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Sewing the reading bone yourself - instructions + pattern

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  • Sewing a reading bones - instructions
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If you like to read a lot, this project is just the thing for you: sew a reading bones! We'll show you exactly how to do it in this tutorial.

Many of you are probably wondering what that is. A reading bone can be used both as a neck pillow and as a book / tray holder. The design is very individual and can of course also be a very nice gift for bookworms

This project is also very suitable for beginners. Not much material is needed and after only about 45 minutes you hold your personal reading bones in your hands.

We recommend that you first read through the manual completely. So any questions can be clarified in advance.

We start with the material for the self-made reading bone.

Material and preparation

You need this:

  • sewing machine
  • matter
  • fiberfill
  • Yarn and scissors
  • Pins and sewing needle
  • marker

The sewing machine

You do not need a special machine for this project. All you need is a simple straight stitch. Our machine is from the company Silvercrest and costs about 99, - Euro.

The fabrics

Here you can choose freely. Beginners should use cotton fabrics best as they will not warp when sewing. We used two cotton fabrics with a floral pattern and a fluffy fleece fabric. Of course, you can also use only a monochrome fabric or make everything colorful. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Fabrics are available from 5, - Euro per meter.

Tip: If you want to conjure up a reading bone made of cuddly fleece, you will find great fleece blankets from 3, - Euro in cheap deco shops. PS fleece does not fray.

The filling cotton

Wadding is available in every craft shop. Make sure that also the filling cotton is washable. You get a bigger bag for 10, - Euro.

Tip: At first, only stuff the reading bone with cotton wool. In the middle you can put wool remnants and cut threads. So you can also use these leftovers and you save yourself some stuffing.

The yarn

The color of the yarn is completely irrelevant in this project, as there are no visible seams here.
Get all the materials ready and then you can start with your project.

Sewing a reading bones - instructions

1. Create a pattern. Of course, the dimensions can vary individually. We have marked a length of 38 to 40 cm and a maximum width of 10 to 11 cm. The pattern has the shape of a half bone. Take a look at our photo. Be careful at this step. The more beautiful the pattern, the better the result at the end of the project.

2. Now take the first material for the reading bone and place it with the right, ie "beautiful", side down in front of him. Lay the pattern with the curves to the edge on the fabric and draw.

3. Now you have drawn half a bone on your fabric. We want to complete this now. To do this, fold the fabric along the long straight line and place it under the fabric piece with the pattern you have drawn. This is also called a "break". There should now be two layers of fabric one above the other. Stick the two layers together.

4. Cut out the bone along the lines.

Important: Do not cut along the long straight. Remove the pins and unfold the fabric. That's the basic form.

5. Repeat the steps two more times, so you get three cut pieces.

6. Then cut two blanks apart right to right. Stick it all together.

7. Now it's time for the sewing machine: sew the two fabrics together "halfway". From the sign is still the long straight received. Start with the seam at one end of the line and sew only to the other end of the line.

Important: Always lock your sutures at the beginning and end of the reading bone. This will secure your seams and prevent loosening. For stitching, stitch a few stitches first, then press the back button located on the front of your sewing machine, sew back a few stitches, and then continue sewing as usual until the seam ends. Also at the end some stitches are sewn backwards and then finished as usual.

8. Fold the fabrics apart at the open half. Beginners can fix these with a few paper clips, so that nothing slips on the next step.

9. Place the third blank also with the right side down on the open side.

10. Stick the whole thing. Now the page with the two layers of fabric is processed.

11. Sew here too from one side of the middle straight to the other.

12. Draw the position of the turning opening on the still open side. This should be about 5 to 6 cm.

13. Sew the remaining open part and leave room for the turn-around opening.

14. Now the almost finished reading bone can be turned.

15. Stop the reading bone. Just stuff a little tighter; The pillow should be able to hold a book later.

16. Close the turning opening with a mattress or ladder stitch. This makes the seam "invisible".

Your reading bone is ready! We hope you enjoy using or giving away.

Instructions for quick readers

  • Create a pattern
  • Mark the pattern 3 times in the break and cut
  • 2 Sew pieces together
  • 3. Half-sew the cut piece to one side
  • Close the last open side and leave the opening
  • turn
  • stuff it tightly
  • Close turning opening
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