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Tinker heart box made of paper - instructions

Your sweetheart or your loved one will soon have a birthday or Valentine's Day is coming ">

Do you want to wrap chocolate or chocolates beautifully and give them to your loved ones, maybe for Valentine's Day, Anniversary or Mother's Day? Pack your sweet little things in a red, homemade heart box and everyone will be at your feet - not just for the sake of chocolate. Medium-sized construction paper and a crafting template that you print out in advance are the only materials you need to get them - you're guaranteed to have all the rest of the gift box tools at home.

Fold the heart box

List of materials:

  • stable construction paper
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • paper glue
  • Carpet knife
  • cut-resistant base (eg cork)


Step 1: Print out the craft template.

Click here: Download the craft template

Step 2: Draw the crafting template in pencil on the construction paper and cut it out.

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Step 3: Slightly score the lines that will be folded later with the carpet knife. In this way, the romantic box can be processed much easier and much cleaner in due course. Again, you should not cut the lines under any circumstances!

Step 4: Cut the heart tip and the slot in the bottom of the template with the carpet knife. These two particles serve as a closure.

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5th step: Bend all edges, including those of the adhesive tabs.

Step 6: Apply the adhesive to the adhesive tabs and gradually glue your box together. Here you can not go wrong - except to use too much or too little glue. So pay attention to a good mediocrity.

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Note: Of course, do not seal the heart box with glue at the top!

Step 7: Put your present in the paper box.

Step 8: Hook the tip of the heart into the slot. Done is the creative box!

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