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Make Christmas decorations - instructions for Christmas decoration

  • Ideas for DIY Christmas Decorations
    • advent Calendar
    • Advent wreath and arrangements
    • Making angels
    • Nikolausstiefel
    • reindeer
    • snowflakes
    • Tinker snow globe
    • snowman
    • Make stars
    • Christmas tree as a Christmas decoration
    • Christmas tree ornaments
    • Santa Claus

"Jingle Bells" and "Silent Night" are your favorite songs and you are a huge fan of snow and tinsel ">

Christmas is the time of love, of giving and very important: of crafting! Traditionally, Christmas decorations such as Advent wreath, straw stars and snowflakes are often homemade. Glue stick and scissors are made to glow together with the child and the cones. We would like to give you the necessary inspiration, because making Christmas decorations is fun!

Ideas for DIY Christmas Decorations

advent Calendar

The Advent calendar, whether made of boxes or bags, is a must for every DIY fan. There are numerous variations and designs on how you can design such a calendar yourself. We show you these ideas.

The instructions for our self-made calendars can be found here:

  • Tinker advent calendar
  • Sew advent calendar

Advent wreath and arrangements

The four candles on the Advent wreath belong in every Christmas arrangement - that's for sure! But there are other creative ways to make such a wreath itself.

Here you will find our small selection of creative wreath and arrangement ideas for Christmas:

  • Advent arrangements
  • Christmas arrangements of natural materials
  • Tie Christmas wreath
  • Sew the wreath

Making angels

The Christmas angel on the Christmas tree or in the window are classic decorative elements at Christmas. Whether made of wood, crocheted or paper - we show you great variations for DIY angels.

Here are the individual instructions:

  • Making angels
  • Crochet angels
  • Instructions for wood angel


Whether filled or just as decoration - the Santa Claus boots are now increasingly seen as part of the Christmas decoration in Germany as well. We would like to introduce you to boots made of paper and napkins, as well as crocheted or knitted Santa Claus boots.

Knitting and crocheting may be something completely new to you - but do not worry, with a little practice such models will work for you as well. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Tinker Nicholas boots
  • Crochet Santa's boots
  • Sewing instructions for Santa's boots
  • Knit Santa's boot


Clay pots are super versatile - so you can even wintry

  • Reindeers made of clay pots


White Christmas - who does not want that ">

The crafting instructions for the snowflakes can be found here:

  • Snowflakes made of paper
  • Crochet snowflakes

Tinker snow globe

Or let it really snow - with a DIY snow globe. This is child's play to tinker. Here are the instructions:

  • Snowglobe - Instructions


Frosty the Snowman is like the snowflake an important Christmas symbol. With hat, carrot nose and buttons, he decorates many front gardens and living rooms at Christmas. We would like to introduce you to these great ideas. A crocheted snowman, a snowman made of plastic cups, pompoms or napkins.

Here are the instructions for crafting:

  • Tinker snowman
  • Crochet snowman

Make stars

The Christmas star in the sky has led the three holy kings to the baby Jesus. That's why he is a classic Christmas element. We would therefore like to introduce you to many, creative ideas for home-made stars. Whether from bread bags, straw, wood or paper - here you will find a variety of instructions for crafting:

  • Instructions for wooden stars
  • Stars made from bread bags
  • paper stars
  • Straw stars - instructions
  • Fröbelstern

Christmas tree as a Christmas decoration

A decorated Christmas tree has almost every family in the living room or in front of the house at Christmas. You can also make a small miniature edition. We would like to present both paper Christmas trees and a crochet Christmas tree to make. You will be enthusiastic.

  • Christmas trees made of paper
  • Crochet fir tree

Christmas tree ornaments

Now we have put together 10 creative ideas for home-made Christmas tree decorations for you. Candy canes, cones or small pine trees made of felt - here you will find everything the Christmas heart desires.

  • Jewelry for the Christmas tree

Santa Claus

Last but not least Santa Claus should not be missing. In this tutorial, we've prepared four creative ideas, including crafting templates. The jumping jack will make the hearts of children beat faster and the little Origami Santa can be used as decoration for gifts.

Here are the instructions for crafting:

  • Tinker Santa
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