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Origami owl folding - instructions & folding technique

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On Halloween, the owl may not be missing as a decorative element. In this tutorial we show you how to fold an origami owl. This is particularly great if you use patterned paper in autumnal colors. In just a few steps, you fold a paper owl yourself and that's how it's done.

The Japanese folding technique Origami is becoming more and more popular. The geometric and simple paper artworks can be found everywhere - whether in fashion, as decorative objects or in art. Here's an autumn version - the origami owl.


You need an owl for an origami:

  • a sheet of origami paper
  • a folding bone
  • scissors

Step 1: Place the origami paper on the table with the outer side facing upwards. Then fold the two diagonals.

Step 2: Apply the paper to the back. Now fold the two middle folds.

Step 3: Turn the paper over again and fold it to create a smaller square.

Step 4: Place the paper with the closed tip facing up and the center fold perpendicular. Fold right tip inwards, as well as the left.

5th step: Now fold down the tip pointing upwards. Open the fold and the one from step 4 again.

Step 6: Lift the top long. Fold this layer so that the tip points vertically upwards. Fold the tip down again.

Step 7: Turn the paper over on the back. There repeat steps 4 to 6.

Step 8: Now fold the right tip inwards as follows. This is repeated on the left side.

Step 9: Turn the paper and repeat step 8 on the back.

Step 10: Then take the inner left tip, lock it up and fold it upwards. You turn the tip from the inside to the outside - it creates a wing.

Step 11: Repeat step 10 on the right. The second wing of the origami owl is ready.

Step 12: Now fold the upper tip down - orienting yourself at the two end points of the fold.

Step 13: Lift the newly folded tip and fold down a piece of beak. This tip folds up again in zig-zag. From the side you can clearly see the zig-zag shape.

Step 14: Turn the owl on the back. There you cut in the two following folds. Likewise, cut the ears a bit sharper. Seen from the front, the owl now looks like this:

Step 15: Then cut a small piece in the down-facing tip. But only cut into the topmost layer of the paper.

Step 16: Now the two points that you just cut in are folded outwards.

The Origami Owl is done! If you want, you can still keep an eye out for the owl - either paint it or glue it on.

Instructional Video

You can now hang the owl as a decorative object or use it to decorate gifts - maybe you have an owl fan in the circle of friends! With security you ensure a real eye-catcher! Come on, try it - the origami owl is waiting!

More creative origami instructions can be found here: Origami instructions

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