even for beginners. Especially since in addition to the main material, so the bread bags, almost only utensils are needed, which are often already in the household in stock, so it is not just an entertaining, but also all around cheap crafting fun!

Make creative poinsettias out of bread paper bags

You need this for a poinsettia:

  • 7 bread bags
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • punch
  • Gift ribbon and / or yarn
  • Imagination and / or our originals
  • cardboard
  • printer

Craft templates for printing

  • 1. Craft Template: Poinsettia 01
  • 2nd Craft template: Poinsettia 02
  • 3. Craft template: poinsettia 03
  • 4. Craft template: Poinsettia 04
  • 5. Craft Template: Poinsettia 05

Tip: We recommend beginners to use our templates first. After this first practice phase, it is certainly easy to independently incorporate patterns into the poinsettias of bread bags and to achieve so many great creations.


Step 1: Print one of our templates on paper and cut it out with scissors.

Tip: If you transfer the template to cardboard, you will get a sturdy template for making poinsettias from bread bags. Basically, but also a template from paper.

Step 3: Then take seven bread bags to hand and simply cut off the protruding edge at the opening for each bag.

Tip: If you are dealing with relatively large bags, six are enough; for smaller ones, it is advisable to use seven of them.

Step 4: Now it is time to glue all the bags on top of each other. For this you need the paper bags, double-sided tape and scissors. The exact procedure at a glance:

4a) Cut two adhesive tapes for each bread bag. The lengths of the bands depend on the height and width of the bags. In the end, each bag gets a tape duo, which is glued on each side like an inverted T. The longer tape runs vertically in the middle of the bag from top to bottom, while the shorter tape is to be mounted horizontally in the lower area. Important: The opening of the bag points upwards

4b) Glue the seven bread bags together. To do this, detach the top foil pieces of the adhesive tapes for five out of six or six out of seven bags. Be sure to glue the paper bags together as evenly and accurately as possible.

Step 5: Glue the bags tightly together ">

Tip: If you want to avoid pencil lines, you can also just cut around the stencil.

Step 7: The star itself is now in dry cloths. However, you probably want to hang him up. Therefore, integrate a hole in the top of the star.

Before, the two bags, which then meet, but should be reinforced with an elongated piece of cardboard. Cut a strip of cardboard about 3 cm wide. This must reach from the top to the bottom. Then glue the strips to the first and the last bag.

Step 8: As an aid to the holes, it is best to use a conventional punch. These are now exactly in the top middle of the two bags, punched through the cardboard.

Step 9: Then unfold your work. To do this, pull on the upper tips to release the individual layers from each other. Gradually, the noble star is born.

Step 10: Then cut a piece of gift ribbon or yarn of your choice, pass it through the two holes and then make a stable double knot.

Note: In this way, the poinsettia can be repeatedly opened and folded folded.

Create many more stars using the same principle - ideally with the different patterns of our templates and, as a result, your own design ideas.

Instructional Video

General Tips

... all about making such stars out of bread paper bags

Tip # 1: Let your creativity run wild, but ...!

When you start cutting your own patterns into paper bags, there are no limits to your imagination. You should just be careful to always get enough "base", so do not cut away too much from the bags. In addition, the lower portion of the bread bag package must always keep its shape. There you can under no circumstances remove something. Otherwise, you risk that the star will not be sufficiently stable. Here are a few inspirations for potential patterns:

  • Christmas tree
  • half star left and right
  • Puzzle pieces
  • lateral spikes
  • Semicircles left and right
  • two triangles left and right ...

Tip # 2: Dip the bags in color!

Of course, before you glue the bread bags together, you can also paint them as you like - whether with watercolors, colored or felt-tip pens, it's entirely up to you. For example, work in beautiful Christmas or winter patterns. You may also want to give one or the other star to a loved one or a loved one. Then you can write a special message in the star. However, you should do this at the earliest if you have cut the patterns out of the bags. Otherwise, a disaster may happen and you also cut your writing out of the paper, making the text illegible.

Tip # 3: Make your stars shine!

You can also make your poinsettias from bread bags glow. All you need is LED tealights. These are available from just one euro to buy. For a set with several copies (about 24) you pay with some providers only about 13 to 15 euros. Put or glue in each star a LED tealight and enjoy the radiant sight.

Tip # 4: Work with so-called "nature bags"!

In addition to the classic butter bread bags in white, there are also natural bags, for example from the DM own brand Profissimo. Stars made of this material look a bit more rustic because they are reminiscent of wood due to their color and surface. If you want to tinker with natural bags, you are basically the same as with the "normal" variants. There are only two differences to consider:

1. Of the 12 x 21 x 6 cm Profissimo Nature bags, you do not need six or seven for a star, but nine. This means that you have to buy at least two packs to create a decorative element, since a pack contains only six pieces.

2. Fold the bottom down in the middle. Then unfold it for the time being to coat the bottom half of the floor with glue. Then fold the upper half of the floor down again and glue it firmly. Take a look at our pictures to better understand the step.

Then proceed exactly as we explained above in relation to the traditional butter bread bags. The result of a simple star then looks like this:

With "Special Effects" your star of natural bags could end up with one of the following designs:

Tip # 5: Create your own star paradise!

Craft as many stars as possible from bread bags and hang the finished items on the ceiling in the living room or bedroom with elegant wrapping paper or yarn. So you create your own private star paradise, which conjures up a Christmas and romantic flair in your home four walls. Of course, the whole thing looks especially nice with the embedding of LED lights. Try it!

Make advent calendars out of bread bags

We still have a tasteful idea for you, as regards the design of your Christmas time: Make a simple, yet pretty Advent calendar of bread bags.

You need this:

  • 24 sandwich bags
  • Glue
  • Pieces of paper or fabric
  • scissors
  • noble pen
  • nice gift ribbon
  • varied fillings


Step 1: Pick up colorful paper or colored fabric scraps and cut out 24 identical or different shapes - such as hearts, stars, circles or squares, depending on who the calendar is for.

Tip: Of course, you can also use white paper and colorize and / or pattern the shapes for the numbers yourself - preferably with colored pencils or felt pens.

Step 2: Label the individual pieces with the numbers 1 to 24. Use a special noble pen.

Tip: If you use fabric, of course you need a pen that writes on the material.

Step 3: Grab the 24 sandwich bags and stick to each one of the prepared number motifs.

Tip: In order to make the calendar even more individual, you can also paint or glue the bags yourself (using stickers or photos, for example).

Step 4: Fill the bags with various things - from delicious sweets to creative craftsmanship, everything is certainly desired.

Step 5: Close each bag with a nice gift ribbon. Finished!

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