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Making paper flowers yourself - 5 ideas

  • It's so easy to make paper flowers
    • Flowers from toilet paper rolls
    • Rose made of crepe paper
    • Flower from printer paper
    • Colorful paper flower
    • Origami lily

Paper flowers are a must for every craft and spring friend. Colorful and elegant flowers are suitable as decoration elements in almost every furnishing style. Whether on the wall, in a vase or as a hanging element at the window - flowers made of paper are easy to make. With these creative ideas, you too can become a paper florist in no time. Our guide will give you the necessary flower inspiration.

It's so easy to make paper flowers

Flowers from toilet paper rolls

With this crafting idea, you can not only design decorative flowers, but also recycle them at the same time. The paper rolls of toilet paper or kitchen paper are annoying leftovers from the household, which can be quickly transformed into elegant flowers with a little color. We show you how it works.

You need:

  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • scissors
  • Paper rolls of toilet or kitchen paper
  • Craft glue or hot glue

If you have accumulated enough cardboard rolls, you can also tinker a large floral construction of several flowers. For spring and summer, this is particularly suitable as a decorative element.

Here's how to make the cardboard flower:

At the beginning, think about how many petals the cardboard flower should have. An odd number of leaves looks nicer - with five leaves you cut a paper roll into five pieces. Be careful when cutting.

These five small tube pieces are now simply painted in the desired color. Pastel shades are subtle, yet decorative and fit in with almost any interior design style.

Tip: With gold or silver paint from the hardware store, the flowers can also be properly refined.

Now that you have painted all the flower elements, let them dry.

Now the leaves are pressed into shape. For this, the cardboard rolls must be placed on one side and simply compressed only briefly. If you look at them from above, they should be in the form of leaves - two pointed ends.

Afterwards, the individual sheets are connected to each other. Especially Bastelleim, which dries transparent. Even hot glue can be used here - but wear it only discreetly, that no large glue residue will disfigure the flower. Join all five leaves at one end with the glue so that their shape gives a flower.

Once the glue has dried, the flower from a paperboard roll is ready too.

If you now make further flowers, you can glue them together with glue to form a construct on the page. Finished!

Rose made of crepe paper

The rose is the classic among the flowers. With crepe paper, which can be easily shaped, filigree rose petals can be tinkered. In a few minutes, handicraft beginners have also made a crepe. In rose, white or pink these paper flowers look really real.

You need:

  • crepe paper
  • Metal or wooden skewer
  • glue
  • scissors

Here's how to make a creping:

Step 1: First, cut off a piece about 7 cm wide from the roll of crepe paper. This will now be completely unrolled.

Step 2: The crepe strip is now spread out in front of you on the table. Carefully pull the upper edge of the strip apart with your fingers - the creases of the crepe paper are pulled apart.

Step 3: Now you need the spit. Roll over the rim from step 2 over the skewer so that it curls up. Reposition all 4 cm on the spit with the edge until you have rolled up the top edge of the strip to the end piece by piece.

Step 4: Now the rose blossom is formed. The strip is rolled up for it. At the bottom, which is not rolled up, the flower is rolled up piece by piece. Fix everything well with glue and also press wrinkled layers on each other so that the rose holds firmly together at the bottom.

Tip: The strip can be curled up tightly and loosely - a change results in natural petals.

Step 5: When you arrive at the end of the strip, the end should be re-attached well with glue. The petals now only need to be plucked and shaped - the creping is ready!

More craft ideas for flowers made of crepe paper can be found here: //www.zhonyingli.com/blumen-aus-krepppapier-basteln/

Flower from printer paper

These elegant paper candlelights just look beautiful - with simple, white printer paper and some glue can be made such large and decorative flowers. You do not need much time for that.

You need:

  • nine sheets of A4 paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • PVA glue

How to make a paper flower with copy paper:

Crop petals

Six Large Petals - Take three sheets of copy paper and place them on top of each other and in landscape orientation on the table. Fold the leaves together once in the middle, from left to right. Now cut out big petals from the folded paper. Start by cutting the scissors on the closed side of the paper. Cut the leaves apart at the closed folding edge and center 2 cm.

Six medium petals - These petals cut as well as the big ones. Cut a similar shape and roundness as with the big leaves, just a little bit smaller.

Four small petals - fold an A4 sheet twice in the middle. Cut out a flower, also starting from the closed edge. This one is even smaller. Separate the individual leaves and make the incision here as well.

Flower Center - For the flower center, take an A4 sheet. Draw a snail on this leaf with a pen. Afterwards the snail is cut out along the lines. Roll this auger onto a pin with the bottom edge of the auger tapering to a point. Take the pencil out again and sculpt the flower center with your fingers. Stick in the spiral inside. The bottom is now taped to the end of the spiral. At the same time, make a stand out of this end.

Prepare flowers and ground area

Now you can give the petals a curved shape or you can simply tinker with the already cut petals. For a curved shape, glide over the inside of each pair of scissors with each petal. As with the curled gift ribbon the petal receives such a curved shape.

Now you need the 2 cm incised slots of the leaves. Lay one side taut over the other and glue them together so that the shape looks even more like a petal. Do that with all the other petals.

Now you need a base to which the leaves are finally glued. Take the ninth sheet of paper and cut out of this one big circle. The circle does not have to be cut accurately, because in the end it is no longer visible.

Make up the flower

First, stick the calyx in the center of the circle.

Afterwards, the middle petals are glued on. Place the first leaf directly in the middle of the calyx, the curvature of the leaf runs outwards and downwards. Now stick each other of the middle petals in this row to the base. These should all overlap a bit.

Now follow the large petals - the second row consists of the six large leaves, which are offset under the first row glued to the base.

The four small petals are finally glued to the middle as a connecting element between them and the flower center.

Done is this beautifully realistic looking, noble paper flower. Use a smaller paper size to make smaller paper flowers. When you cut the flower shape, you can change the shape of the flower. Have fun trying it out!

Colorful paper flower

In this folding guide, we show you how to make a six-leaf flower made of plain paper. The individual petals can be colored as you like, depending on which paper you have at home. But even in white, this flower looks elegant.

You need:

  • six square sheets of paper (one color or mixed colors)
  • glue

Crafting instructions for the paper flower:

Step 1: Fold one of the 6 paper squares diagonally.

Step 2: Now there is a triangle in front of you. The two peaks, left and right, are now folded to the center up. These folds are opened again.

Step 3: Now the two tips are folded again, but this time along the folds created in step 2. Also open these folds again.

Step 4: Then move your finger to the left side of the triangle. Tighten this and the outer edge folds inwards. The result is a diamond-shaped surface that you just have to flatten. Repeat this with the other side.

Step 5: Now show two tips pointing upwards. Now fold them down, along the bottom edge.

Step 6: Then fold the two acute-angled triangles together - the lower half onto the upper one. The total area is now square again.

Step 7: Now bring the two opposite sides together, with the folds together. Do not fold these, the petal should have a round shape. The two triangular surfaces are finally glued together. Done is the first petal.

Step 8: Steps 1 to 7 are repeated with the remaining five paper squares. Then glue all petals together in a circle.

Done the crafted paper flower!

Instructional Video

Origami lily

With the Japanese folding art origami, noble and very decorative objects can be folded, as well as this lily. At first glance complicated - but you will see, with a little patience this paper lily works right away. As a quick and small attention, this lily will certainly surprise everyone.

You need:

  • a square sheet of paper in a beautiful color or pattern

How to proceed:

Step 1: At the beginning, the square is folded once from the left to the top and from the top to the bottom.

Step 1
step 2

Step 2: Open the sheet of paper is now turned on the back and the diagonals are folded. Open these folds as well - the cross-point in the middle of the leaf now projects upwards.

Step 3: Now fold the square together to make it a smaller square. Lay the square on the table with one tip up and the opposite tip down in front of you. Fold the horizontal fold back in - so the paper folds together by itself.

step 3
Step 4 and 5

Step 4: The square should now be in front of you: the fold in the middle is vertical and the open top points upwards. Fold the right and left-pointing tips inward along the fold.

Step 5: Now turn the paper over to the back and repeat step 4 with the other tips on the back.

Step 6: Now unfold each fold from step 5 and fold it inwards - against the fold, so to speak. The fold edges are hidden inside. Repeat with the other corners as well.

Step 6

Step 7: Now flip the left to the right, triangular area, as if you were turning over. Apply the rhombus to the back and flip over on this page as well.

Step 7
Step 8

Step 8: Then fold down the blunt corners. Orient yourself at the middle fold. Fold the corner of the remaining three sides also inwards or downwards.

Step 9: The folds from step 8 are now opened again on one side of the rhombus. Briefly unfold the corners and guide them upwards so that they form an upward pointing point. Push it down flat.

Step 10: Turn the paper over and repeat step 9 on the back.

Step 9 and 10

Step 11: Now hide the short pointed tips. For this open the flower, fold the tip inwards. The small triangle now disappears inside the paper lily. Repeat this step with all other three pages.

Step 11
Step 12

Step 12: Now the lily gets a little narrower. To do this, fold the outward blunt points inward towards the midline. Repeat this process with the other pages as well.

Step 13: Almost the origami lily is ready. Flip open all four sides. Take a pencil now. Make the individual lily leaves round by rolling them over the pin.

Step 13

Done is the paper lily! In a small glass vase, this is a noble eye-catcher.

Tip: Just make a smaller lily in a different color. These two paper flowers can then be put into each other offset.

Instructional Video

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