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Fleurogami manual - making flowers from paper yourself

  • Fleurogami instructions
    • Simple origami flower
      • Instructional Video
    • Stylish water lily fold
      • Instructional Video
    • Beautiful origami dahlia
      • Instructional Video

A home-made flowers, which always stays fresh, everyone wishes. Fleurogami belongs to the paper folding art Origami and refers to the tinkering and folding of paper flowers. With our guide, including pictures and videos, you can easily make even flowers from paper. It is so easy.

Fleurogami is the floral variant of origami. Mostly the paper flowers are folded from square origami paper. This is available with colorful patterns, two-tone, but also plain in any well-stocked craft shop to buy - as well as the Falzbein. The Falzbein is a useful tool for Origami and Fleurogami - with this small spatula made of plastic or bamboo, every single fold can be tightened tightly. This makes it more accurate to fold and make the origami flowers even more beautiful. In the following we show you three folding instructions for really fantastically folded paper flowers. One or the other requires a little patience when folding, which is always worthwhile in the end.

Fleurogami instructions

Simple origami flower

This flower is a classic among paper flowers - the advantage of this flower, you can make the individual elements of different colors. For a flower, you need five elements that you fold in the same way before you glue them together. That is how it goes.

You need:

  • 5 sheets of square origami paper
  • glue
  • clinch
  • bonefolder
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Step 1: Place a sheet of origami paper on the table in front of you - if the paper is printed in different colors, the side that should later be outside should point downwards. Fold one diagonal, one tip at a time, so to speak.

Step 2: Now there is a triangle in front of you. Fold up the left and right points along the imaginary center line, to the third point.

Step 3: Next, fold the right and left corners of the square inward, toward the center line - out comes a diamond shape.

Step 4: Now open the fold from the previous two steps. The triangle is now recognizable, along with the folds. Put your fingers in the right half and unlock this corner. Press a diamond shape flat on the table again - repeat this with the left half as well.

Step 5: Then fold the up-facing tips, left and right, down.

Step 6: Now both halves are collapsed again. Result is again a small square.

Step 7: Now bring the left and right tabs together. Carefully trace the resulting curve (on the right of the picture) with your fingers.

Step 8: Open the paper again and glue one of the two tabs. Now reunite the petal - with a clip you can clamp the paper together as long as the glue dries.

Step 9: Now repeat steps 1 through 8 with the four other origami leaves. Then glue all five petals together on the outside in a circle - the origami flower is ready!

If you want to make this Fleurogami flower a great work of art, also called Kusudama, you need 12 of these flowers. These are glued together to a ball.

Instructional Video

The detailed folding instructions for a flower Kusudama of this species can be found here: //www.zhonyingli.com/kusudama-origami-blumenball/

Stylish water lily fold

You need:

  • a sheet of square origami paper
  • bonefolder
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Step 1: To start, place the origami paper on the table with the side to be out at the bottom. Fold the vertical as well as the horizontal center line. Open the paper again.

Step 2: Now fold all four corners towards the center.

Step 3: Now fold the corners again towards the middle.

Step 4: Now the square has to be turned. All four corners fold back to the middle.

Step 5: The origami water lily is unfolded now. Open the folds from step 4. Apply it once on the backside.

Step 6: Fold one of the corners folded to the center outward - make the kink one centimeter from the edge. Now fold the corners back in - you see it forms like a petal on the corner.

Step 7: Repeat step 6 with all remaining, three sides.

Step 8: The calyx is already finished - now only the sepals are missing. For that, look at the bottom of the water lily. Fold all four corners outwards in the middle.

Done is the origami water lily! If you want to fold an even more authentic water lily, make two of these flowers - a large green and a small white. If you then put the white water lily in the green, the water lily dream is perfect.

Instructional Video

Beautiful origami dahlia

A dahlia is beautiful in its own right - it's the same paper version as well. Perfect for the spring decoration, these flowers of paper can provide the right mood.

You need:

  • A sheet of origami paper
  • bonefolder
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Step 6
Step 7 and 8
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Step 13
Step 14

Step 1: Fold the sheet of paper once centered along the vertical and horizontal.

Step 2: Apply the sheet to the back and fold both diagonals.

Step 3: Now fold the paper together as follows to make it a smaller square. Lay this up with the closed tips.

Step 4: Then fold the left corner towards the center line. Tighten the tab and place it flat.

Step 5: Flip this diamond shape once from right to left.

Step 6: Now fold the right corner to the centerline. Then re-tension the resulting tab and press it flat. Once again a rhombus is recognizable.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the two following pages.

Step 8: Now a perfect dragon lies in front of you. Sort the four tips so that there are two on each side and the top of the paper looks like this:

Step 9: Afterwards fold down the open top (only the first layer) pointing upwards.

Step 10: Now scroll through all remaining, three sides and repeat at each step 9. Result is a triangle.

Step 11: Sort all pages again. Fold the rhombus in the middle - do not fold. The closed tip is now folded towards the indicated folding and pointed with the fingers. This lace becomes the style of the flower.

Step 12: Now unfold all the tabs while holding the lower part of the flower.

Step 13: Now fold the middle pieces between the tabs with one fold down. Press the adjoining tabs together - this will create a fold in the middle. Repeat this with all other tabs - do this a total of eight times.

Step 14: Now form all eight petals outwards. To do this, head out from the center of the flower and pull the tips down.

Done is the Origami Dahlia! In reds or in pink or purple, these flowers make something neat. Have fun refolding!

Instructional Video

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