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Crochet Christmas tree - instructions for a crocheted Christmas tree

  • Preparation and material
  • Crochet Christmas tree
    • Tinker stand
    • Häkelanleitung
    • Finish the Christmas tree

Handicrafts and needlework may not be missing at Christmas - just to pass the time on cold days or to make your own Christmas decorations. There are many ideas and possibilities that you can make - for example, if you have thought about a crocheted Christmas tree ">
The fir-tree consists of a crocheted border that is wrapped around a stand and attached to it. Let your creativity run wild - the Christmas tree does not always have to be green. There are thousands of ways you can design the Christmas tree. Here we go!

Preparation and material

Important crochet techniques:

  • Luftmasche
  • Solid mesh
  • rod


  • Wool (eg: in green and white)
  • matching crochet hook
  • scissors
  • Tonkarton
  • tape measure
  • hot glue

We have used "Monique Needlework Yarn (95% Cotton, 5% Polyamide, Thickness 3, 5 - 4, 5)" for this Christmas tree. For the green of the tree, we have consumed a little more than a ball (70 g).

Crochet Christmas tree

Tinker stand

Step 1: Pick up the paper and roll it into a cone - this forms the stand for the crochet Christmas tree. Decide at your leisure how sharp and how tall the tree and how big the stand should be.

Step 2: Glue the cone to the overlapping surfaces.

Step 3: Then cut off excess paper with the scissors, so that the cone stands straight on its own.


Now take the cone and wrap it generously with wool. Which color you use for it does not matter. Wrap the yarn from bottom to top to the top. Then cut the thread and measure how long it is. You can also mark the thread at the end and measure the piece without cutting the thread.
Now you know how long the crocheted border needs to be for the Christmas tree.


Now crochet a chain with the green wool. This chain must be as long as you have just measured.

1st row

Crochet a stick in the fourth stitch starting from the crochet hook.

* It follows an air mesh. Then skip two stitches of the chain and crochet a stick again. This is followed by 2 air stitches and a stick in one and the same stitch. *

Repeat this order ** until the end of the series. If the number of air meshes does not rise exactly, that's no problem. So it may be that a few meshes remain unketted. The series will be finished in any case with the second stick of the sequence.

2nd row

Apply the work and crochet 3 air stitches. Crochet a chopsticks, as well as 2 air stitches and another 2 sticks in the first sheet of the previous row.

The following are: * 2 air stitches, 2 sticks, 2 air stitches and 2 sticks in the next sheet. *

The pattern ** is repeated until the end of the row.

Note: Be sure to crochet in the correct bow - always only in the one formed by the two sticks crocheted in the previous row in one and the same stitch.

3rd row

The work is turned.

* Now work 6 sticks in the bow of the previous row. Then crochet a tight loop into the larger interleaf bow. *

The order ** is repeated until the end of the series.

4th row

Now the white wool comes into play. This row of white, solid mesh forms the snow border of the fir-tree.

Apply the work and change the color. Simply pull the white thread through the loop. The green yarn can now be cut off.

There are now three ways you can crochet the border:

a) Crochet a single stitch into each stitch until the end of the row.
b) Or Crochet * 3 Stitches, then 3 Stitches, then 7 Stitches and again 3 Stitches. * This sequence is repeated until the end.
c) But you can combine variants a) and b) by simply installing the 3 air stitches in the middle of every other sheet.

We show you the combination. This makes a nice change within the structure of the Christmas tree.

Finish the Christmas tree

The crochet border is now glued to the cardboard stand. Attach the air mesh edge to the paper with hot glue. You work from the bottom up and always just piece by piece all around. Make sure that the individual rounds overlap slightly and no cardboard shines through. Likewise, you should wrap the border around as you have measured it.

Before you glue the last piece, wrap it once around the top. In this way you can check whether the winding must be made firmer or looser so that the border reaches exactly to the end.

Note: Be particularly careful when handling hot glue. This can lead to bad burns.

Finished is the crocheted Christmas tree! Is not he beautiful ">

With small Christmas balls and stars, the crocheted Christmas tree can now be festively decorated. Done is the perfect Christmas decoration for the desk!

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