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Making elderflower syrup itself - recipe

  • Harvest elderflower
  • Ingredients for elderflower syrup
  • Preparation of elderflower syrup
  • Recipe for elderflower lemonade

This recipe will inspire you. Sweet elderflower syrup as a taste-bearer for water, sparkling wine or jam is a must for every summer lover. The summery, sweet aroma of the syrup goes perfectly with soft drinks on hot days. We'll show you how to preserve the scent of elderberry and make elderberry syrup in a healthy way.

Harvest elderflower

In early summer, the elder has its full bloom and can be harvested. The intense, sweet scent of the plant flows into our noses, especially from the beginning of June until the end of July.

At best, collect the flowers on dry days. You should be careful to pick as possible only the white elderflower umbels, as the green stems and leaves are ungenömmlich and in one or the other could cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

The elderberry likes to grow a lot, but especially in the middle of the city. Avoid harvesting crops close to roads - these flowers were exposed to higher levels of pollution. A short walk to the nearest forest or park would be the better option.

Ingredients for elderflower syrup

You do not need much for home-made elderflower syrup. Since you find the main ingredient, the elderflower, in nature, the cost of a large amount of syrup is less than 5 €. Thus, the syrup is not only incredibly rich, healthy and delicious, but also quite affordable.

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 orange
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1 L of water
  • 25 elderflower umbels
  • 25 g of citric acid

Preparation of elderflower syrup

Step 1:

First wash the lemon and orange thoroughly with hot water. Then they are sliced.

Step 2:

The elder flowers are gently shaken out or washed out in stagnant water, in the sink. It would be best if you just shake it out, so that the pollen is not lost - the more pollen, the more flavor!

Layer lemon and orange slices and the flowers in a large container. A large bowl with lid, which still has room for the syrup, should be enough.

Step 3:

Now 1 L of water, 1 kg of sugar and the citric acid are boiled in a pot. Boil the mass until the sugar is completely dissolved. The syrup is now added to the bowl of flowers and fruits.

Step 4:

If you have covered the vessel well, the syrup must pull three days at room temperature. In between, should be stirred now and then.

Step 5:

When the three days have passed, the syrup is squeezed through a cloth or poured into a sieve. This mass is then boiled again and filled hot.

For filling, there are lockable glass containers such as bottles or jam jars.

Ready is the elderflower syrup! This should now be stored well closed, cool and dark. He stays unopened for about 1 year.

Refine sparkling wine, sodas or a summer punch with the delicious elderflower syrup and you and your guests will be delighted.

Recipe for elderflower lemonade

Everyone likes ice-cold lemonade for the summer. Mix cold mineral water with some elderflower syrup, add a few slices of lemon or lime, and a handful of mint leaves and ice cubes.

Done is the homemade elderflower lemonade!

Tips for quick readers:

  • Harvest elder flowers away from the roads
  • almost no stems
  • Lemon, wash and cut orange
  • Shake out the elderflower umbels
  • Layer lemon, orange and elderflower in a jar
  • Boil water, sugar and citric acid
  • Add syrup to the jar
  • Cover for 3 days
  • Sift the syrup and boil again
  • Top up hot syrup
  • Store in a cool and dark area
  • shelf life of up to one year
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