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Crochet stole / shawl - free instructions for beginners

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Material and preparation

You need for a shawl:

  • Wool
  • Crochet hook (one size larger than the wool pretends)
  • scissors
  • needle

The wool of our stole is Rico Baby Cotton Soft (50 g at approx. 125 m run length, needle size 3.5 - 4, 50% cotton, 50% polyacrylic). This wool is very cuddly and not too thick - it is therefore perfect for a stole, which should flatter the body.

  • a shawl for adults: approx. 200 g - 250 g wool
  • a shawl for children: approx. 150 g - 200 g wool
  • a shawl for toddlers: about 100 g - 150 g wool

Tip: It is better to buy a ball of yarn more in stock so that you have the opportunity to crochet the cloth a little bit more at the end. You never know exactly how the wool you want to use behaves.

So that the crochet piece is loose, we recommend crocheting with a larger crochet hook than the wool pretends. We therefore use a crochet hook of strength 5 in this manual.

Crocheting techniques for the stole

You should know these three basics, if you want to crochet the stole. You need the thread ring for the beginning, the V pattern of the shawl is made of rods and meshes:

  • thread ring
  • Luftmasche
  • rod

These links lead you to the instructions for the respective Häketechnik.

Instructions - crochet stole


Start with a thread ring.

1st row

Crochet: 3 pieces of air, 1 piece of chopsticks, 1 piece of air, 1 piece of chopsticks, 3 pieces of air, 1 piece of chopsticks, 1 piece of air, 2 pieces of chopsticks in this ring. Then pull the ring together.

2nd row

Now crochet 3 meshes and do the work.

Crochet the V pattern in the first space of the previous row:

* 1 stick, 1 airlock, 1 stick *

The next space (the V pattern of the previous row) is skipped.

Crochet the v-pattern ** in the space between the tips. This is followed by 3 air meshes. Then crochet the V pattern again in the same space as you did.

The "V" of the previous series is now skipped again.

Then crochet the V pattern ** into the last space of the previous row.

Now an additional chopstick is crocheted as a conclusion. This ensures a straight and clean edge.

3rd row

You start again with 3 Luftmaschen and turn the work.

Then crochet the V pattern ** into the first space. Thereafter, the pattern is in the next space, as well as in the top. 3 crochet are crocheted. Now again the V pattern ** is crocheted in the same space.

Crochet the row this way. The V pattern ** is always crocheted in the gap, NOT in the "V" of the previous row.

The round is also finished with a final conclusion.

You see, the crochet piece already has a triangular shape. If you continue working this way, the cloth will get bigger.

All other rows

For all other rows, the steps just explained are simply repeated. This is how it happens again and again:

  • each new series is started with 3 air meshes
  • the V pattern * 1 stick, 1 airlock, 1 stick * is always crocheted in the gap, NOT in the V pattern of the previous row
  • crochet in the top of the shawl a "V", 3 stitches and another "V"
  • each row is completed with an additional chopstick

For example, in the picture you see a crocheted "V" - the second stick was forgotten. The pattern is still on, but on closer inspection, the error can already be noticed.

Depending on your wishes, the shawl can now be crocheted in any size. Round by round, the stole becomes wider and longer. From time to time, place the cloth yourself to estimate how many rows still need to be crocheted and how much wool you will need.

color change

To make the shawl more individual and colorful, you can change the color at the beginning of a new series. To do so, proceed as follows: Before the 3 air stitches are crocheted, cut off the working thread generously. Then pull the thread of the new color through the loop on the needle. The ends of the two threads can already be knotted already, so nothing slides out. Crochet the 3 spiral air meshes with the new thread. You have already changed the color.


A row of the pattern forms a great and beautiful final edge - a last, additional edge does not need to be crocheted. Finally, the threads, which are formed by the color change, knotted and sewn. For this you need a wool needle. The threads are hidden in the V-pattern of the respective color towards the cloth tip.

Since there are no front and back sides with this design, it does not matter on which side you sew the threads. However, this should always be the same page - this will be the back of the stole.

Instructional Video

Attach tassels and pompons

You can take care of the finishing touches by attaching three tassels or pompons to the cloth - one at each corner. These are simply sewn or crocheted on the tips.

This is how tassels and pompons are homemade:

  • Make tassels yourself
  • Make pompoms yourself

More crochet instructions

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