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Invitation text for children's birthday: 13 beautiful ideas

  • invitation text
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    • Creative theme parties
    • Nice rhymes

A children's birthday is fun - it starts with sending the invitations. Whether written by hand as a pretty card or completely modern via email or short message: A creative invitation text initiates the celebration mood. In addition, he ensures in a playful way that all important information compactly reach the guests.

From classic ideas to poetic rhymes to imaginative variants especially for your theme party you will find a variety of inspirations, with which hardly a guest can refuse the invitation.

invitation text

Successful invitation text for the kid's birthday

The written invitation has a decisive advantage over the casual oral transmission: all decisive information is contained in it and can not be lost. Therefore, make sure to answer all W questions for which type of invitation text you decide.

That means:

  • What is celebrated ">


    • References to the motto of the party and required disguises
    • for special activities, tip for extra clothes or souvenirs
    • possibly the approach to the meeting point
    • gift idea

    Finally, enter a contact address or a telephone number for promises - or possibly cancellations. In order to plan better, let's say you have a deadline until you would like an answer.

    Classic basic texts

    A classic invitation text conveys the most important information in a friendly, but rather neutral way. These variants are guaranteed to always be appropriate and are particularly suitable when very different groups of people are to be addressed.

    version 1

    Soon the time has come: I celebrate my [old] birthday!
    On [date] at [time] you, dear [guest name], are cordially invited,
    to attend my big day.

    You come ">

    Variant 2

    Dear [guest name],

    I cordially invite you to my [age] birthday!
    We celebrate at [date] at [time] in [location].
    I would be very happy if you come!

    Your [birthday child]

    PS: Please let me know by [deadline] if you're here.

    Variant 3

    Juhu, finally the time has come!

    I will [age] and you can be there.
    My celebration will increase on [date] at [time].

    I can not wait any longer! Meeting point is [place], from there it goes on to ice cream [insert activities] and ... Then we do ... Bring definitely firm shoes [or other clothing and souvenirs].

    Your parents can pick you up at [time of day]. Anyone who lives further away may stay overnight. Please let me know in advance. You're coming ">

    Variant 4

    Dear Guest]

    You are invited!
    On [date] [birthday girl's name] celebrates her [her] birthday.
    At [time] it starts in / on / at [place].

    We do [activities].
    Against [time], the celebration is expected to be over.
    Please let us know in good time if you can come. We look forward to you!

    PS: The birthday child is particularly happy about [gift idea].

    Variant 5

    Dear Guest],

    I will be old [old] soon. I want to celebrate this with you!

    WHEN: From ... to ...
    WHERE: At my house [with address]

    We are raising a wild animal party. If you want, you can dress up as your favorite animal or bring along your favorite stuffed animal. [Enter alternative activities]

    Please come and ask your parents to bring you and pick you up.

    I'm looking forward to,
    your [birthday child]

    Creative theme parties

    Theme parties are particularly popular. Just adapt the suggested ideas in the invitation text for your kid's birthday.

    Princesses Invitation Text

    Attention, an important message!

    Your Highness, Princess [Birthday Girl's Name]
    gives [Date] the honor to celebrate her [Age] Anniversary.

    She wishes to receive your Highness Princess [Gastkind] at [time].
    For befitting food and subsequent fun is provided.

    The lavish party takes place directly in the castle of the noble family.
    If Princess [name] needs a chauffeur for the arrival and / or departure, she may announce this in advance. Staff will be ready in time.

    Greetings, family [name] in the name of the jubilant princess.

    Pirate Party

    Ahoy Pirate,

    a big pirate adventure is in sight!
    Captain [birthday child] celebrates his honorable [age] anniversary
    and invite you to a big treasure hunt.

    There are funny challenges to be made.
    If the prey is then conquered, a wild pirate party with feast and potion waits.

    Put on your most daring pirate clothes and be on [date] at [time] on deck. Meeting place is [place].
    Are you ready for the big day ">

    Disney Party

    Curtain on!

    Together with the best Disney heroes invites you, dear [Gastkind]
    Princess Arielle / Jasmine / Belle / etc. [name of the birthday child]
    to his / her [age] birthday.

    The cinematic party does not rise under the sea, but in the rooms of our palace. [Place and address] You can expect many friends, you know from the most popular Disney movies. Come on yourself and dress up as your favorite character.

    There's a lot to experience, so do not hesitate and immerse yourself in the magical world of our very special Disneyland!

    Sign in at: [phone number]

    Horse Party

    Hopp, hopp, hopp,
    come galloping fast
    at the date]
    at [time]
    in [place]
    the time has come: My big birthday horse party is on!

    Because I'm finally [age] years old. You are cordially invited to drown in your luggage in a good mood. There is good food like hay and a lot of fun in the motto of my favorite animal.

    Sailing at [time]. Hü, let me know if you're there!

    Yours …

    Nice rhymes

    Children love rhymes. Even the parents are particularly enthusiastic with small verses. So it's worth it to wake up the poet.

    version 1

    Rather …
    I invite you,
    my birthday party will be
    on ... it starts,
    then the joy is great.

    Your parents may bring you,
    so that you are there on time at ... o'clock
    and nobody kicks you away
    Then a great party will succeed us.

    Be there
    Free entry!

    Your [birthday child]

    PS: The celebration goes to [time, [location, address].

    Variant 2

    Come to my birthday party,
    that makes me cheer already.
    Cake, fun and great games
    expect you in a big way.

    Children's birthday is celebrated on [date] from [time] o'clock
    at my house, that will be pure joy.

    Invitation for:
    Please bring:

    Variant 3

    Hurray, hurray
    my birthday is here!
    I hope you are involved
    and come on [date] to [time] to my house
    with cake, ice cream and puzzle fun, we make a fun party out of it.

    Only at [time] is the party over.
    Give me a quick answer
    and great is Freud.

    Yours …

    Variant 4

    Listen, listen, you people
    and especially you, [guest child] watch out for:

    my [age] birthday makes me happy.
    The ceremony on [time] on [date] I baptize.
    The park / my home / etc. [Insert location] is the place

    it's funny
    You may leave again at [time]
    I am really looking forward to it.

    Do you want to give me something,
    do not hesitate,
    to think of [gift tip]
    as it suits my taste.

    Take my warm greetings,
    and let me know quickly,
    my telephone number follows on foot [number],
    It is nearly time!

    Yours …

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