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Crochet earrings - Instructions for crochet earrings

  • Crochet earrings - 3 ideas
    • Ammonite with pearl
    • Crochet heart creole
    • Spiral Earrings

Making jewelery yourself is not only trendy, but also extremely practical. In another manual, we have already put together various options for you to crochet a bracelet. In this tutorial you will learn about three approaches to crochet earrings.

The ingenious thing about crocheting earrings is that you can follow your own preferences. Depending on the yarn and needle size, the earrings will be larger or smaller. The color choice is also in your hands. Make yourself the right crochet earrings for every outfit. So you always wear unique items.

Below are three instructions to crochet earrings. The ammonites are very elegant and can be crocheted in no time. Ideal for Valentine's Day, wedding, flamenco evening or candlelight dinner are the heart hoop earrings. They require a little more effort, but are worth the effort. Especially simple crochet earrings are the spirals. Make some of these in several different colors and beads. When crocheting earrings you quickly have a sense of achievement.

Tip: To crochet two earrings, you need very little yarn. It is therefore a suitable project to process yarn residues in a meaningful way.

Crochet earrings - 3 ideas

Ammonite with pearl

Material for 2 crochet earrings:

  • Crochet thread made of cotton (about 150 m / 50 g) white and salmon-colored
  • 2 white pearls, diameter ca. 7 mm
  • 2 earhooks
  • Crochet Hook Thickness 2.5

Prior knowledge:

  • thread ring
  • Fixed stitches
  • Chopsticks (half, whole, double and triple)
  • chain stitches

Make a thread ring. Crochet the following stitches one after another in this string: 2 stiches, 2 halfsticks, 6 wholesticks. Now tighten the ring.

Crochet two sticks from the beginning in the two fixed loops. This is followed by 2 half double sticks in the next stitch. You may never have encountered "half double sticks". Crochet them as follows: Make 2 envelopes. Get the thread through the stitch. Now you have 4 loops on the needle. Now pull the thread through the first two loops. Then pull the thread through all three remaining loops at once.

Crochet 2 double sticks each in the following 4 stitches. In the next stitch come 2 half triple sticks. These are quite similar to the half double sticks: make three envelopes and pull the thread through the stitch. There are 5 loops on your needle. Get the thread through the first two loops. Once again, pull it through only 2 loops. Finally, take the thread through all 3 remaining loops.

Now crochet 2 triple sticks in the next 4 stitches. The ammonite is ready now. Cut the thread and pull it through the last stitch. Sew and knot the thread.

Now fix the pearl in the middle of the ammonite with the protruding initial thread.

Note: If you like it simple, leave both crochet earrings like that. Only the earhook you have to attach in the last stitch.

For more color and a clearer design, take the salmon-colored yarn at hand. Crochet along all the stitches from the inside to the outside Kettmaschen. To do this, thread the thread on the back and stab it in the front to get it. It should result in a spiral with 34 stitches. Also sew and knot this thread.

Finally attach the ear hooks to your crochet earrings. For this you have to bend the little eyelet a little bit. Thread the last stitch through the loop and close it again.

Note: When attaching the earhook, always make sure the front of the earring looks outward later.

Crochet heart creole

Material for 2 heart hoop earrings:

  • Crochet yarn made of cotton (about 150 m / 50 g) red and light blue
  • 2 metal rings with 5 cm diameter
  • 12 red beads, diameter about 3 mm
  • 2 earhooks
  • Crochet Hook Thickness 2.5
  • thin embroidery needle

Prior knowledge:

  • stitches
  • Fixed stitches
  • Chopsticks (half, whole, double)
  • chain stitches

Crochet these earrings takes a bit longer than the ammonites. It is still a manageable project. They start with the heart:

Crochet 4 red meshes. Crochet all the following stitches into the first loop: 3 double sticks, 3 sticks, 1 airlock, 1 double stick, 1 airlock, 3 sticks, 3 double sticks and 2 airlocks. Include this first round with a chain stitch in the air mesh from the beginning.

The second and at the same time last round you start with 3 air meshes. In the first double chopsticks of the preliminary round, crochet a crochet and half a stick. In the next stitch come 3 half sticks. This is followed by 2 half sticks. On the straight line, crochet a tight stitch in the next 4 stitches. You make the top of an air mesh, 1 stick and another air mesh. It goes with a fixed stitch in each of the next 4 stitches. The rounding is again made up of 2 half sticks, 3 half sticks, a half stick and a fixed stitch, 3 air stitches and a chain stitch, with which you close the round to the middle of the heart.

Cut off the thread. Pull it through the last stitch and knot and sew the end.

Now you have to crochet the ring for the earrings. Pick up the light blue yarn. Make a loop as at the beginning of an aerial chain. Fix the loop with a chain stitch on the ring. Now crochet a total of 52 stitches. Close the circle with a chain stitch in the first stitch. The tops of the stitches should point inward.

Now you need the red yarn and the pearls. You may need to cut the yarn to thread it through the beads. Tie the heart to the left camber of the ring with the beginning of the thread. Take the thread on the embroidery needle and pass it clockwise through 3 stitches on the back. Thread a pearl. Leave 4 stitches and do not pierce through the 5th. Repeat this twice.

After the 3rd bead, pull the thread through the top of the heart before proceeding with the remaining 3 beads. After the last bead, thread the thread through the back of the following 3 stitches and tie the end to the right vault of the heart.

To complete your crochet earrings, just attach the ear hooks to the center of the ring above the heart.

Spiral Earrings

These crochet earrings are perfect for beginners, impatient or women who would like to have many similar earrings in different colors. Crochet these earrings will not take 10 minutes once the material is in place.

Material for 2 Spiral Earrings:

  • Crochet thread made of cotton (about 150 m / 50 g), here in lilac
  • 2 pearls with a diameter of 5 to 10 mm
  • 2 earhooks
  • Crochet Hook Thickness 2.5

Prior knowledge:

  • stitches
  • strong stitches

Hit 22 airguns. The last stitch is a spiral air stitch. Crochet 21 solid stitches back. You will notice that a spiral develops by itself. If this is not so obvious, crochet the fixed stitches a little tighter.

Cut the thread and pull it through the last stitch. Tie the beginning and end thread and sew the protruding ends.

Take a piece of yarn and pull it through the pearl and the earhook. Thread the thread back through the bead.

Tip: If the bead is too tight to thread the thread a second time, use a needle threader.

Attach the two ends to the spiral. Your crochet earrings are ready!

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