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What comes in the school bag - ideas for the content

  • This is how you fill the school bag properly
    • 1. Fill in the tip
    • 2. stuff gaps
    • 3. Heavy down
    • 4. Not too much of a good thing
    • 5. Ensure tension
    • 6. Caution when connecting
  • Perfectly filled: ideas for the s of the school bag
    • The childlike
    • The useful ones
    • The sweet
    • The individual
  • The 10 most original gifts for the school bag

Lollipops, colorful pencils and a cute stuffed animal: Some items for loading the school bag are simply fixed, and from generation to generation. However, the usual sugar bags are often almost as big as the child itself - that is, a lot of space that wants to be filled as useful, individual and joy bringing. With a few tricks that works as if by itself!

What belongs in the school bag - and how is it best filled ">

This is how you fill the school bag properly

So that nothing breaks, you should proceed with packing the sugar bag for your child systemically.

1. Fill in the tip

If the small gifts are simply thrown into the school bag indiscriminately, it can quickly happen that the lower tip remains hollow. This makes them naturally susceptible to kinks and cracks - and a bent sugar bag does not exactly crown the start of school solemnly. Therefore, be sure to stabilize the tip first of all. This works great with an oblong gift like a kids umbrella, a big lollipop or a pencil. Even tapered candy packs keep everything in good shape.

2. stuff gaps

In the wild trouble of the beginning of school, the school bag can be whirled properly once before. To make sure that the shaking of your strategy does not spoil the bill, and in the end the entire may get mixed up, you pad out small gaps - a bit like packing a suitcase or loading moving boxes. Colorful crepe paper or decorated napkins perform well and look pretty. For the kids attractive are of course small candy or other loose candy as upholstery fabric.

3. Heavy down

Once the tip is stabilized, the heavier gifts should follow. This is logical, as this approach protects the more fragile articles from being crushed. However, such a staggered filling also helps your child while carrying. Because if the larger weight is wrongly located on the top, there are imbalances and the whole thing tilts faster towards the ground.

4. Not too much of a good thing

Be careful when buying the gifts on the right measure. On the one hand, the school bag should not be so heavy that your child can no longer carry it easily. In addition, ordinary model are not processed so robust that nothing could break. Imagine, the crowded bag bursting at the ceremony like a fully loaded shopping bag! Another advantage of the moderation: It makes it easier to close when there is still room left at the top.

5. Ensure tension

Anyone who veils some in wrapping paper, of course, increases the tension factor when unpacking the school bag immensely. In addition, the paper also provides some upholstery again as in tip number 2. The greatest gifts should not show up right away: Hide them a little deeper in the expanse of the filling room.

6. Caution when connecting

Most sugar bags are equipped at the top with a band of crepe paper, which is to serve the binding with a pretty bow. Unfortunately, this is not very stable. You can counteract this with a little tape. Place it on the inside of the masking tape. Then a crack does not stand a chance.

If it threatens to rain, transport the school bag in a large shopping bag or - yes, not nice, but effective - in a garbage bag to the place of the incident. Nothing is more annoying than a sugar bag drawn by the rain, which should actually be radiantly beautiful. The processing of the commercial model is often not so robust to defy water: glue and paper dissipate quickly.

For those who would like to give away a home made sugar bag, we recommend this crafting instructions: //www.zhonyingli.com/mini-schultuete-basteln/

These little sugar packets are perfect for small gifts. Nevertheless, you can easily use the instructions for larger sugar packets. Simply transfer the measurements to large cardboard or cardboard.

Perfectly filled: ideas for the s of the school bag

There is a seemingly endless spectrum of small and large gifts that can be wonderfully stuck in the sugar bag. Basically, you should stick to the following formula to choose the assembly so that it makes everyone involved happy:

Childlike + useful + cute + individual = the perfect schoolbag

How they weight the individual shares, of course, is up to you. When considering the "useful" shares, keep in mind that the equipment required by schools (usually you get a long list in advance!) Can sometimes be very costly. That's why it helps to give away parts of it in the school bag as early as the beginning of school.

Tip: In particular, this compulsory equipment - such as an expensive paint box, calculator, compass - can also contribute friends and relatives! Simply agree.

The childlike

Children's items are all about kids' fun! A few of them should be included.

  • Stickers and scrapbooks
  • small game and collectible figures
  • Games for PC, Play Station, Nintendo, etc.
  • Bubble Kit
  • radioplay

The useful ones

Known Schoolday classics usually fulfill a useful, later school everyday useful purpose.

  • Eraser, sharpeners, pencils, fountain pens

Tip: With all this, it does not have to be the simplest article: especially for girls, there are wonderfully decorated stationery in bright colors, with lots of glitter and special effects. Just look around in a well-stocked writing supplies and get inspired.

  • Writing case + extra pencil case for other equipment such as compasses and Geodreick.
  • Reader books and quiz books
  • pretty testimonial binder
  • special colored pencils, such as erasable felt-tip pens

Plus: even a small stuffed animal can be very useful! It is always there and comforts with homesick moments - preferably as a key fob or in pocket size.

The sweet

Of course, hardly a successful sugar bag without "sugar" from!

Tip: However, the sweet gifts do not necessarily contain unhealthy sugars. Anyone who has concerns about this looks at the organic market. Meanwhile, there are many sweet alternatives that are just as nicely packed and delicious as the typical supermarket sweets.

1. Surprise eggs
2. little bags with gummy bears (perfect for padding!)
3. Rubber bands
4. Lollipops
5. colorful candies - perhaps very unusual, which the child does not know yet!

The individual

Individual components of a perfect school bag depend on the particular characteristics of the child. Optionally, you can add just a few such items or, alternatively, align the entire candy bag with special themes. These could look like this:

Creativity: Especially creative children are happy about small craft kits, painting by numbers, even more great pens and painting utensils or even something home made by mom and dad.

Sports: If your child loves sport or even practices a sport, it offers a lot of ideas. From sports collectibles to sneakers and sports gear plus a pretty sports bag for gymnastics lessons to small fitness items such as jump rope or Yoyo. A highlight: tickets for a sporting event!

Animals: The possibilities range from cute characters, stuffed animals and little pictures to bigger gifts like a voucher for a zoo visit or even your own pet.

Beauty: Little princesses love make-up and cosmetics. Tiny nail polish bottles fit as well as beautiful hair ties and braces, a great children's shampoo or cute jewelry. Even a new dress or T-shirt fits easily into every school bag!

Self-employment bag: For many children, nothing is as important as being "big" - especially now as an ABC shooter! There are particularly gifts that support the independence, such as: own wristwatch, a sweet alarm clock with alarm function, a children's umbrella, reflectors for the way home alone. If it's allowed to be a bit more, of course, a children's phone equipped with the basic features will always work well today!

The 10 most original gifts for the school bag

Printed T-shirt: Fits rolled up wonderfully in the bag. As a word love words come into question as well as the (Spitz) name of the child, the word "schoolchild" or funny motives like a place sign "school" (and the word "kindergarten crossed out, in the sense of the local exit). Such and similar prints offer many online services. Just google.

Stamps with beautiful motives - the kids in the class like to use as a personal logo. In addition, it is very adult to be able to distribute even "bees" or the like.

Give a bookmark with your favorite motive, your own name or your own made by the parents.

Nice stationery for the first own lines.

Family booklet : This is a notebook for everyday messages in which the child can increasingly participate, first with pictures, later with ever more beautiful handwriting.

Personalized children's book where exactly your school starter stars. There are numerous providers at low-cost conditions, both online, as well as in business

DIY pencil box made by mom and dad for the future schoolchild desk.

Here are the crafting instructions for the pencil boxes: //www.zhonyingli.com/stiftehalter-basteln/

Lunch box and drinking bottle with personal motif. This can be photos of the family or cute character characters as a companion for every day. Photo providers and similar online shops produce such articles quickly and relatively cheap.

Friends book or poetry album still enjoy great popularity - beyond Facebook! The little ones then have all the children you meet at school write in their booklet.

Own diary: Similar to the family book, the children can communicate with drawings. The further that learning to write precedes, the more accurate the descriptions of the daily experiences become! A great memento - with learning factor!

Probably the school bag is already half packed!

Finally, a tip: so-called sibling bags are enjoying ever greater popularity. The smaller or bigger brothers and sister of the freshmen get a miniature sugar bag as well. The does not matter much, it should not be more than a trifle - the gesture counts!

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