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Checklist: Cost of a bath renovation - total and per m²

  • Item of the bath renovation in the overview
    • a) renew flooring
    • b) Attach tiles to the walls
    • c) integrate underfloor heating
    • d) install wall heaters
    • e) sink
    • f) toilets
    • g) shower / bath
    • h) Install fan
    • i) screed
  • Summary

Your bathroom is getting old and you are planning a refurbishment ">

Before you start with the bath renovation, you have to set up an exact cost plan. This includes various items, such as the flooring, the renovation of the wall tiles and the bathtub. The individual costs depend both on the size of the room and on the choice of materials. Calculate the breakage of the tiles and choose the bathtub, toilet and washbasins based on the design and prices offered. In any case, you should create an accurate cost overview when planning. Our checklist and tips will help you to keep the full cost control.

Item of the bath renovation in the overview

The checklist shows you the costs for the individual work during the renovation. As an example, consider a 20 square meter bathroom. In the calculation, the bath has a size of 5 mx 4 mx 2.5 m.

a) renew flooring

In the bathroom tiles are often selected as flooring. The costs are mainly based on the square footage and the design of the tiles. Cheap variants are already available for less than 10 euros per m², high-quality finishes can cost 70 euros per m². Other costs are the tile adhesive / mortar and the silicone. In general, you have to expect around 12 euros per 25 kilos of tile adhesive and 10 euros per bottle of silicone.

Floor tiles

Tip: As it quickly becomes slippery in the bathroom, non-slip tiles are particularly suitable. They increase safety and are therefore a worthwhile investment. Another important point is the abrasion resistance of the material. Since the room is heavily frequented, you should pay attention to a sufficient quality of the tiles.

Example calculation:

The base area of ​​the bath in our example is 5 mx 4 m = 20 m². Calculating with a price per square meter of 40 euros, then result in material costs for the floor tiles of 800 euros. In addition, there are about 50 euros for additional materials for attachment.

Total cost of laying floor tiles: 850 euros.

The condition is that the substructure does not have to be renewed. Otherwise, the expenditures increase again around the prices for the repair or the exchange.

b) Attach tiles to the walls

Wall tiles are particularly suitable in the bathroom because they are protected against splashing water. Cheap versions are available for around 5 to 10 euros per square meter. If you prefer a special design, then the material costs 50 or more euros. Upwards there are almost no limits. A special highlight are glass mosaic stones that you can integrate into the design. The prices here are around 35 euros per square meter for a monochrome white design. To the material costs for the tiles still issues for the tile adhesive or the mortar and the pulling of the joints. A sack of tile adhesive (25 kilograms) costs around 12 euros. Silicone is available for around 10 euros per bottle.

wall tiles

Example calculation:

The size of the bathroom is: 5 m + 5 m + 4 m + 4 m = 18 m

From this value you can now determine the wall surface. Multiply the circumference by the height of the room:

18 m * 2.5 m = 45 m²

At a price of 20 euros per square meter, the costs for the tiles are 900 euros. For auxiliary materials 50 euros are needed again.

Total cost of the bath: 950 euros

c) integrate underfloor heating

For underfloor heating you have the choice of electric floor heating and hot water underfloor heating. The cost depends on the type of heating:

  • electric underfloor heating: 30 to 70 euros per square meter
  • Warm water heater: 40 euros per square meter

When calculating the prices, additional costs for a renovation of the substructure must also be taken into account in this case. In any case, the tiles are renewed, the costs of which can be found in point a).

Tip: Underfloor heating ensures greater comfort and can also be used in the case of electric heating if the main heating has already been switched off or not yet switched on. When choosing the models, you must pay attention to the effectiveness, as this will affect the future heating costs. Also pay attention to a good insulation to save operating costs.

Example calculation:

If you install electric underfloor heating, then you have to expect investments of around 40 euros per square meter. The 20 m² bathroom leads to an investment of around 800 Euros. In addition, there may be additional expenses for the insulation or insulation. The material costs depend on the required effort. It is important to create a level surface, which may require renewal of the substructure.

Total cost floor heating: 800 euros

underfloor heating

d) install wall heaters

The bathroom often uses flat radiators. They also serve as a towel holder. The material costs depend strongly on the desired design. While cheap radiators are already available for about 70 euros, designer models can cost 200 euros and more. Simple thermostats cost around 7 euros. If you choose programmable variants, these are available for about 50 euros.

Attention: The prices do not include any expenses for laying new pipes. If this is necessary, then you calculate material costs of around 15 euros per meter of pipe, plus about 2 to 3 euros in expenses for fittings.

Tip: Adjust the size of the heating elements to the room size. This saves you material costs and can heat later effectively.

Example calculation:

A simple heater body is available for about 70 euros, added around 7 euros for the thermostat. To seal the pipes and auxiliary materials you need about 20 euros.

Issues in the overview:

Radiator: 70 euros
Thermostat: 7 euros
Auxiliary materials: 20 euros

Total cost for the wall heater: 97 euros

e) sink

Sinks are available in many different variants. Often homeowners would like to combine the bath renovation with the installation of a particularly beautiful model. Modern washbasins, for example from Villeroy & Boch, are already available for around 140 euros, with no limits on designer designs. If you prefer a simple model, you will find it at the hardware store for around 40 euros. A simple mixer tap for the pool costs about 14 euros, a more luxurious version is available for 50 euros. The drain must be calculated with about 20 euros.


Tip: For the taps, you should pay attention to the water flow. Often very economical models are offered, which allow a sufficient amount of water, but are still economical. In many cases, you can supplement existing taps with essays and thus save water costs.

Example calculation:

If you decide on an inexpensive model, you will get the following expenses:

Sink: 40 euros
Mixer tap: 14 euros
Drain: 20 euros

Total cost of the sink 74 euros

f) toilets

The prices for the toilet also depend heavily on the selected model and are on average between 50 and 150 euros. For the toilet box and various auxiliary materials, you have to expect expenses of around 30 euros. In this case you will receive a classic plastic box. On the other hand, if you opt for a flush-mounted model, then the investment costs are around 250 euros, depending on the size, the manufacturer and the effort.

Example calculation:

Toilet 50 euros
Toilet box and supplies 30 euros

Total cost 80 euros


g) shower / bath

The prices for the renovation of the shower or the bathtub depend mainly on the structural features. Often you need to change the location of the washbasins during the bath renovation because the new elements are a different size or you are restructuring the bathroom. In addition, there are particularly luxurious finishes, an integrated whirlpool or a barrier-free shower tray. As a result, prices can only be given a rough guideline. In our calculation, we name therefore the best prices, upwards, especially in the bathtub and shower, everything is open. Note that the material costs will include the replacement of tiles in the shower and / or bathtub area as well as the fitting.

Example calculation:

If you want to renew the shower or the bath, then the costs depend heavily on the desired comfort. During the exchange, you will incur the following cost items (middle price segment):

  • Bath (price from 100, - €): 400 euros
  • Bathtub fittings (price from 65, - €): 120 euros
  • Shower tray (price from 100, - €): 200 euros
  • Shower cabin (prices from 150, - €): 400 euros
  • Shower fittings (prices from 50, - €) 150 euros
  • Renovation of wall tiles
  • installation

Total costs for bath and shower (middle price category): from approx. 1270 Euro


h) Install fan

Especially in smaller bathrooms without adequate ventilation fans are gladly used. The performance must be selected according to the frequency of use of the room and the volume of the room. Simple models cost about 20 euros, powerful versions are available for around 50 euros. Also calculate around 5 euros for auxiliary materials.

Example calculation:

If a simple fan is installed in the room as support, the following outputs are created:

Fan: 20 euros
Auxiliary materials: 5 euros

Total cost of the fan: 25 euros .

i) screed

For liquid screed you have to expect material costs of around 12 euros per m², if you do the work yourself. If you decide for dry screed, you will pay around 21 euros per square meter for the material. There are also expenses for the fill and the glue. On average, the equalizer per kilogram costs around 0.25 euros. The screed glue is available in the 1 kilogram bottle for 13 euros.

Example calculation:

If one calculates with a 20 square meter space, then the following costs arise with dry screed:

Dry screed panels: 20 m² * 21 euros per square meter = 420 euros
Leveling Compound (0.25 euros per kilogram) = 50 euros per centimeter height
Cement (1 kg of 13 euros) = 13 euros

Total cost of the bath: 483 euros .


  • Floor tiles: 850 euros
  • Wall tiles: 950 euros
  • Underfloor heating: 800 euros
  • Wall radiator: 97 euros
  • Sink: 74 euros
  • Toilet: 80 euros
  • Shower / bath: 1200 euros
  • Fan: 25 euros
  • Screed: 483 euros

These individual items result in the following total costs: 4559 euros .

Tips for reducing the expenses for the material

If you get the locations of the shower, the sink and the toilet, then reduce the necessary expenses. You can usually get the plumbing tubes, which reduces the investment cost. Further savings are possible, among other things, through the reuse of individual elements, such as the bathtub. The prices for the material can also be reduced even more with a large purchase quantity.

Tips for quick readers:

  • Prices depend on the desired comfort
  • calculate the following items:
    • floor tiles
    • wall tiles
    • underfloor heating
    • wall Unit
    • sink
    • Toilet
    • Shower Bath /
    • Fan
    • screed
  • Prices can rise with additional work
  • cheaper if locations are preserved
  • Buy replacement tiles
  • pay attention to a level surface
  • 20 m² bathroom: around 4559 euros in total costs
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