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Fold CD covers out of paper - template for crafting

  • Variant 1: completely without glue
  • Variant 2: With a little glue
  • Additional tips

Who actually buys original CDs these days ">

Admittedly, our self-made paper CD cases are not just suitable for larger transports and also not very durable. However, they are a cost-effective and simple way to take CDs sufficiently protected to the car, to work or to school. Online, you will find a number of instructions that are sometimes completely identical or differ only in a few tiny details. In this DIY guide we present our two favorites - one version works without glue, for the other you need it already (as well as ruler and pencil). And last but not least, we also provide you with several practical tips for (optically) designing your individual paper CD cases. Here we go!

Variant 1: completely without glue

What you need:

  • Din A4 sheet
  • CD

How to proceed:

Step 1: Place the Din A4 sheet in landscape orientation on a flat table in front of you.

Step 2: First, find the leaf center. This is quite easy, by first folding the sheet horizontally from one edge to the other and hinting at a fold (approximately in the middle). Then fold the sheet vertically from one edge to the other and again indicate the fold in the center. Then open the sheet again. Now you should have a subtle, but sufficiently visible marking of the leaf center.

Step 3: Pick up a standard CD and place it in the middle of the paper. You can orient yourself at the leaf center and simply adjust the open center of the CD to the same. In this simple way, you can save yourself the laborious math with a ruler.

Step 4: Place the sheet back in the landscape in front of you on the table and then fold the top edge of the paper over the CD. Just make sure that everything is nice and tight. The CD should end up stable in the homemade cover. So draw a tight and straight fold.

Step 5: Then fold over the lower edge of the paper, which is still in front of you in landscape format - this time of course upwards. Draw again as close and straight as possible.

Tip: If you find it easier to fold the paper from top to bottom, you can of course also rotate the sheet 180 degrees before performing the step.

Step 6: Now lay the paper in front of you on the table in front of you and fold the lower edge upwards. As with the two previous steps, the seam must be narrow and reasonably straight.

Step 7: Repeat the same with the top edge you fold down

Step 8: Open the result from step 7 again and fold two dog-ears - with the two corners of this paper section. After that, your paper should look like this:

Step 9: Finally, you just have to put the side with the dog's ears in the other side of the paper. Done is the simple CD case!

Instructional Video

Variant 2: With a little glue

What you need:

  • Din A4 sheet
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • Glue
  • CD

How to proceed:

Step 1: Lay a Din A4 sheet horizontally on a flat table in front of you.

Step 2: Fold the long - ie horizontal - edges in each case by about 3.8 cm inwards.

Tip: For this step, it is best to use ruler and pencil. With the latter you mark the points at 3, 8 cm.

Step 3: Now place the paper vertically on the table in front of you and fold the bottom edge about 8.9 cm upwards. That's how it looks:

Step 4: Now take the glue (liquid adhesive or adhesive tape) and glue it to the sides to make a bag. Press firmly.

Step 5: Wait a few minutes for the glue to bond well with the paper.

Step 6: Then fold the remaining top edge down. This creates a tab.

Step 7: Open the result from step 6 again and fold two dog-ears - with the two corners of this small piece of paper.

Step 8: Slide the CD into the opening.

Step 9: Insert the tab into the lower part of the paper. The homemade CD case made of paper is ready with the help of glue.

Additional tips

For a longer life of the CD case, use cardboard instead of plain printer paper. But keep in mind that heavier paper is also harder to handle or edit.

There are hardly any limits to the design of the paper CD cases . You can, for example, paint the paper with colored pencils or felt pens, decorate with stickers or print on your desired motif. Do this before you close the cover.

Would you like to use our own stamps for decorating the CD cases? "// // www.zhonyingli.com/stempel-aus-moosgummi-basteln/

Be careful when printing: Print only the top 12 cm of the sheet - this part will be visible on the front of the cover. If necessary, use the back. In this case, however, you should leave the lower 2.5 cm free. These are in the end plugged into the fold and are therefore not visible when the shell is closed.

On the back of the case you write best all the songs that are on the CD on it.

Note: If you created the CD with a playlist in iTunes, you can click File -> Print, then go to "Protective Case Insertion" and select from the "One-Sided (Black and White)" drop-down list. So the names of songs and artists from the selected playlist are automatically put in the perfect place.

Put a paper or, better still, a cloth in the cover to avoid scratches on the CD.

You do not need to go shopping or spend a lot of time creating simple CD cases. Because more than a few sheets of Din A4 paper is not necessary to make the practical utensils in a few minutes and burned CDs a protective home for smaller businesses to offer!

Tips for quick readers:

  • Tinker with Din A4 paper CD covers
  • only a minimum of money and time required
  • Variant A without glue, variant B with glue, ruler and pencil
  • few and very simple folding steps lead to the goal
  • Decorate covers as desired (coloring, printing, stickers)
  • thicker paper for more stability
  • Put the cloth in the case (protects the CD against scratches)
  • DIY paper envelopes perfect for the car, work or school
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