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Tinker sheep out of paper plate / cardboard: Instructions with template

Tinkering sheep is real fun for young and old. The cute animals can be created from a variety of materials. Even paper plates are suitable for this, as long as there is enough imagination that can flow into the creative process. With the right instructions and template, it will be even easier to make sheep out of the plates that will delight you and your children.

You don't have to spend a lot of time looking for detailed instructions on how to tinker sheep . The possibilities to create the friendly farm animals from cardboard and cardboard plates are numerous and can even be implemented together with children. All you need is our ideas and detailed instructions to help you implement them.

If you cannot directly imagine how the individual ideas can be realized, our article does not only offer instructions, but templates . These make tinkering much easier. With all of these sheep, little material, utensils and effort are needed to craft.


  • Materials and utensils
  • Tinker sheep
    • Instructions | Make wool sheep out of paper plates
    • Instructions | Make paper plate sheep
    • Instructions | Fold cardboard sheep

Materials and utensils

In order to be able to effectively implement the instructions in the following sections, you should first procure some materials and craft supplies that will make the project significantly easier. Since they are cardboard sheep, you don't even need much to adapt them to your needs.

all sheep made

Especially if you are tinkering with children, you should have the handicraft materials ready so that you don't have to keep changing the room to get them. In this way, you can prevent possible injuries that could result from scissors or incorrect handling of crafting tools . The following list gives you a good overview of the individual materials you need to make sheep.

  • Paper plate (diameter 23 cm)
  • Cardboard or construction paper (also sample paper)
  • Scissors, possibly also a small nail scissors
  • optionally childproof scissors
  • Pens and colors of your choice
  • Glue or hot glue
  • optionally also adhesive tape
  • Cotton (also cotton balls) or wool
  • Cord or thread for later attachment

Free download Talu-Bastelvorlagen | Sheep are made from paper plates / cardboard

Craft materials

When it comes to paper plates and craft cardboard, the main thing is what size the sheep should have. For example, the smaller the paper plate, the smaller the sheep. Of course, this allows you to create entire herds that children can even play with. This makes it particularly interesting to try out different sizes.

Paper plates for handicrafts

Important materials for sheep are of course cotton and wool . These provide the actual look of the farm animals and for this reason you should always have some of them with you. If you don't have them at the moment, you can simply choose a cardboard or a plate in the right color of the sheep you want.

Cotton balls for handicrafts

Tip: If you do not have a printer available, you can choose a thin sheet of paper and thus carefully pause our template from your screen without having to purchase a device. Just don't press too hard on the screen with your fingers or the pen to avoid damaging it.

Tinker sheep

Instructions | Make wool sheep out of paper plates

Making woolly paper plate sheep is not difficult and can be done in a few simple steps. You only need one paper plate per sheep, which is glued and decorated with other materials.

These include:

Paper plate and cotton balls
  • Paper plate or cardboard (construction paper)
  • Cotton or wool
  • possibly small nail scissors for cutting out small parts
  • Craft glue or hot glue
  • our Talu handicraft templates
Talu-craft templates

The cardboard box is used for elements such as the head, legs or tail of the sheep. In this way, these can be adapted to your own taste. Children have a lot of fun decorating the sheep after handicrafts and since these instructions are very easy to implement, the little ones can take a lot of time to decorate. Once you have the craft supplies ready, follow these instructions.

finished paper plate sheep

Step 1: Take a paper plate at the beginning and place it in front of you on the table. Print out our crafting templates prepared for you.

Sheep variant one

Think about where to attach the sheep's legs and mark the spots.

Paper plate and cotton wool

Now cut out the legs in the desired length, shape and color from the craft paper.

cut out sheep legs

Then stick them on the paper plate at the marked position. This step lays the foundation for the sheep.

Glue on the sheep legs

Step 2: Next, pick up the cotton or wool and form small rolls out of them. This makes it easier to stick on the paper plate, which makes the sheep fluffy and soft. Also use finished cotton balls.

Use cotton wool for handicrafts

Put a little wool or cotton wool around your finger for the rolls and then wrap it around it. But do not wrap too much, the roll should come loose from your finger to allow the effect of soft wool. Depending on the size of the paper plate, the amount of rolls required varies, of course, and adjust them accordingly. The sheep can be a little fluffier.

If the rolls are too difficult for children, the wool can be rolled into small balls or you can use the small, finished cotton balls.

Step 3: The rolls are now glued onto the paper plate. Use a little liquid glue for this and spread it thinly on the plate. Hot glue is also suitable. Each roll is lightly pressed and then another is placed next to it. They support themselves in this way, so that you do not have to fix each one by hand when drying.

Glue on the cotton balls

Make sure to put the wool tightly so that the sheep has a natural character. You can even set patterns, for example by using more wool in the middle and less on the edges. The design options are limitless.

glued cotton balls

Step 4: The cut face is now glued to the wool.

Cut out the sheep face

Here you only need to use a little glue and fix the cardboard so that it does not slip during the drying time of the glue. Do the same with the tail if you choose one. Alternatively, glue it on the paper plate beforehand and the wool covers it.

Stick on the sheep face

When you are finished with the sheep, you can easily hang them up with a thread or a cord. This is particularly useful for Easter holidays or a children's birthday party. Children like it when they can hang them up in the space they want .

Attach cord for hanging

Tip: You don't have to use cotton or handicraft wool to make sheep. It is also possible to use real sheep's wool if you have it freshly available and as long as it has been washed is suitable for use.

Make our cute lantern in the shape of a cloud sheep. Here, too, we have prepared our detailed instructions for you. Of course you will also find one of our Talu handicraft templates for the cloud sheep !

Instructions | Make paper plate sheep

You can also use paper plates in a different way, with a template. Our provided template shows you exactly how you have to process your paper plate so that it looks like a cute sheep.

Sheep variant two

You can now adjust the template to the appropriate size of your paper plates in order to be able to use the template. Otherwise you only need some black craft paper and glue sticks, because you don't use wool or cotton wool for these sheep. If the template has been printed out, follow these instructions.

Step 1: First, the template is cut out and placed on the paper plate and traced with a pen.

Cut out the craft template

A pencil is sufficient for this. Then cut the paper plates into shape along the marking. Repeat this step if you want to make several sheep. In this step, be careful not to accidentally cut into one of the shafts, otherwise the project will not end up looking like the farm animal.

Use the craft template as a template

Step 2: As in the first step, proceed with the sheep's face and legs. Place both on a piece of craft cardboard and trace them with a bright pen. Then they are cut out. You need four legs and one head for a sheep.

Tip: Alternatively, you can stick our Talu handicraft templates onto your cut-out pieces of paper plate, cardboard or construction paper.

cut out template parts

Step 3: Now glue on the head and legs. Let the glue dry well before moving on to the last step. Our cut out craft template can also be used and glued here.

Step 4: Finally, the eyes are painted or glued on. Either pencils or loose eyes are suitable for this, which children find particularly funny. No matter which variant you choose, the sheep are then finished.

Decorate the sheep

Tip: The best thing about these instructions is the possibility to use the template on classic handicraft paper or cardboard, which makes the handicraft possibilities even more extensive. Simply paint them on the cardboard, cut out the pieces and connect them to make cute sheep.

Instructions | Fold cardboard sheep

You can make sheep without having to cut out and glue the individual parts. Especially for children, sheep are recommended, which are folded at the foot and can be implemented in this way with little effort. To make this method easier for you, you will find our Talu handicraft templates that you can download and use for these sheep. Thanks to the template, it will be much easier to fold and position the sheep on the foot.

You can also glue two parts together at the back and front, so the sheep has no front and back, but can be painted and decorated from both sides. Simply place the back parts of the sheep you use from "Template 6" together, as can be seen in "Template 3 and Template 4". Use the sheep from "Templates 3 and 4" and if you would also like to set up this sheep, cut out a corresponding "foot section" from our "Templates 5 to 7" and stick it to the bottom of the sheep. As you can see, there are many handicraft options.

You also need a thick cardboard (or construction paper, including sample paper) that can still be folded without any major problems. It is advisable to use a liquid adhesive, since this usually has a better adhesive effect. The following instructions will make it easy for you to make cute sheep out of the materials.

finished sheep

Step 1: Start by cutting out the sheep of your choice from our craft template.

Craft template for sheep variant three

And then draw it again as a template on the cardboard.

Use sheep template as a template

Then it is cut out again. If you want to glue the front and back together, cut out another sheep. For a printed sample paper page, please mirror the sheep stencil. When cutting out, be careful not to cut off the tab, as these are responsible for the position of the sheep.

Cut out sheep in variant three

For hard-to-reach places, it is best to use small nail scissors . This makes it much easier to cut out the small parts.

Use nail scissors to cut out small parts

Step 2: Decorate your tinkered sheep with colored pencils as you wish. Glue the two halves of the body together if you do not want the front and back of your sheep and let everything dry well so that they do not come apart again. The flap bent backwards now represents the foot of the sheep and can be used in this way for the necessary support of the paper animal. Bend the tab until the sheep is standing well.

If you want to make it a little easier for yourself, you can simply mirror the template on the back of the sheep. This means that you only have to fold it after cutting and then set it up. Fold the sheep in the middle of the back area, which is connected to the other back part, since it has not been cut through. The unbent flap ends are flush.

A small adhesive dot on the inner back area and then these sheep can also be set up. To do this, bend the two tabs towards each other inwards to ensure that the sheep stand upright. This variant is particularly recommended for children, since it is not necessary to glue two parts together.

Decorate the sheep at will

Alternatively, you can glue our cut-out Talu handicraft template onto construction paper or cardboard and then paint it.

Step 3: Give your tinkered sheep a face too. If you can draw well, you can make sheep with big eyes. Children like to put on a classic smiley. Let your imagination run wild to bring the animals to life.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can also stick the sheep with cotton or wool to complete the look individually and to make the animals a little fluffier.

This way you can quickly fold and make beautiful sheep that can even be set up. We hope you enjoy crafting sheep!

finished sheep in variant three
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