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Crochet relief sticks (front and back) - learn the basics

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It's not hard to learn crocheting. Reliefstäbchen belong to the crochet basics. Reliefstäbchen make great patterns and can be used very versatile. Whether with hats, scarves or other creative crochet work. So you can easily create beautiful things and let your creativity run wild.

relief chopsticks

To crochet the relief stick out of simple sticks is quick and easy. It is crocheted like a normal whole stick. The Reliefstäbchen then results from the "Trumherumstechen" with the crochet hook around an existing chopsticks. With a crocheted relief stick make your crochet look more plastic. The crocheted stitches appear higher and thus can be beautiful effects. It is not crocheted in a stitch, but around a mesh body.

Instructions - Crochet bows

Relief sticks from the front

Step 1: Crochet a few stitches first. Here in our example, there are ten pieces.

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2nd step: Then crochet two more air stitches (these two stitches make up the spare swatch at the beginning of each new row). Then crochet a simple stick into the tenth mesh of the chain.

If you have never crocheted chopsticks before, you will find detailed instructions here: Crochet half and whole chopsticks

Step 3: Then crochet this row with chopsticks to end by again take an envelope on the needle and pierce into the next air mesh and then retrieve the thread to pull it through the two loops. Crochet this row in this way until ten sticks have emerged. Finally, crochet the last stick into the second of the two crocheted meshes at the beginning. Now apply your crochet work.

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4th step: First crochet the two pieces of air as spare rods and then take another envelope on the crochet hook. The Reliefstäbchen now arises by first putting an envelope on the crochet hook and then this leads to the mesh of a previous stick. So you stab in front right next to the previously crocheted chopsticks and then lead the crochet hook behind the stick along. Our next pictures will show you exactly how this works.

On the left side you come out with the crochet hook behind the stick again and now fetches the thread. This thread is pulled back the same way back behind the stick, until through the first two loops. Take a look at our pictures, that's the best way to explain this.

5th step: Then the thread is retrieved again with the crochet hook and then pulled through the last two thread loops. See how this is shown in our pictures.

So the first crocheted relief stick is finished. Now, continue to whisk the entire series through to the end of the series. Crochet the last stick normally into the upper air mesh and not around the mesh. Then apply your crochet work again.

Step 6: Now with the crochet hook on the mesh body from behind, crochet the relief stick. Continue working until the end of the series.

Tip: If you thread your crochet hook with its opening upwards, you will not lose the thread of the crochet hook head so easily.

Repeat from step four, always alternating. Pierce a row from the front into the mesh and in the next row, insert it into the mesh from the back, always changing it.

The back of the crochet has horizontal ribs (picture on the right), while the front shows the relief stick. The following image on the left shows the relief rib structure. These will be explained later in this article.

You can now also use a crochet hook to intersect the front and back of the mesh in turn, thus achieving the same ribbed pattern structure as shown in the following picture.

Tip: If you stick with the crochet hook exactly the other way around in the previous mesh body, you reach the opposite effect and the crocheted stitches backwards. Crocheting alternately in the front and then in the back mesh, you get a rib structure. This results in front and back lying Reliefstäbchen.

Reliefstäbchen from behind

Crochet relief sticks from behind in the loop of the body 1 of 6

rib structure

Rib structure with relief rods

Rib structure in front and back grooving with the needle 1 of 3
Front side of the rib relief structure
Rear of the rib relief structure
Relief pattern in different variants

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