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Furnishing styles - the most popular 10 home styles and trends

  • The purist style
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Scandinavian
  • Mediterranean style
  • Typically British
  • Baroque style of living
  • Modern country house
  • Gray remains favorite!
  • BoHo-Style
  • Dark colours
  • Style breaks are allowed!
  • inspiration

A living environment in which you feel comfortable is a piece of quality of life! The latest trends in the furnishing market show how you can personalize your home. The offer ranges from puristic style to an interior with glamorous accents. Colors and materials characterize the respective style as well as the selected furniture. Let yourself be inspired!

Furnishing styles: what comes, what stays "> The purist style

Clean, clear and design-oriented

Purism and minimalism are close together. While minimalists live by the motto "less is more", purists pay particular attention to high-quality design and excellent quality. Straight lines and clear structures characterize the furniture for the purist style. In the choice of all materials the high quality plays a particularly important role. This begins with the flooring, for example, with a noble real wood parquet, and ends with accessories such as the sofa cover made of cashmere. The colors white, gray or soft natural tones dominate, colored accents are used sparingly and consciously. Often you will also find color combinations in black and white. The effect of the puristic furnishing style is elegant. The decoration has a statement character, in pictures and objects as well as in the choice of green plants. Extravagant lights complement the clear interior design style.

Special elements in purism:

  • clear, factual forms
  • elegant surfaces
  • High gloss paints, metal, glass
  • noble fabrics
  • subtle colors
  • few, selected accessories

Tip: For people with a sense of exclusive design and living spaces with a representative look, the purist interior design style is particularly well suited.

Flexible and mobile

Furniture with multiple functions

Mobility is becoming increasingly important in modern life. If you have to move more often, you appreciate furniture that can be quickly dismantled and rebuilt. Expansion options are also useful if you do not want to completely reorganize with every change. Put on shelves and cabinets, which you can supplement as desired with other elements. Maybe you will soon start with the first own apartment. In single apartments and student stalls, the space is often limited.

The furniture manufacturers offer good alternatives for this:

  • The desk becomes a dining table.
  • Under a bunk bed you will find plenty of practical storage space.
  • Instead of bed and couch is the sofa bed a useful solution.

Functional and flexible furniture is not really a special furnishing trend. However, it is obvious that flexible and variable furniture plays an essential role in the furnishing scene. The sustainable effect is also crucial. With furniture that fulfills several functions and that you can extend even after several years, you make an important contribution against the widespread disposable mentality. By the way: even in the kitchen sector, modules are on the rise!

Tip: If you pay attention to simple shapes and neutral colors when purchasing functional furniture, then you can easily supplement the furniture with other furniture later on.


The Scandinavian look has been a real hit with furnishing styles for several years now. No wonder, because here are many features that make for a cozy yet stylish atmosphere. The Scandi style offers rustic touches, lots of wood and a natural look. White and natural tones form the basis, gray also plays an important role. Currently, strong shades prevail, especially in the choice of accessories. Often a free wall is designed with a striking wallpaper. Sweden and Denmark seem to be the home of good design! Sofas, tables and shelves with a timelessly modern look are just part of the Scandinavian style. Modern classics can be combined well with an antique piece, so comes tension in the room. To give the room the typical Scandinavian atmosphere, furnishings and accessories should provide a cozy atmosphere. In Denmark, one not only designates the style of living, but also the way of life with the term "hygge", which means as much as cozy, homely, comfortable.

Important components of the Scandinavian look:

  • light wood, natural or glazed
  • large rugs with graphic pattern
  • comfortable seating
  • bright, friendly colors, white, gray, nature and pastel
  • soft and comfortable materials like fur and wool

Tip: The entry into the Scandi style succeeds with simple means, for example, with a bright cover for the couch and a new carpet. Wood furniture can be sanded off and painted white to create a touch of shabby chic that goes well with the Scandinavian style.

Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style never seems to go out of fashion. Perhaps it is the longing for warmth, sun and lightness that makes living with southern character so popular! You have many options in the Mediterranean style. First decide on your favorite country and then decide on the right colors and furniture.

Italy: Light-flooded rooms, bright furniture and warm colors characterize the style. With wall colors from the yellow and orange palette you bring the sun into the house. A floor made of terracotta tiles fits wonderfully. To relax, a couch with a sand-colored linen cover is suitable. Occasional furniture made of rattan increases the southern factor.

France: Living as in Provence succeeds with furniture made of real wood in a medium to dark wood color, like with carvings and inlays. Charming lavender blue in several shades is suitable as wall paint, for sofa covers and cushions. At the window delicate curtains of white or natural-colored lace are shown to perfection. Mirrors and pictures with opulently designed frames complete the overall impression.

Greece: The colors white and blue determine the Greek style. So that the mood in the room does not get too cool, you can complement the interior with elements in terracotta or natural tones. Carpets made of sisal support the Mediterranean character. Instead of lush curtains, plain curtains made of thin, light linen bring the right touch. Suitable accessories are large floor vases as well as pitchers and bowls made of rustic ceramics.

Tip: Accessories play an important role. Skillfully craft souvenirs from your holiday! Arrangements of several components look more beautiful than individually distributed in the room elements.

Typically British

Understatement with charisma

The cottage in the country is the natural variety, the English townhouse is a domicile with elegance and level. Both styles show that the British understand a lot about quality of living. The typical English style of living consists of real wood furniture, which may like to be antique, either real or the original modeled. The city apartment is often decorated with dark furniture, while the country version has furniture made of light, natural wood. For the English, furniture is often a purchase for the whole life. Special attention is paid to the best quality and workmanship, but always discreetly and never pretentious. In addition, cheerful fabrics made of cotton chintz join the countryside, while elegant fabrics made of silk, damask and satin are found in the city. If you have space and opportunity for an open fireplace or a stove: Congratulations, not only defy the British of the cold and the constant rain, even in the German living landscape provides a source of warmth and fire for comfort!

Suggestions for colors, fabrics and patterns:

  • Elegant striped wallpaper, color combination in subtle blues and greens
  • matt green, marbled mural, teak or mahogany furniture
  • Tartan in dark shades as a blanket for the sofa, walls in dark red, dark green and cream
  • floral pattern in bright, cheerful colors, suitable for wallpaper, curtains and pillows

Tip: With fabrics, you can quickly cast a different look. Try the British style first on a small scale, for example in the reading corner or on the sofa.

Baroque style of living

The apartment as a personal retreat gets a touch of luxury with a glamorous decor. For minimalists and purists, the style is not suitable - but if you are enthusiastic about a slightly playful, Baroque style of living, the new trend is just right. The focus is on elaborate materials, such as the sofa with velvet cover. Strong colors dominate. A couch or even better an elegant chaise longue in violet, bordeaux or midnight blue gives the living room a luxurious look. Gentle curved forms are announced! Showcases with glass doors are just as suitable as elegant sideboards or highboards. Elegant silk curtains, mirrors with gold frames and many lovingly selected accessories complete the glamorous effect.

Glamor to do it yourself:

Not always the complete refurbishment is planned in the budget. Become active yourself! Anyone who is skilled in using the sewing machine and stapler can provide the sofa with a velvety cover. It also makes sense to beautify the walls on your own. Wallpaper with gold and silver effects in the pattern bring a lot of shine in the apartment.

Tip: For the style to really come into its own, lavishness is the order of the day. A single pillow with lurex cover is lost, many are just the right support, so your couch gets the trendy glamor look!

Modern country house

They live in the city, but dream of cozy country house style ">

Tip: Many plants provide a natural look. Particularly suitable are large green plants, but also flower baskets with creeping and hanging plants bring fresh green into play.

Gray remains favorite!

Hardly any other color has conquered the living world as quickly and sustainably as gray in all shades. Gray is not boring at all, but extremely versatile. The color palette ranges from light gray to dark anthracite. The biggest advantage is that you can combine with gray as well as any other color. Who thinks about a new sofa, is well advised with a gray version. With colorful or pastel-colored cushions, you can instantly add an effective look to the seating - perfect for those who like to decorate their home. As wall paint, gray is also perfectly present. And so the all-rounder Gray fits different trends and styles:

  • A warm, soft shade of gray and a soft chocolate brown blend perfectly with a classically elegant style.
  • Matt gray blue is the ideal basis for the Scandinavian look.
  • All shades of gray ground colorful colors, as they occur in Bohemian style.
  • Gray can be combined with pastel colors, even pink and sky blue are grown.
  • Gray and yellow: An unbeatable mix that gives purism a sunny look.
  • Soft gray brown goes well with the country house style, with light wood furniture and many green plants.

Tip: With color samples, wood patterns and fabric remnants you can test the effect of the different shades of gray in interaction with other colors and materials.


Perfect for individualists

The BoHo style is derived from the name Bohème, a collective term for artists and free spirits. The light, unconventional way of life is the focus. For the device that means: is allowed, what pleases. Gladly mixed, with second-hand furniture, which are adapted to the own taste in the DIY process. Everything is possible in terms of color. So that the style does not get out of control and only looks like a wild chaos, a basic color direction is recommended. Otherwise, the furnishing trend is perfect for anyone who does not want to submit to any furniture dictates. In addition, the BoHo style is ideal for creative people who want to create an individual living environment with a low financial cost. Particularly well fit imaginative murals. Even the photo wallpaper finds a worthy place in the home of a real life artist - but it conveys exactly the right atmosphere of freedom and adventure!

Tip: Flea markets, grandma's loft and apartment resolutions are real treasure troves for all BoHo fans!

Dark colours

After the many whites in recent years, color is back! Particularly striking are walls with an intense, dark coat of paint. Those who are very brave choose black or dark gray. Effective is also a wall design in dark green, petrol or royal blue. Dark wall paints always create a kind of cave character. However, the room does not have to look gloomy and sad. Effective lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere. So that the overall effect is consistent, upholstered furniture and textile accessories are in the same, but brighter color direction.

Refined also look interesting color combinations, for example:

  • Fir green, rose and copper
  • Black, light gray, maroon and silver
  • Midnight blue, sunny orange and gold
  • Violet, lilac, cream white and brass

Metal accents make the style shine. Use the mentioned materials like gold, silver, copper or brass for lamps, candlesticks, bowls and vases. By the way, not everything has to be bought here. With pastes and foils from the craft supplies you turn existing things into shiny accessories!

Tip: At first, just paint a wall and let the color work on you! If you live in a rented apartment and can not use dark wall paint, you will find great wallpaper in all sorts of colors.

Style breaks are allowed!

Everything from one piece - that looks perfect, but sometimes seems a bit boring. Bring your personal handwriting with you when you remodel or rearrange the apartment. Only with individual details and accessories that reflect your personality will your home become your home. For this reason, style breaks and opposites are expressly allowed. True to the principle: My apartment - my taste, then succeeds a facility in which you feel comfortable with all your senses!


Here you will find many tips and inspirations around the current furnishing trends:

  • Living ideas and room concepts to touch offer sample houses throughout Germany. For example, in the model house parks of Viebrockhaus.de
  • The website houzz.com offers a comprehensive program for all furnishing areas.
  • Alvhem.com is a Swedish brokerage site with fascinating apartment photos.
  • instagram.com/wohnklamotte constantly delivers great pictures, numerous furnishing tips and information about shopping possibilities.
  • With www.schoener-wohnen-farbe.com you are guaranteed to find the right color for walls and furniture.
  • On www.roomido.com you will find many ideas for living, tips and trends, everything about furniture and decoration as well as an exciting community.
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