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Tie scarf for men - 13 chic variants for cloth and scarf

  • Tie scarf for men
    • Tie variations to the scarf

In addition to shoes, hats and belts, the most important accessories for men are scarves and scarves, which can be integrated into the wardrobe in an appealing way. No matter what material or in what form, for cloth and scarf can be found a variety of variants how they can be bound. It does not even need a lot of tact to tie a scarf.

Tying a scarf is many times more difficult for men than imagined, as the piece of fabric can be used to create a variety of decorative styles. From casual to elegant to rocky, there are a variety of possibilities. There are styles that are more suitable for a scarf than a scarf and vice versa.

For this reason, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the classics and established variants, with which you can fashionably tie a scarf. Scarves and shawls are versatile and can be easily combined with different garments and lose their function as a warming accessory not.

Tie scarf for men

13 chic variants for cloth and scarf

Tying a scarf becomes child's play if you have several ideas to try. It does not matter if it is a scarf made of thick cotton or a scarf made of fine silk, the variants below can be used for any material. Of course, some of these instructions may be better used for thin than thick fabrics, depending on how they are bound.

Tie variations to the scarf

In any case, you can try several of these cloth and scarf options to find the one that suits you best. Following a selection of 13 chic variations for cloth and scarf that can be seen.

1. Once around

Tie a scarf for men succeeds with this variant quite simply because you do not really have to tie something. Like in classic Hollywood fashion, just put the scarf around your neck and make sure that one of the sides is a little bit longer than the other.

This is the only way to use the scarf without problems and does not fly away at the first gust of wind. Now take the longer side in your hand and put it around your neck once to close it. The two sides should now be about the same length.

The following steps should now be performed:

  • Check seat
  • Check the lengths of the sides
  • if necessary rearrangieren

You should also follow these steps after each of the variations, as this will make the scarf look stylish and match the style. The reason: The neater you tie the scarf, the better it looks. Even if you follow a casual or urban style of wearing the scarf more casually, it should still sit.

2. Twice around

The above variant can be varied easily. So you just have to beat the scarf twice around your neck for this variant.

But you should then leave a bit more room at the beginning, otherwise one of the pages will be significantly too short.

This variant is particularly suitable for winter, as there are more gaps between the individual layers of fabric available. These store air and thus heat.

3. Parisian knot

The Parisian Knot is a classic for men who want to tie a scarf quickly and easily, that does not go away so easily. It is suitable for cloth and scarf alike and can be carried out in a few simple steps.

Proceed as follows:

  • fold the scarf once in the middle
  • Put this around your neck
  • align the loop on the desired side
  • Now take the side with the two loose ends in one hand
  • lead them through the loop
  • tighten

You see, the Parisian knot sounds more difficult than it is, but due to its simple application, it was able to establish itself mainly in Western Europe. Known for this style, also in the English "Hoxton knot" called, is the former footballer David Beckham.

4th curtain

The curtain is one of the variants that many men and women prefer for simplicity and are considered extremely masculine. However, he has a disadvantage: he is purely decorative and only warms the neck, but not the larynx area. Tie men's neckwear is a thing of the past in this style, as you simply place the cloth around your neck and drop the two ends down the front of your chest. Thin scarves can be combined well with a jacket in this way.

5. Reversed curtain

As the name suggests, the curtain is simply reversed in this variant. However, then take both ends at this and beat them around your neck so that you do not get cold at the nape of your neck. The ends should fall on the back. A pretty daring style, which can be combined well with fashionable summer trends and is not so well suited for small men.

6. Curtain turned over and fixed

Another form of curtain in which you fix them with a knot.

Proceed as follows:

  • Starting position: Curtain
  • Leave right side about a third longer

  • right side around the neck
  • pass both ends from the top through the loop
  • tighten

You do not need more for this variant. This curtain variant is well suited for cool temperatures.

7. Reversed curtain crosswise

Another curtain variant, which is mainly worn over the winter and looks very neat and reputable.

Tie the scarf as follows:

  • Starting position: Curtain
  • leave the right side much longer

  • strike right side around the neck
  • tighten something

  • Now lead right end under the left end, once around the left end lead around and then pull behind Schalmitte through the resulting loop
  • it should be a node

  • tighten it as well

This variation looks much like a tie.

8. Overhand

The overhand style should be used when you are in a hurry but do not want to catch a cold.

Tie the scarf as follows:

  • Put a scarf around his neck
  • Leave the right side longer
  • beat around left side

  • lead behind left side
  • lead the right end through the resulting opening, either from top to bottom or from bottom to top through the middle of the scarf

  • tighten

9. Wrong node

With a wrong knot, you decide on a variant that can be solved very quickly.

Proceed as follows:

  • Put a scarf around your neck
  • Leave the right side longer
  • lead the right end up and behind the right side
  • it should create a loose loop

  • through them, lead the end
  • now lead left end also in loop

  • tighten

The Wrong knot is especially recommended for summer and spring outfits, as it does not sit so close to the neck. This is a casual style rather than heat sought.

10. Four-in-hand

Named after the tie knot of the same name, you should tie the scarf in this way if it is to be particularly elegant . A reception or wedding is to be mentioned here, because the pattern is very appealing.

Proceed as follows:

  • Cut the scarf in half
  • around the neck
  • lead a loose end through the loop

  • Pass the second loose end through the lower part of the loop from top to bottom
  • Complete the loop by turning

  • Now insert the second loose end into the loop
  • tighten

11. Completely wound

This variant is the extension of the single and double wound variant.

In this case, go the same way and simply wrap the scarf around your neck and hide the end in the scarf. Fits really only to the deepest winter, if you wear a thick jacket or a coat.

12. Provisional fly

This style is for you if you want to wear a short scarf and want to look a bit fancier. A scarf is not really recommended because they are too thick. For this style, you simply take the scarf and tie it either through a simple knot or if you can tie a proper bow tie. Even shirts can be combined with this. First, fold the little scarf together as a triangle and wind it up from the top. A scarf strip is created.

Tie your scarf together with a normal knot.

The outer ends lead you from the outside again through the knot.

The result is a provisional fly form.

Tighten the knot and shape the fly with your fins to the final shape.

13. Classic scarf

With the classic scarf is meant only the binding of a bandana around the neck. It is reminiscent of a typical scarves from western stripes and is often worn in summer, as it acts as a sunscreen. Just take the scarf and fold it to create a triangle. Now tie it to your neck and you're done.

Tip: You can wear a scarf in many different ways, especially if you do not follow a conventional style. If you want to be a bit rockier, you can simply hang the scarf on your belt loop or casually wear it around your wrist à la actor Johnny Depp, who has been following this style for years.

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