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Fold banknote to a butterfly - instructions

Here we show you in a few steps, how to fold a colorful and at the same time valuable butterfly from two banknotes. With little material and time spent making your gifts of money in this way to something special.

Flying Money - Gifts of money are valuable and many welcome surprises, but they are less creative. To give the gift an individual touch, you can fold the bills - why not make a colorful butterfly "> 1 of 2

2nd step:
Then take the lower left corner of the square and fold it to the upper right corner, creating a triangle.

3rd step:
Fold now the lower tip to the upper tip of the triangle and open this folding again - so a center line has arisen, on which you can orient yourself later.

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4th step:
Next, fold both peaks along this midline - the wing is already taking shape.

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5th step:
The two tips are now folded once along the outer edge - the first wing is finished.

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6th step:
Repeat these steps with the second banknote so that the butterfly can be equipped with two wings.

Tip: Make sure that you fold the second banknote so that it is mirrored to the first one - so the butterfly has two matching wings.

Step 7: Make a butterfly body out of cardboard and two feelers - glue them to the body with tape or glue.

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Step 8: Finally, tape the two wings together. Then fix the body together with feelers in the middle of the wings.

Ready is your money butterfly!

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Then attach your folded butterflies to a plant or bouquet of flowers using craft wire or wool, for example. If you hand over your gift, the recipient will not only be happy about the money, but also about the effort you have made.

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