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Make bees - instructions and ideas for different materials

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  • Ideas - Making a bee
    • Bees made of gypsum
    • Bee from Klorolle
    • Eggs from egg carton
    • Bee from tin can
    • Made of paper and cardboard

The spring and the summer are the time of the bees - the little, yellow-black rascals are almost always loved by young and old. In this tutorial we show you creative ideas and crafting variations with different materials - so you can make bees yourself. Whether as a deco or gift - the crafted bees are definitely real eye-catcher!

Ideas - Making a bee

Bees made of gypsum

required materials:

  • Empty Toffifee packaging
  • Modelliergips
  • plastic cup
  • whisk
  • Acrylic paint and brush
  • Craft wire and pliers
  • Wackelaugen
  • hot glue

Step 1: Make the Toffifee box all - that should not be a problem.

2nd step: Then mix the plaster. Put the gypsum powder with water in an old plastic container and mix the mixture. For the bees you need about 150 g of gypsum.

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Step 3: Then pour the liquid modeling clay into the Toffifee packaging.

Step 4: Let the plaster harden for a few hours. After 3 hours you should be able to push the small balls out of the packaging.

Step 5: Now the bees are painted. First, paint the entire area yellow. Let the paint dry. Then decorate the bee with black stripes and a face. The black paint should now dry for one to two hours before it goes on.

Step 6: In the meantime, make little wings out of craft wire. Bend the wire with a craft tongs into small wings in the shape of an 8.

Step 7: The wings, as well as the Wackelaugen be glued now with hot glue on the bees. Finished!

Bee from Klorolle

Spring will bring them back soon, the little buzzing bees. As a decoration and craft idea the small useful insects are just as well suited. We have now put together another cute bee-making instructions for you, with which you can quickly and easily create the funny bees.

required materials:

  • Cardboard roll from toilet paper
  • scissors
  • Craft paper in the colors yellow, black, light blue
  • Glue stick or craft glue
  • black fiber pencil for painting
  • possibly wobbly eyes
  • if available black pipe cleaner for the feelers
  • Ruler or measuring tape, pencil

Step 1: First pick up a roll of paper from a roll of toilet paper. Once before, roll the yellow construction paper around the cardboard roll and mark the place you need for the circumference of the paper roll. Now cut the construction paper to the height and circumference of the cardboard roll.

Tip: You can of course measure the height and circumference of the paperboard beforehand with a measuring tape.

Step 2: Then cut out of black construction paper three thicker strips, each one centimeter wide. Pay attention to the circumference of the cardboard roller. Then cut out two thinner strips of black construction paper, these become the feelers.

Tip: Alternatively, you can also use black pipe cleaner as a feeler for the bee.

Step 3: Now draw a lying "X" on the light blue construction paper and then cut it out. Take the circular shape of the paperboard as a template for the curves. In this step, the wings of the bee arise.

Tip: You can also paint two larger and two smaller oval circles and then use them individually as wings and glue them on. So the wings can still be individualized in their shape.

Step 4: Now apply glue to the entire surface of the cut-out yellow clay paper and place it around the cardboard roll. Press the construction paper evenly so that it sticks well to the cardboard roll.

Step 5: Now spread all the clay paper parts with glue and glue the three thicker pieces of black clay paper to the lower part of the cardboard roll. The two thinner black paper strips or alternatively the black pipe cleaner, now stick to the top of the cardboard roll and from the inside.

Step 6: Now decorate the little bee with a cute face by painting your mouth with black fiber pencil. Then, as a nose, put two black dots in the middle of the face. Then stick the wobbly eyes on. If you do not have them at hand, simply paint the eyes of the bee with a black fiber pencil.

And Schwupp, the little cute bee is ready! Have fun after the dozens and you still have not enough of the little insects, then wait in this post even more cute bees crafting instructions on you.

Eggs from egg carton

If you want to make eggs from egg carton, you need the following things:

required materials:

  • Egg carton 4 or 6
  • good opaque yellow color (tinting color)
  • a black marker (or black paint and brush)
  • black / brown wool or string
  • maybe a few shaky eyes
  • black pipe cleaner or black craft paper
  • empty PET bottle (best one without deposit)
  • Hot glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors or craft knife, craft knife
  • brush

If you have a large egg package available, decide whether you want to make a small or a large bee. If you have only a pack of 4 anyway, this decision has already been taken away from you.

The body

Cut the packaging of the eggs apart so that 2 or 3 parts remain directly connected. It works very well with a normal pair of scissors. Remove all unnecessary pieces of cardboard so that the hive rests flat on the ground without wobbling too much.

As a second step you paint the packaging with yellow paint. You may need to apply several coats of paint to get an opaque result.

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Tip: Always allow the first coat to dry.

You can also paste the cardboard with yellow paper.

The wings

As the bee's body dries, take care of the wings. To mimic the transparent effect of bee wings, we take the plastic of an empty PET bottle as a material.

Tip: Wear protective gloves and let someone experienced use the cutter. There is acute danger of cutting through the knife blade and sharp edges of the plastic.

Carefully cut off the bottom and neck of the empty and cleaned bottle with a cutter or scissors. The remaining cylinder is cut lengthwise to get a rectangle.

Here the wings are recorded. An easy way to draw such a pair of wings for our bee, is to draw a large 8 on the surface (Folienstift). In the middle, you should add a little more material, because this is where the wings are connected to the bee's body.

Cut out the wings. Please be careful with the edges as they may be sharp. Here, some fine sandpaper or a normal nail file helps to deburr sharp corners.

With a waterproof thick marker you can now surround the wings or decorate, if you do not want to leave the wings completely transparent.


  • Make a silver craft wire or pipe cleaner an 8 and attach to the bee
  • Craft cardboard or paper to record and cut wings

The waist

When the paint is dry and covered well, the stripes will now come to the home-made bee. Either take the brush again and black paint or a thick black pencil or you take wool. Whether you take black or dark brown wool does not matter. Wrap the wool around the gaps between the pieces and knot or glue them in the end if the bee's waist is thick enough.

Tip: Do not wrap the wool too tightly around the bee so that the cardboard does not crumple.

The face

Take a pencil and give your home-made bee a friendly face.

For this a mouth and a pair of shaky eyes are enough. For the feelers you can either use black pipe cleaners. You can also cut two thin strips with black craft paper. These are then zig-zag folded and then attached to the bee's head.

Final assembly

Either stick the pair of wings to the first waist of the head of the bee's body with some hot glue or take a needle and thread to sew it to the bee.
If all that was not enough work for you, you can miss the little craft bee also a few legs.

To do this, take 3 parts of dark pipe cleaner, twist it in the middle and set, glue or glue the remaining bee body on it. Now bend your legs down a bit and you're done. Have fun with the project "Bee tinkering".

Bee from tin can

You do not always have to buy thousands of materials to make a cute bee. This DIY idea is all about upcycling - from old to new! This is how it's done.

required materials:

  • old tin can
  • colorless plastic bottle
  • two bottle caps
  • scissors
  • edding
  • black wool
  • yellow acrylic paint and brush
  • black tape
  • four yellow buttons
  • hot glue
  • Hammer and Nail

Step 1: Pick up the opened old can. The bee now needs five holes, four for the legs and one as a suspension. Gently hammer the holes into the metal with a hammer and nail - exactly where we show it in the picture.

Step 2: Then the bee is painted completely yellow - acrylic paint is best suited for this purpose.

Step 3: After the yellow color has dried, stick strips of black tape on the bee.

Step 4: Now cut four equal lengths of black wool - about 15 cm. Make a double knot at one end of each thread.

Step 5: Now the wings are cut to size. Use Edding to draw a cross-shaped pair of wings onto a plastic bottle. Cut out this pair coherently.

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Step 6: Now the bee is being tinkered. Pull the wool threads through the four leg holes - the knots are inside and make sure that the threads do not slip through. At the end of each thread, fasten a button. Then stick the two bottle caps as eyes on the closed side of the tin. Complete with Edding two pupils and a sweet mouth. Now also the plastic wings are glued on top.

Tip: The wool is best carried through the holes with a wool needle.

Step 7: Now thread a long piece of wool thread through the hole on top of the bee. Make a triple knot at the end in the tin. The canned bee is ready!

Made of paper and cardboard

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a bee yourself with a cardboard box and colored paper in the blink of an eye.

required materials:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • Construction paper in the colors yellow and black
  • Glue stick or craft glue
  • black fiber pencil for painting
  • possibly wobbly eyes
  • if available yellow pipe cleaner for the feelers
  • Felt pompom for the nose
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Circular utensils as a template for the bee body
  • duct tape

Step 1: First draw the bee body, with a pencil and with the help of its templates, on the colored paper and the cardboard box. In our example, we used a canned glass lid, as well as a roll of adhesive tape as a template. Of course, you can also use other items to draw the bee's body. If you have a steady hand and you want to give the bee body an oval shape, you can draw it without a template.

Step 2: Now cut out the surfaces of the bee's body and glue the large circle for the bee's body and the small circle for the bee's head, the colored paper, to the matching counterpart of the cardboard box.

Step 3: Then draw two thick strips on black paper, the width should be between one and two centimeters. In any case, the strips should be longer than the diameter of the bee's body. Next, coat the strips with glue and press firmly on the bee body to ensure a good connection.
You can define the distance between the strips individually and according to your own wishes. Finally, cut off the protruding edges of the strips so that they conform to the shape of the bee's body.

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Step 4: In this step, you can let your creativity run free when it comes to the design of the wings and feet of the bee. For the feet we have decided on two small circles that we have attached to the lower end of the bee's body. The curved wings we have drawn, but it is also possible to draw with an oval template or similar. Finally, stick the wings in the desired position to the bee body.

Note: If you want you can decorate the wings with dots or stripes.

Step 5: Now we shape the head by putting a black top on our bee. Just place the bee head on black paper, this will now serve as a template and draw a semicircle around the head, then cut it out. From the semicircle they cut out two cavities on the left and right for the eyes, then spread the glue over them and glue it on the head. Now you can stick the eyes and the pompom for the nose. Then you can still paint with a black fiber pen mouth.

Step 6: Then stick the yellow pipe cleaner to the back of the beehive head, which will be the sensor. Since this is difficult to fix with a glue stick, you should fix the feelers better with a little tape. Then coat the back of the head with glue and stick it on the bee body.

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