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Crochet Banju Pillow - Free crochet pillow instructions

  • Material and preparation
    • Häkelgarn
    • filling material
    • foreknowledge
  • Crochet Banju Pillow | manual
    • Crochet the sides

What is a banju pillow ">

The most important thing in making a Banju pillow is the color choice. Decide for yourself whether your crochet pillow should be colorful or rather tone on tone. Likewise, it is wonderful possible to sift through your drawers and to use various pieces of wool. At the end you can take the star and sew it on a larger round pillow. A yoga pillow, for example, lends itself to this. Alternatively, crochet two sides and combine them into a self-contained star cushion.

Material and preparation


  • Crochet yarn in many colors (according to our model five different)
  • matching crochet hook
  • sewing needle
  • round cushion / filling material


Make sure that the crochet yarn has approximately the same length of run. Otherwise, the pattern is distorted. Whether you prefer cotton, acrylic or a mixed fiber is up to you.

filling material

You also have many options for the filling material for your Banju cushion . You can cut a piece of foam to fit, which can be a bit tricky. Just as conventional filler wool offers. Who likes it ecologically, for example, takes sheep's wool, hemp fiber or strips of old T-shirts.


  • stitches
  • chain stitches
  • strong stitches
  • rod
  • double chopsticks
  • Crochet the stitches together

Crochet Banju Pillow | manual

Take the crochet yarn in the first color at hand (in our case: white). Crochet 8 meshes and close them with a warp stitch to form a ring.

1 round:

Start with 3 air meshes representing the first chopstick. Then crochet another 21 sticks into the ring.

Close the round with a slit stitch in the third loop from the beginning.

2nd round:

Start again with 3 air meshes. Crochet another stick in the same stitch. Make 2 air meshes. Take one stitch and crochet 2 sticks in the second stitch. Work over the whole round alternately 2 air stitches and 2 sticks in every other stitch.

In the end, you should have 11 pairs of chopsticks in the round. Close the round again with a chain stitch in the third loop from the beginning.

3rd round:

Change to the next color for your crochet pillow (in our case: light blue). At the beginning, crochet 3 pieces of air as the first chopsticks. Now crochet a chopstick into each chopstick of the preliminary round. In the interspaces you crochet about the two air meshes each 3 sticks. Close the round as usual with a chain stitch. There are now 55 sticks in the round.

4th round:

Crochet in the next color (in our case: Dark Blue) a total of 7 double sticks in the third stitch of the preliminary round. Tighten the bow by working a warp stitch in the sixth stitch of the preliminary round.

It is always the same procedure: Always crochet 7 double sticks in the third stitch. Again, make 2 stitches and make a slit stitch in the third stitch. At the end you will receive a total of 9 sheets.

5th round:

Take on the next color (in our case: white). Start this round with a tight stitch in the first stitch of the first bow. In each of the following two stitches, make one stick each. Crochet 5 double sticks in the top of the bow. This is followed by a chopsticks in the next two bow stitches. Finally, crochet the last bow stitch together with the first stitch of the next bow to form a tight stitch.

Note: For crocheting, first pull the thread through the last bow stitch, then through the first of the next bow. Only now pull the work thread through all 3 stitches on the needle.

Now it goes again with 2 times a stick, 5 double sticks and 2 times a stick over the next bow.

Always crochet the last and first bow stitch together to form a tight stitch. Do this at the end of the last bow.

6th round:

This round is very similar to the 5th round. With your next color (Orange), start with a chopstick in the second stitch of the first bow. (The first bow stitch you used at the end of the 5th round.) Followed by 2 more chopsticks in the next two bow stitches. In the top you work 5 double sticks. Crochet a stick in each of the 3 stitches on the back of the bow.

Make the last bow stitch, the intermediate stitch, and the first stitch of the next bow into a tight stitch. Then it starts again from the beginning: 3 x 1 sticks, 5 double sticks, 3 x 1 sticks, 3 stitches to a firm stitch summarize.

7th round:

In the next color (Red: we crochet) the 7th round. It has the same scheme as the 6th round. The only difference is that you crochet 4 sticks each on the sides of the sheet. Always complete the rounds by combining the 3 stitches into a single crochet.

8th round:

Start (in white) 3 times with a stick. Crochet 2 sticks in the fourth stitch. In the bow tip 3 double sticks come. Then it goes back: 2 sticks in a loop, 3 times each one stick per stitch. As in the previous rounds, you also put the last bow stitch, the intermediate stitch and the first bow stitch into a tight stitch.

9th (last) round:

According to the scheme of the 8th round, you can now crochet almost any number of additional rounds. It only changes the number of individual sticks on both sides of the arc by 1. So in the 9th round 4 times a stick per stitch, in the 10th round 5 etc. The bow becomes more and more sharpened. Therefore, the crochet pillow with a few rounds is more like a flower shape and with many rounds more like a star shape. We crocheted a total of 10 rounds for our Banju pillow.

Tip: Moisten your star at the end and clamp it with pins on a mattress or similar. So he gets nice and smooth overnight.

Now you have the choice: either take your finished crochet piece and sew it on a round pillow or crochet a second side and sew your own Banju pillow. If you decide on the second option, you still have to make the side of the crochet pillow at the end.

Tip: Decorate your Banju pillow with little crochet flowers, pompoms or crocheted stars!

Crochet the sides

For the sides, crochet around your banju pillow mesh for stitch whole chopsticks. In the first round, only insert into the lower mesh piece. This results in a nice edge. Always complete the rounds with a warp stitch and start the next round with 3 air stitches to represent the first stick.

The more rounds you crochet, the thicker your pillow will be. Always start from both surfaces or stars. For example, as each star has two rounds side wall crocheted.

So the page is at the end a total of 4 whole sticks high.

Finally, the two sides still need to be sewn together. Use a wool needle and the yarn with which you have crocheted. Sew stitch for stitch together. Before you close the crochet pillow completely, stuff it with your filling material .

Note: If you are using fine filler, we recommend sewing a small piece of fabric from the inside over the gaps in the center of the star.

Now your banju pillow is ready!

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