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Crochet cord with & without fingers: Instructions for beginners finger crochet

You need a cord for a DIY handicraft piece - to decorate a bag, hat or as a ribbon for a gift ">

A cord is a firm, thicker band, which consists of small knots. This makes the decorative cord ideal for packing something with it. But not only that: if you use colored wool or threads, the cord also becomes a real eye-catcher - whether as cords on a hat or as a simple keychain. There are no limits to you here. And this is how it is done.


  • Crochet the cord with your fingers
  • Crochet cord without fingers / with crochet hook

Crochet the cord with your fingers

Have you ever heard of finger crochet? This practical technique is characterized by the fact that you need nothing more than a thread and your fingers.

You need:

  • Thread, thicker yarn or wool
  • scissors

Finger crochet pattern

Step 1: Cut a sufficiently long piece of thread from your skein. Whether wool, yarn or natural fiber tape, a cord can be made from almost all types of tapes.

Tips: After crocheting your fingers, the cord will be a lot shorter than the cut thread. It is therefore better to cut a little more thread. If you use several threads at the same time, the cord becomes thicker.

Step 2: We use three wool threads. These are now stacked accurately. Now make a simple loop in the middle of the threads.

Step 3: Now place the loop in your hands so that the thread that can be pulled is on the left side. In the picture we have marked this thread with an arrow. Now pass the index finger of your left hand through the loop from behind.

Step 4: The index finger of the right hand is now passed through the loop from above. Now use this to pull the right end of the thread from the back up through the loop.

Step 5: Now release the loop with your left index finger.

Step 6: While holding the knot in the middle with the thumb and middle finger of the right hand, pull the left hand on the left end of the thread. So the loop closes. The first knot of her cord is finished.

Step 7: Now repeat steps 4 to 6 the other way round. The left index finger is passed from above through the loop and is used to pull the left end of the thread upwards. Then release the loop with your right index finger. The knot is now fixed with the thumb and middle finger of the left hand. Now tighten the new loop with the right.

Tip: When tightening, always make sure that the knot is fixed in the middle.

Step 8: Now crochet with your fingers until your cord has the desired length. When you have reached the end, one end is simply pulled through the loop. The cord is ready!

Crochet cord without fingers / with crochet hook

They love to crochet ">

You need:

  • Wool, thicker yarn or any other thread
  • Crochet hook in the right size
  • scissors


  • stitches
  • Single crochet

Instructions for crochet cord

Step 1: Pick up the desired ball of wool or yarn. Place a loop and pass the crochet hook through.

Step 2: Now crochet two chain stitches.

Step 3: Pass the crochet hook through the first chain stitch and crochet a single crochet.

Step 4: Now turn the work and crochet a single crochet through the marked bow.

Important: It is essential to ensure that the work is always turned around.

Step 5: Now the work is turned again. Crochet a single crochet again through the two marked arches. This step is now repeated again and again until the cord has the desired length.

Tip: When crocheting, always make sure that you get the correct bows.

Step 6: If the cord is long enough, the thread is cut and pulled through the loop one last time. Finished!

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