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Sewing a snake: Instructions for a bed slug / bedroll

  • Material and preparation
    • The material selection
    • The amount of material
    • The cut
  • Sew on a bed snake
  • variant
  • Quick guide

After the birth, all mommies want their child to feel at home in the new environment. One of the many things that contribute to this is a bed-line. It is a practical head protection in the cot, side bed or on the changing table. It protects the newborn from drafts and hard bars. The snake can also be used later for cuddling or playing. In this guide, we show you how to sew a bed snake.

Sewing a bed snake is very easy and great for beginners. There is nothing better than being able to do something for your baby, which accompanies the child for a long time, especially during his sleep.

Material and preparation

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 2/5
0.5 m cotton costs about 5 - 10 €
0.5 m terry you get for about 5 €
250 g of cotton wool costs about 5 €

Time expenditure 2/5
Less than 1h

What you need:

  • Classic sewing machine and / or overlock
  • Cotton fabric (possibly fabric remnants)
  • terry
  • paper
  • ruler
  • pen
  • fiberfill
  • pins
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

The material selection

You need a cotton fabric and possibly a terry cloth.

Note: If you prefer, you can also sew the snake out of a stretchy jersey. But you should pay attention to the price. The jersey costs almost twice as much as a cotton fabric.

We chose a waffle fabric made of 100% gray cotton. This fabric is breathable, very absorbent and quick-drying. The soft waffle fabric Pique is a must have in every nursery!

Tip: You can still sew your bed snake out of the fabric remnants (see variant).

The amount of material

Now you should consider how long the snake should be. The best way to measure the bed or the changing table.

For our bed we need a 150 cm long cotton fabric, which is 34 cm wide. From the terry cloth we can use small scraps of cloth that come as small circles to the ends of the bedroll (r = 6cm).

The cut

As we wrote above, you should measure the cot, the extra bed or the changing table and think about how long and wide the bed snake should be.

We take the cotton fabric and cut in the material break a 150 cm long and 17 cm wide strip.

Then we draw a circle (r = 6cm) on a piece of paper, which we use as a pattern for our Rollenden. Now we pick up the terrycloth and cut two circles according to our pattern.

Note: If you want to sew wider snakes, you also need to enlarge the circles!

Sew on a bed snake

After we've cut all the pieces, we can start sewing our bed snake. First, we put the cotton fabric right to right and sew the long edge together to the turning opening. You can sew with a zig-zag stitch or overlock to keep the edges nice and clean.

Once we're done, we take a circle and attach it with the pins on a roll end. Then he can be sewn around. The same thing is repeated on the other side of the snake. Now we can turn all the work through the turnaround to the right.

Finally, we stuff the snake with the stuffing until the roll has the desired thickness. Then we close the opening with a simple straight stitch.

Tip: If you want the seam to be as invisible as possible, close the turning opening with a ladder or mattress stitch.

Now our bed snake is ready and we can look forward to the result!

Tip: If you no longer need the bed-snake, make a knot! This creates a great pillow that can accompany your child for much longer.


If you want to sew a bedspread from fabric remnants, look for similar colors that fit well together. I would recommend you to prepare a maximum of 4 different substances. At this point, you already know how long and wide your snake should be. It's nice if the pattern repeats itself at least twice. Calculate the length by 8 (2 × 4). This gives you the length of a fabric strip. Next, cut two pieces from each existing fabric. When finished, sew all the pieces together to create a roll. Continue to sew the bed snake as described above.

Quick guide

1. Cut cotton fabric
2. Cut terry cloth according to circle pattern
3. Place cotton fabric right to right and sew together
4. Leave the turning opening free
5. Attach both circles of terry to the roll ends and sew all around
6. turn the bed snake to the right
7. stuff the bed coil with cotton wool
8. Close the turning opening

Have fun!

Tip: Like the bed snake, you can sew a nursing pillow as well. The nursing pillow should only be wider, so that the baby has it comfortable and does not slip.

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