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Great pirate names for children / adults list for fantasy names

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  • Pirate names for children
  • Pirate names from AZ

Pirate games are top of the popularity rating for children. Whether as a motto for the children's birthday or as a holiday fun with friends: to put into the world of pirates, sailors, robbers and strong men and women is for many pure joy! This is rounded off when Emma -> Captain Emma Glasauge and Finn -> Pirate Finn become Goldzahn. Below is a list of ideas for pirate names. Do you already know Talu "> Make pirate hat

  • Invitation cards in pirate style
  • Pirate names for children

    Many of the fantasy names are suitable for both boys and girls. With Anne Bonny and Mary Read, there are only two known pirates, but the funny name additions can usually be used for both sexes. For the sake of completeness, the list also includes names for captains and sailors. After all, they too belong in the world of sailors.

    • 3 fingers Jack
    • Eye patches-Aaron
    • Black Jack
    • Captain Perm
    • Captain Dirt Sparrow
    • Captain Glass Eye
    • Captain Goldzahn
    • Captain Krausebart
    • Captain Raubein
    • Captain Ringelbeard
    • Constantin Barbossa
    • One-eyed Ole
    • One-legged Joe
    • Elia Blacktooth
    • Emma Schielauge
    • Wooden Leg Timo
    • Captain Flint
    • Käpt'n_Blaumarie
    • Kilian shark
    • Lennard Laszlo the Terrible
    • Lilly Brezelzopf
    • Merle saber rust
    • Messer Jockel
    • Mia asparagus leg
    • Mila stalk eye
    • Peter the pale
    • Rico eye patch
    • Redbeard
    • Redbeard-Anna
    • Sandro crumbs
    • Simon Hefekloß
    • Smutje shark
    • Bootstrap
    • stubbly beard

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    Pay attention to the name choice ... Children are sensitive. A full child would be offended with "Hefekloß" and in the worst case, given a new nickname.

    Pirate names from AZ

    In addition to the above-mentioned pirate names, which have sprung more of the creativity than history, there are quite a few real and fictitious pirates. The most famous of them is probably Captain Jack Sparrow from the film series Pirates of the Caribbean. These below listed pirate names also offer a large selection for adults, for example, for carnival or theme parties.

    • "Blackbeard" - Edward Teach
    • "Rackham the Red"
    • Anne Bonny
    • Bartholomew Roberts
    • Buena venture
    • Calico Jack Rackham
    • Captain Bannon
    • Captain Edward Kenway
    • Captain Galliano
    • Captain Harlock
    • Captain Hook
    • Captain Jack Sparrow
    • Captain Pugwash
    • Captain Red
    • Captain Rouquette
    • Captain Tyrone
    • Captain Walker
    • Captain William Kidd
    • Charles Vane
    • Christopher Condent
    • Corrado
    • The one-eyed Willy
    • The undead pirate LeChuc
    • Yellowbeard
    • Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
    • Firebeard
    • Francois Lolonois
    • George Lowther
    • Godecke Michels
    • Griffin
    • Hector Barbossa
    • Henry Avery
    • Henry Morgan
    • Jack Rackham
    • Jean Lafitte
    • Jolly
    • Captain of the Jackdaw
    • Captain Greg
    • Captain Gregorius Emanuel Stahlbart
    • Captain Nathaniel Hawk
    • Captain saber tooth
    • Kenndrick
    • Klaus Stoertebeker
    • Long John Silver
    • Mary Read
    • Samuel Bellamy
    • Sir Francis Drak
    • Sir Francis Drake
    • Sir Henry Morgan
    • Sir John Hawkins
    • Soledad
    • Stede Bonnet
    • Thomas Tew
    • William Dampier
    • William Kidd
    • Woode's Rogers
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