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Napkins fold: Simple, double and triple Tafelspitz

  • Fold simple Tafelspitz
  • Fold double Tafelspitz
  • Fold triple Tafelspitz

Like the bishop's hat, the folded Tafelspitz is one of the classic folding techniques that you often see in restaurants as part of the table decoration. Take some time and fold napkins, paper or cloth napkins, before the next party. We'll show you how to fold the simple, double and triple Tafelspitz yourself.

These three folding techniques are perfect for practicing folding napkins - the difficulty increases from simple to triple boiled fillet. Accordingly, you can also improve your skills here.

You can create the Tafelspitz at will with fabric or paper napkins. However, cloth napkins are preferable for this folding technique because the spike must stand on its own. With paper napkins there is a risk that everything falls down quickly, you have just opened the window.

Fold simple Tafelspitz

Step 1: First, open the paper napkin so that it lies longitudinally in front of you on the table. When folded, fold a cloth napkin from top to bottom in the middle. Make sure that the beautiful outside of a cloth napkin is on the outside. Note: The closed, long side of the napkin is on top.

Step 2: Now fold the left and right top corners down and along the center line. The result is a right-angled triangle.

Step 3: Now fold this triangle together and set it up carefully. Done is the simple Tafelspitz!

Fold double Tafelspitz

Step 1: Fold for the double boiled beef first, step 1 and 2 of the simple variant. Result is again the right triangle.

Step 2: Fold up the folded corners again - two diagonal fold lines have been created.

Step 3: Next, open the right side of the napkin and pull the top corners over to the bottom left corner. Press everything flat so that the right side now yields one side of a triangle.

Step 4: Now turn the corner from the right to the right.

Step 5: Then repeat step 3 with the left side of the napkin. The result is again a right-angled triangle.

Step 6: Finally, this triangle is folded and the double boiled beef can be set up. Voila!

Fold triple Tafelspitz

Step 1: Start with the triple boiled fillet as well as with the other two instructions before - fold the napkin once and fold down the right and left corners along the centerline. Open these folds again.

Step 2: Repeat step 3 of the folding instructions for the double boiled beef with this napkin, as well as step 4 - turn over.

Step 3: Now it works a bit differently - fold down the top, left corner, along the center line. It creates a triangle.

Step 4: Finally, this must be folded up again and set up. The triple boiled beef is ready!

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