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Make a Mini Advent Calendar - Clever Instructions

This tiny mini advent calendar for the desk is especially suitable for small Advent gifts - individual candies, chocolate, figurines or jewelry such as earrings, a small bracelet or a ring fit perfectly in the matchboxes.

In Advent you like to give - but it is still Christmas at the door. If you want to make a small, cute advent calendar, this is the place for you. At Christmas, there are usually enough gifts that the calendar can turn out to be even smaller. This idea is perfect for this - make a small table advent calendar out of matchboxes.


You need for an advent calendar:

  • 24 matchboxes
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • glue
  • pen
  • Christmas decoration material
  • Advent gifts

Step 1: At the beginning, the 24 matchboxes must be decorated. Take out all the sliding boxes. Christmas wrapping paper is best suited for box wrapping. Cut this in the length and circumference of a sheath. With craft glue, the wrapping paper can now be glued to every single case.

Tip: If you take too long to cut and paste, you can paint the covers with acrylic paint. This is lightning fast.

Step 2: If glue or paint is dry, the individual covers are glued together. Always paint one side of a sleeve with glue and press a second sleeve tightly. Stick the matchboxes as follows: the bottom row has 9 casings, the second row has 7, the third 5 casings and the fourth row gets 3. Having prepared these four rows, they are glued to each other. Simply coat the bottom of each row with glue and then stack one row at a time.

Tip: Clothespin and rubber bands keep the single row together well, as long as the glue is not dry yet.

Step 3: The framework for the home-made Christmas calendar is available. The drawers are now all outside a number from 1 to 24. With a thin felt-tip pen you write this best by hand, so the calendar is even more personal.

Step 4: Now the drawers are distributed - you can arrange the numbers of the calendar door in a row or in order, as you like.

Step 5: The filling for the advent calendar - fill each matchbox with little advent surprises. Individual and personal gifts, such as the favorite chocolate or small insider will sweeten the mood of the gifted each day in Advent. The 24th door should typically always contain something special.

Done is the home-made mini-advent calendar!

The instructions for the glued-felt Christmas poinsettia are here for you: Make Christmas star

Here you will find creative suggestions and ideas for the different fillings for advent calendars:

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