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Craft gift tags - templates for birthday, christmas

  • Gift tags: templates for printing
  • Christmas - ideas
    • Make paper pendants
    • Tannenbaum-trailer
    • Make origami star
    • snowflake
    • wood star
  • Pendant for a birthday
    • Felt plate
    • Make a butterfly
    • Origami heart
    • Holzklammer

You know that for sure - Christmas is coming up or in the circle of acquaintances all have their birthday at the same time and gifts have to be quickly packed and labeled. In this guide we show you different ideas for DIY gift tags. You'll find templates to print, as well as detailed instructions with pictures that explain exactly how to make gift tags. This is how it's done.

Gift tags: templates for printing

Some of our crafting ideas for homemade gift tags are made with templates. Here we offer a selection of different templates for printing:

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  • Original Gift Tags 01
  • Original Gift Tags 02
  • Original Gift Tags 03

Of course, you can also develop your own motifs and templates and transfer them to fine construction paper.

Christmas - ideas

Make paper pendants

You need:

  • Tonpapier or Tonkarton
  • Working creatively
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Felt pen or effect pen
  • Punch or punch
  • String, twine or gift ribbon

Step 1: At the beginning, print one of our templates and cut out the desired motif with the scissors.

Step 2: Then transfer the outlines of the motif, here it is an angel, in pencil on construction paper.

Step 3: Now cut the motif again with the pair of scissors.

Step 4: Now use a punch or punch to punch a hole in the gift tag so you can attach it to the gift.

Step 5: Finally, label the pendant with the name of the person to be gifted! You can use glitter pens, noble fineliner or effect pens. Finished!


These noble tree gift tags are perfect for bookworms.

You need:

  • a page from an old book
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Punch or punch
  • String, gift ribbon or string

Step 1: Take the page from the old book to hand. Cut one long side round so that the surface of the page becomes a semicircle.

Step 2: Then lay the semicircle in front of you so that the straight edge is at the top. Fold the right point to the left to create a small triangle.

Step 3: Apply the paper to the back. After that, zigzag the left-side half of the paper several times to make a pointed fir-tree.

Step 4: Now glue the individual layers together with small blots of glue.

Step 5: Now only the suspension is missing - for this punch a small hole in the tree. This works best with a punch or a punch. Finished!

Make origami star

The origami star with five spikes is a classic Christmas element, which must not be missing in any case during the Advent season. Use the star directly as a gift tag. With a thin fineliner you can write the name of the person to be gifted on the star - it becomes a name tag.

The exact folding instructions for the star can be found here: Fold origami star


You can be very creative with ironing beads. There are numerous ways to make Christmas motifs that can be used as gift tags. The snowflake is just a variant of many.

You are interested in this crafting idea "> Iron-on beads - Instructions

wood star

These wooden stars will tinker you in no time. You only need a few ice stalks. These are glued together to form stars, painted and labeled.

Further information and the illustrated instructions for the wooden pendants can be found here: wooden stars

Pendant for a birthday

Now we show you great ideas and variants for gift tags for a birthday!

Felt plate

A tag of this kind is something completely individual - you can use needle and thread to embroider the first letter of the birthday child or even the whole name on it. At any rate, this gift tag will not be thrown away after giving it away.

You need:

  • Working creatively
  • felt
  • scissors
  • pen
  • needle and thread
  • dekomaterial

Step 1: Print out one of our templates. Cut out the desired gift tag with scissors.

Step 2: Then transfer the outlines of the trailer to felt with a pencil. Then cut the shape clean.

Step 3: Now cut a long piece of twine - we used very thin crochet thread. Afterwards you embroider with a few stitches the first letter of the birthday child or the whole name on the sign. For a few stitches are enough. It does not have to be perfect either - the DIY look fits perfectly with this pendant.

Step 4: Then you can decorate the sign a little bit: with buttons, rhinestones, borders or painted decors.

The gift tag is already finished and only needs to be attached to the gift with a piece of thread!

Make a butterfly

A butterfly made of pearls is sugar sweet and perfect for children's presents. You can do all kinds of with iron-on beads - so make the gift tag in any case unique and can customize it perfectly for the preferences of the recipient.

Here's how to make the gift tag: Ironing beads

Origami heart

They love origami ">

The exact folding instructions for the heart can be found here: folding origami heart


For those who prefer plain and simple, even a simple wooden clip as a name tag is enough. This idea is very easy and quick to implement and ensures the right DIY touch!

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