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Fold banknote to a shirt - in 7 steps

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Money on a leash - banknotes folded into shirts is just one of many ways in which money gifts can be made special and original. Here we show you in just 7 steps, how money from bills colorful shirts. The folding instructions with pictures is very easy and quickly foldable.

If the best friend or the best friend have the birthday wish to knock on the next shopping trip properly on the plaster, the self-folded cash shirts are an absolute must. Give away the desired amount of money and fold shirts, big or small, that does not matter. To fold the shirt from the bill, only 7 steps are necessary - in a few minutes you can fold a lot of bills. How to hand over the shirts ">

  • bill
  • duct tape

Tip: Depending on the size of the banknote you are using, the size of the shirt changes as well. To give even more versatility to your gift of money, give away different banknotes.

Step 1:
First, fold the top of the bill around 2cm.

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2nd step:
Now fold the bill lengthwise and in the middle.

3rd step:
Open the fold from step 2 and fold both the right and left side edges to the center.

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4th step:
The sleeves of the shirt are now created - fold the upper corner of the inner edges outwards so that two triangles are created.

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5th step:
Fold the bottom edge of the billel back about half a centimeter.

6th step:
Now make the collar of the shirt by folding the bottom two corners to the middle.

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7th step:
As a final step, fold the top half of the bill down with the two outward facing corners. Put the collar over the edge. With tape you can still fix the shirt.

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Finished is the banknote shirt!

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Now attach the money shirts with wool or tape to your gift - if you have any left over, you can make small clothes hangers for the shirts and hang them on them.

Instructional Video

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