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Sew lavender pillows - make free DIY instructions for yourself

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Do you like the scent of lavender as much as we do ">

Today we will show you how to sew a lavender pillow. It is very simple and suitable for beginners. We sew small pillows that you can hang over your head in the bedroom.

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 2/5
0.5 m cotton costs about 5 - 10 €

Time expenditure 2/5
More than 1h

Material and preparation

For a lavender pillow you need:

  • Classic sewing machine
  • Cotton fabric (possibly linen)
  • Lavender (amount depending on pillow size)
  • paper
  • Branch (to hang)
  • pen
  • pins
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

material selection

You need a cotton fabric, dried lavender flowers and a birch branch.

We decided on a muslin fabric made of 100% cotton in light gray. This fabric is airily lightly woven and has a creped surface. The fabric goes well with country style *, as well as lavender.

* The country style is in demand today like no other. He stands for a simple and harmonious life in nature. The typical materials include metal, wool, linen, rattan, solid wood (mostly painted white). Flowers play an important role and offer a large space for self-made DIY projects depending on the season.

amount of material

Now you should consider how big the lavender pillows should be. You should also remember if you have enough dried lavender to fill.

We would like to sew one big and three smaller pillows. For that we really do not need much material and can work with scraps of fabric. In addition, we can adjust the size of our patterns to the fabric remainders arbitrarily.


As we have described above, we can customize our pattern, that is, we pick up a piece of paper and paint a heart, a star, or even a square symmetrically on the paper so that we can crop twice the same pattern each time.

We have a big heart that is 23 cm wide and 21 cm high. Then we have a small heart (12 cm x 10 cm), a large star (17 cm x 17 cm) and a small star (10 cm x 10 cm) cut out of the paper.

Tip: If you want to hang the lavender pillows, we recommend you to sew several small pillows. To fill a large pillow with lavender is very time consuming!

Now we can transfer our pattern to our fabric and cut the pattern twice (front and back of the pillow).

Note: If you want to hang the pillow, you will need to prepare a strap for a loop.

We first cut a long ribbon that we attach directly to the birch branch, so we can hang it on the wall right away. Next we cut a 10 cm long band for all our pillows.

Sew lavender pillows

Now we can sew the two parts together. Here we pay attention that the band is fixed with a loop in the top center with the pin. The turn-off is best always down so that it is barely visible.

Now we can turn the fabric to the right. We pick up our dried lavender and remove the flowers from the stems. Unfortunately, this is very time consuming.

When we have enough lavender flowers to fill, we stuff the pillow and close the opening with the sewing machine with a simple straight stitch or by hand with a ladder or mattress stitch.

As soon as we have finished all the pillows, we hang them on our birch branch. Finally we decorate the birch branch with two bundles of lavender.

Now we are done and the result is convincing on all levels!

Tip: You can decorate this birch branch according to the season or mood. You can also remove the lavender pillows and then put them in your wardrobe. Then your laundry smells of lavender and is protected against moths.

Quick guide

1. Get Birkenast (eg in the forest)
2. lavender dry
3. Sketch pattern (heart, star, rectangle)
4. Cut the cotton fabric
5. Place cotton fabric right to right
6. Center the band with a loop between the two fabrics and fix
7. Sew the two fabrics together
8. Leave the turning opening free
9. turn the pillow to the right
10. Fill in lavender flowers
11. Close the turning opening

Have fun sewing!

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