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Thermos smells: so remove foul odor | manual

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  • Coated thermoses | manual
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The thermos is essential for many people today. In them, drinks, soups and even desserts can be stored and transported. The s even stay warm or cold, making thermos popular for outdoor outings, picnics or numerous events. A major problem with the use of thermoses is the development of odor, which is prevented only with the right cleaning agents and methods.

Your thermos smells of coffee, smoothies or the last tomato soup "> Thermos smells

There are numerous methods, household and cleaning agents, with which you can act effectively against the development of odors within a short time. Not only the cause is important for controlling the odor. If you know the material of the thermos, the odor removal will be easier.

Causes of odor development

Before you can handle the odors in your thermos bottle or jug, you must know the possible causes of the odor. If your thermos smells, it's not just about cleaning it. The following points give more details on the causes.

Long use

One of the classic reasons for a thermos that smells is a permanent use. Over time, odors may accumulate in the material, especially if you use the pot very often. Above all, odor-intensive s such as soups or smoothies can quickly lead to an odor development that can only be removed with intensive measures. The more the food smells, for example onions, or drinks, the harder it is to remove the odor.

Hot drinks

Hot drinks have the habit of scenting the thermos faster than usual by use. The biggest candidate is coffee . Many thermoses smell of coffee, because these are in most cases a strong aromatic drink, which is often served hot. It is the same with soups and black tea. If you permanently fill hot drinks or dishes in the pot, you must expect that earlier than usual an odor development takes place.

Poor cleaning

Of course, poor cleaning can influence a strong odor development. If you use the thermos frequently and only rinse afterwards, dirt may accumulate which will start to stink. In this case, it is essential to check whether there are any residues left inside the pot. In most cases, the odor can be eliminated by thoroughly cleaning the bottle or jug ​​and you can continue to use it afterwards.


A frequently overlooked cause of unpleasant-smelling thermos flasks are the seals. The seals of a thermos bottle or jug ​​are made of rubber, silicone or plastic and can wear out over time or become so dirty that they form a strong odor . If this is the case, you must either replace the seals or clean them thoroughly.

Dirty seals are also dangerous to your health as they promote the growth of fungi and pathogens that end up in the s of the jug. This means that if you frequently store smoothies in your thermos flask, they can cause bacteria and fungi that can negatively impact your health.

The various causes help you to take appropriate measures that make the use of the bottle again pleasant. Often users do not pay attention to the signs and so you may end up using a dirty bottle of worn gaskets for a long time. Not only the smell of the bottle is affected, which is particularly disturbing with tasteless s such as water, but the aroma of the .

You do not necessarily want your chamomile tea to carry a touch of your last soup with garlic and ginger ">

Tip: If none of the above causes is true, it may also be that some of the s of the bottle break into the vacuum and spoil there. Since the vacuum is no longer present even by a tiny crack, for example, lemonade can get into it and generate odors, which necessitates an exchange of the entire pot.

Remove bad odor

If your thermos smells, it is especially important to include the type of pot in the cleaning. There are several types of thermos flasks that can not be cleaned in the same way. The reason? Different cleaning agents to remove bad odors can damage the materials.

Therefore, it is important to use the appropriate cleaning agents that can remove the odor from thermoses. There are three types of thermos flasks on the market that you are likely to have a home from.

  • coated models
  • Stainless steel thermos flasks
  • Glass insert variants

Each of these thermoses has other advantages and needs to be cleaned in different ways. For example, if you use stainless steel thermos flask cleaners with a coating, they can be attacked, resulting in decreased performance and odor. Since the material in this example is damaged, the odors can more easily get stuck. That's why it's so important to use the right odor removal methods.

Note: Before attempting any of the following methods, thoroughly clean the thermoses and their gaskets with a brush and detergent. Sometimes it's just dirt that needs to be removed with enough muscle power to remove the odor.

Stainless steel thermoses | manual

If you have a stainless steel thermos and you want to rid it of bad smells, you do not need much. Since stainless steel is very easy to clean, you can rely on classic home remedies that are inexpensive to buy and can be used quickly. Due to the robustness of stainless steel, you can count on a large number of cleaning agents compared to the other thermos flasks, which are explained in the following points.

baking powder

Baking soda is the classic cleaner for stainless steel cans. Put a packet of the leavening agent in the jug, which has been previously filled half full with hot water. Wait for the foaming and then fill up completely. Close the lid and let the s work overnight. Then simply drain, rinse and dry.


With vinegar essence, the pot is clean in no time. Essigessenz is filled with water in the pot, shaken and then left alone for a few hours. During this time, the vinegar can act. Then, as with baking soda, drain the water, rinse the pot and dry it.

bicarbonate of soda

Soda is used in the same way as baking soda . For this you need a tablespoon of soda, which is used in the same way as the baking powder.


The rice method is much more exhausting. In this variant muscle strength is required because the application is dry. Put a cup of rice in the thermos. It does not matter if it is basmati or risotto rice. Close the lid and shake the pot vigorously for five to ten minutes. Then empty the rice again and rinse with clear water and dry.


The use of salt is as easy as using soda and baking soda, but it is far from effective. Salt can help especially with weak odors. For this method, just two tablespoons of salt, it does not matter what it is, with hot water in the pot and let stand for several hours. Shake vigorously in between, then rinse and dry as usual.

Coated thermoses | manual

If your coated thermos smells bad, you do not have to despair. There is an effective way to clean the vessel while completely removing the odor. For these you only need a conventional dishwasher . It does not matter if it has powerballs or special ingredients, even the cheapest tabs can be used. If you have a tab available, follow this guide to clean it.

  • Place tab on the bottom of the pot
  • boil water
  • Fill up the jug completely
  • to close the lid
  • Let thermos bottle or jug ​​rest at least overnight
  • Open bottle in the morning and pour out dirty water
  • rinse well
  • usually several rinses are needed
  • Finally dry the thermos flask

Do not forget to dry the pot as thoroughly as possible. Water stains can also cause odors over time. Otherwise, you do not have to do anything after cleaning, because the smell must have warped. If this is not the case, perform the procedure again.

Glass insert thermoses | manual

Glass insert thermos flasks are just as sensitive as coated ones and for this reason may therefore only be refreshed with certain cleaning agents . Because they scratch or break quickly, do not use hard brushes, aggressive cleaners, or surfactants to clean and remove odors. For this a gentle remedy is needed: denture cleaner.

Teeth cleaners are essential for third parties and can help you with the odor removal. Since the tablets cost little and cheap in supermarkets and drugstores, you do not even have to spend high costs. The denture cleaner is applied in the following manner.

  • Place tablet on the can bottom
  • boil water
  • Fill the bottle with water
  • not completely filled
  • Close the lid and let it work for ten minutes
  • Open lid and pour out water
  • Rinse well with clean water
  • Use cotton cloth for drying
  • this one should not be linty and clean

The secret behind the denture cleaner is the activated carbon, which together with oxygen provides a strong reaction that effectively works against the smell.

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