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Powder broken: what to do? | Repair crumbled makeup

It can happen quickly in the hectic morning. The beloved face powder falls down and breaks into its individual parts. The crumbled remains often go straight to the trash, but it doesn't have to be. You can save your powder in a few simple steps. We show how it's done!


  • Powder broken
    • Required utensils
  • Repair powder | Save powder
  • Interesting facts about powder

Powder broken

Required utensils

No matter whether compact powder, bronzer or eye shadow. With these instructions you can repair all face powder.

For your powder rescue you need:

  • a small bowl (possibly with a mortar)
  • a teaspoon or spatula
  • high-proof alcohol from the pharmacy (70%)
  • Facial tissues or kitchen towels
  • an object to be pressed, in the form of a powder can (the bottom of a cup / glass or spray can)
Save powder, materials

Tip: If necessary, you can also use high-proof vodka instead of pure alcohol.

Repair powder | Save powder

Step-by-step instructions: repair powder

Most of the face powder has broken into large pieces. To get it back to its original shape, you first have to crumble it as finely as possible.

Step 1: Put the powder in the bowl. Scrape the remnants out of the can with a spoon or spatula. To save the face powder, you must first grind it as finely as possible.

Powder in a mortar

Step 2: Now use the alcohol. Put a few drops on the broken compact powder and mix the two together. Be careful not to add too much alcohol, otherwise the mass will need more time to dry again.

Add 70% alcohol

Step 3: When a homogeneous, malleable mass forms, you can now fill the powder back into the original can. Spread it with the spoon and press it lightly.

Step 4: Now take the facial tissues and the object to be pressed. Place a cloth on the powder, for example the glass, and press the powder into the can. This creates an even surface.

Press the powder into its original shape

Step 5: The powder has to dry afterwards. It is best to leave the can open in a well-ventilated room.

Once the powder has dried, you can then use it again normally and apply it with a brush.

Then let the powder dry

Tip: Your powder has always been a little too light or too dark for you "> You can use this method to bring even almost empty powder back into shape. These usually crumble when they are almost empty and are therefore difficult to use With our method you can also press and use them again.

Interesting facts about powder

From baby powder to various face and body powders, eyeshadow and powder blush, hardly any other cosmetic item is so varied in its use and application. The main functions are to mattify, cover and fix the foundation. Compact powders are available in different shades and are differentiated for the different skin types.

broken powder

The basic substance of a powder is talc, a flour-like raw material. This so-called filler is a soft and colorless mineral. It makes up between 70 and 80 percent of the product. The rest is responsible for the opacity and color of the powder. The color pigments are added after powder production. There are also a number of additives and binders that are ultimately responsible for the consistency and ensure that the compact powder does not "dust". Most of these are skin-affine oils. In some cases, starch, zinc stearate and magnesium are also included, for suppleness and a pleasant feeling on the skin and skin. The ingredients vary depending on the type of powder and its purpose.

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