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Stringing the Web Frame - Instructions for a School Web Frame

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Weaving with a weaving frame is a breeze if the frame is properly stretched. In this short guide, we will show you how to string a woven frame and what points to consider before weaving.

Weaving is a popular craft activity - even in children. Often, above all, they have problems to fasten the threads taut and with enough tension in the frame. Therefore, we will explain below how to string a Web Frame.

Material and preparation

You need:

  • Schulwebrahmen
  • Warp yarn in the desired color
  • scissors

School weaving frames are available in selected craft and craft shops for little money to buy. A simple set usually consists of a frame, the comb and two little boats. The frame sizes can vary. This is a frame with the size 17.5 cm x 26.5 cm. However, this does not matter when stringing. Basically, you proceed the same way when stringing a school web frame.

A school weaving frame has the characteristic that the comb and frame are made of wood. Therefore, you should refrain from weaving with this frame on delicate wool - by pushing down the wool, this can quickly fray. Use the best twisted 100% cotton warp yarn. This sturdy material withstands the wood and allows you to work evenly and result.


Assemble the weaving frame

At the beginning, the frame is assembled. Insert the two metal bars into the notches on the left and right sides, respectively. Tighten the small screws on the rod ends so that the rods are stable in the frame. Caution: Do not screw the rods too tight, otherwise the wood might splinter.

Cover web frame

Now the weaving frame is covered. Attach the end of the warp yarn at the left end of the rod with a double knot. Now the thread from left to right, repeatedly led up and down through the notches. Always keep the thread under tension.

Note: With warp thread is called the carrier thread, which holds the textile surface together at the end. This runs from top to bottom through the individual wood scores.

Once you have reached the last notch in the frame, the top end of the thread at the top right is also knotted twice at the end of the bar. Then cut the thread off.

Note: Other weave frames also include a web bridge that also has notches. This bridge simplifies the passage of the shuttle and is guided under the warp thread after the stringing - the warp thread then runs through each individual notch of the bridge. If you then want to guide the boat through the threads, the bridge raises the warp and the weaving is slightly easier.

And now weaving can begin. Here's how to weave a school weaving frame in detail: //www.zhonyingli.com/weben-mit-webrahmen/

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