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Sew on pacifier chain with name - instructions

  • Material and preparation
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A pacifier chain is one of the most popular baby gifts. Most babies do not just have a pacifier. A pacifier is in the cot, the other in the baby carrier and the third has the mom in the wrap-around bag, if one is lost. It is of course handy if each pacifier has its own pacifier chain. Some mothers like to give the children a matching pacifier chain, for example, suitable for clothing, stroller, winter footmuff or even a cap.

If you own a sewing machine, you can make a pacifier chain yourself with our instructions in half an hour. It is easy and so it is suitable for beginners. We will show you how to sew a cheap and individual pacifier chain by name step by step. This is how you simply sew a pacifier chain.

Material and preparation

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 1/5
0.5 m cotton costs about 5-10 €
0, 5m Vlieseline costs about 1, 50-6 €
maybe 0.5m artificial leather costs about 5-6 €

Time expenditure 2/5
30 min

You need for a pacifier chain:

  • Classic sewing machine
  • cotton
  • Vlieseline
  • pacifier clip
  • silicone ring
  • pacifier
  • pins
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Computer, embroidery machine, artificial leather and textile glue (for the letters) and textile crayons

The material selection

We sew the pacifier chain from the solid cotton. This is handy because you can wash the dummy chain without problems at 60 degrees in the washing machine. Inside, the pacifier chain is reinforced with the fleece line.

Tip: Before you start sewing, you can also embroider or print the name of the cotton fabric. If you want, you can also use text crayons to write the name on the cotton fabric.

We opted for the letters made of artificial leather, in the color gray, which we finally stick to the chain.

The amount of material

In this case, it is worth working with existing scraps.

The cut

We need a 21 x 7 cm piece of fabric for the necklace and another 2 x 24 cm strip of cotton fabric. The fleece-line should be 3 cm wide and 19 cm long.

Note: The maximum length of the pacifier chain should not exceed 22 cm because of the risk of strangulation.

Tip: If you have no way to embroider or print on the fabric, you can create a letter template in a word processor and then print it out. Cut out the letters printed on paper and use them as a template for your toddler's name letters.

Sew pacifier chain

After we cut the cotton fabric and the fleece line, we put the cotton fabric in the break left to left. We lay the fleece line between the two fabrics. We turn the cotton around at the edges, so we get clean edges.

Tip: If you want, you can still iron the folded edges.

Now we take our 2 cm wide strip to hand. We put it in the material break left to left and hit the edges inwards. Now we sew the whole thing together with a simple straight stitch. The strip is then about 5 mm wide. The length is individual. You have to decide for yourself how much you need to attach the pacifier clip and silicone ring.

We just tie a knot and we cut off the rest.

We lay the ends of the stripes between the cotton fabric at the end of the dummy chain and fasten them with the pins. At the other pacifier chain end, either the silicone ring is used or you directly make a "ring" from the rest of the strip, which we sewed together. But we need the pacifier, so you know exactly how big the "ring" should be.

Note: There are several brands of pacifiers on the market and each pacifier has a different method of attachment, how to tie it to the chain.

Now we have attached a strip with the pins on the second soother chain end and now we can sew the two edges of the chain together. We stitch the cotton stripe, here too, with the simple straight stitch.

The dummy chain is ready! A very special pacifier chain especially if you have embroidered, embroidered or printed the cotton fabric before sewing it yourself. For example, those who have cut out the letters from the imitation leather can now stick the individual letters with the textile adhesive and sew them on with the simple straight stitch.

Quick guide

01. Cut the cotton fabric.
02. Transfer the letters to the artificial leather and cut them OR embroider or print the cotton fabric (as you like).
03. Cut the fleece line and place it between the cotton.
04. Sew a strip of cotton to attach the pacifier clip and fasten with the pins on the pacifier chain end.
05. Make a "ring" from the rest of the strip to attach the pacifier to the other end of the pacifier chain and attach with pins.
06. Sew the dummy chain together.
07. Sew on the letters from the artificial leather and glue them on first or glue the letters on with the textile adhesive.

Have fun sewing!

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