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Christmas Wish List - Word Template for Printing

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The pre-Christmas season is upon us and the days until Christmas are not long away. In addition to traditional Christmas decorations, Christmas markets with cookies and gingerbread and the well-filled Advent calendar, also includes the wish list for Christmas, with the upcoming Christmas.

Christmas wish list

What does your child wish for, what do your children or even their grandchildren and grandchildren wish for Christmas this year ">

The children still believe in Santa Claus and his helpers and so they have been busy for a long time before Christmas with the question of what they want from Santa Claus or the Christ Child and what they would like to find under the Christmas tree. And the wishes are often countless and big on top of that. But that's the way they are, our little darlings with their big and small wishes. And mom and dad, the grandparents, and the rest of the family and relatives, of course, want to know what the kids want so much to make those big and small wishes, best of all, come true. And the glow in the children's eyes, when they see and open the Christmas gifts, is priceless.

  • Word Template Christmas Wish List: Wish List Word Template
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With our Wish List Word template, which is printed quickly on a piece of paper with a printer, the many wishes of the children can quickly be put on paper. A Christmas wish list is realized with this Word template for printing in no time. The children only need to pick up a pen and then they can start writing down their wishes. And on our, for you and your smallest, prepared wish list for Christmas, also sketches of the very individual child wishes can easily be painted.

Tip: By the way, you're never too old for a wish list. Also for the adults among us this wish list for Christmas, to write down the heart's desire, also very suitable. A real relief and help for all family members and friends of the family who would like to give something for Christmas.

Christmas poems

The dream dream magic tree
(Poem from the book "Christmasland")

by Elke Bräunling

Many colorful packages
I saw in a dream tonight
hanging on bare branches
the wish dream magic tree.

In the colorful packages
are hiding pretty
all my Christmas wishes,
nobody spotted here.

All the colorful packages
nobody else can see.
They do not exist to buy,
but they are beautiful.

On the colorful packages
I am so happy already.
I can not wait any longer:
If it were Christmas soon!

Wishlist Finger game

by Karin Maitz

Five fingers, each very clever,
they know it's Christmas time.
So they take a piece of paper
and write: "I wish that:"

The first one wishes Playmobil,
four cars and a fishing game.

The second wants a dollhouse,
two balls, a Aufziehmaus.

The third wants shirts, vests
and expensive pants, only the best.

The fourth loves computer games
he would like to have quite a lot, very many.

The fifth, smallest laughs and speaks:
"Remember, too, at Christmas time,
that you can not have everything! "

Christmas is coming soon

by Elke Bräunling

Is there a secret in the air?
do you feel a secret, sweet smell,
everything is full of joy,
begins the beautiful Christmas season.

Do the guesswork be fun
you turn red and pale with curiosity,
everything is full of stealth,
is it there, the Christmas time

Pounding your heart with tension
do you feel a tingling sensation on the skin,
everything is full of alertness,
then Christmas is not far away.

Lying packages under the tree,
It smells sweet in every room
are all full of happiness,
is the Christ Child not far away.

And jerk is such a wish list written for Christmas. Simply use our Word template to print and write down the wishes of the heart and record them in writing, before you forget them in everyday stress again. We wish you and your little ones a lot of fun with our wish list template for Christmas.

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