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What to do if the disc is fogged in the car inside?

  • Fogging up car windows
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For many Germans, owning a car is not only a means of transportation, but a passion and a retreat as well. In order not to jeopardize the safety of passengers and other road users, a clean windscreen is particularly important. It is all the more dangerous when the window inside the car fogs up. This unfavorable condition can not only be remedied quickly, but also prevented.

Fogging up car windows

Oh scary! They are currently on the highway on the way and from the inside suddenly fogged up the windows. Almost every driver has experienced this scenario before, especially when the outside temperature is cool in winter. Once a disc is misted, the visual perception decreases significantly, especially when the windshield is affected. Many causes can be responsible for fogging the disc. Often this is due to high humidity in the interior, although that is not always the reason. There may also be technical errors, no matter what type of vehicle it is. Not only station wagons have to deal with this problem.

root cause

If the windows of the vehicle fog inside, that's annoying. The most common reason for this is the evaporation of water in the interior of the car following the procedure below.

  • Cool outside temperatures make for cold windows
  • the car cools down faster
  • Cool air can only be difficult to store moisture
  • Human or other mammal, for example a dog, sits down in the vehicle
  • Heat and moisture are released from the body into the air
  • At the same time, the air conditioner heats the air
  • The moisture condenses on the panes
  • now the disc will fog inside

This effect is triggered not only by body heat, but by a defect of the air conditioning or, more rarely, the stay in tropical temperatures. Due to the air circulation of the air conditioning system, it always comes back to the exchange of moisture, warm and cold air, depending on the outside and inside temperature weaker or stronger fogged the disc. This is aggravated by moisture, which is brought into the interior of the vehicle from the outside.

  • snow
  • rain
  • open drinking containers
  • Dogs that drool permanently or pant

Another problem is the accumulation of moisture in certain parts of the car. This means above all the water tank under the windshield, which is made of rubber seal . If leaves gather there over the autumn, rain and snow can accumulate there and lead to condensation, which penetrates into the vehicle interior. Also can tear seals and thereby get excessively moisture in the interior. So check exactly what might be the reason for the excessive moisture. If the problem is excessively common, you may want to have a specialist check the car. Damaged or soiled components such as the cabin air filter are also a reason why a disc can fog inside.

Tip: The glass may mist if you swim or do some sports in winter. For example, if you have long hair and do not dry it completely, the moisture in the car may cause the glass to mist up.


You can protect your windows from misting in when preparing your vehicle for the cold season. From mid-autumn, when the rains increase, you should pay attention to it, so that the discs can not fog up from the inside. The following preventive measures should be mentioned.

Change the interior filter

It is recommended to change the cabin filter after 15, 000 kilometers. The filter ensures that less pollen and other microorganisms get into the vehicle and therefore clogs with time. If the filter is clogged, it will accumulate in the interior, since moisture can not be transported out of the vehicle inside out. You can change the interior filter yourself, which results in material costs of eight to 15 euros. Alternatively, go to the workshop where the price depends on the model and the hourly wage. 30 euros are on average the minimum.

Check seals

Be sure to check all your seals, as mentioned above. If they are cracked or even broken, be sure to drive to the workshop and have them replaced. The seals not only ensure that the window can not fog up. They protect against strong temperature fluctuations, noise and high energy loss.

Clean the car after leaf fall

If the last leaves fall from the trees in autumn, you should now remove all leaves from your vehicle at the latest. Here, too, the water box is particularly important so that the disc inside can not mist.

Dry from the inside

To be on the safe side, you can lay the inside of your vehicle with dry material. This refers to absorbent materials that you place in a bag of jute or cotton inside the vehicle, for example. These remove moisture from the air and thus protect against fogging of the windows from the inside.

Good materials for this are:

  • rice
  • salt
  • newspapers

Alternatively, you can purchase finished dry bags. These are the well-known silica gel, which is, for example, the purchase of new shoes here. Just make sure that children or pets do not get them into their hands or paws. It is not toxic, but the risk of swallowing is very high.

By using these methods, you can avoid frequent fogging of the discs. The less moisture in the interior, the better.

immediate measures

If your windscreen fogs up while driving or getting in, you do not have to despair. There are effective immediate measures to get your disc back on track. This is especially recommended when you are on the highway or off-road so you do not end up in danger of accident. Some of these methods can even be performed by the passenger while driving, as long as you are not on the highway. Be sure to find a rest stop before continuing. Following four immediate measures to be safe on the streets again.


Use a soft, clean sponge to quickly and effectively wipe the condensation from the glass. The finer the sponge, the less streaking will occur and you will have a clear view even while driving. If you decide to use the sponge method, you should always make sure that it always stays clean, otherwise there will be dirt on the glass. Then a windscreen cleaning is required.

air conditioner

Did you forget to turn on your air conditioner ">

Keep clothes dry

Before getting in the car, be sure to free your clothes from snow so that you do not overly melt in the car. Likewise, you should always keep your floor mats as dry as possible and shake out the umbrella before entering the vehicle. You can do that yourself when you are already in the car. If you have handkerchiefs or a cloth with you, you can dry some damp spots.

Microfiber wipes

There are special microfibre wipes specially designed for wiping fogged windows. These costs depending on the equipment, for example, a handle, between four and twelve euros and act faster than a sponge better. With these, the window can be efficiently dried while driving from the inside.

Tip: Rarely does it happen that the sunroof is not completely closed. If your vehicle has one, make sure it is completely tight and close it if necessary.

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