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The Kilim stitch - How to embroider jagged lines

The kilim stitch draws a triangular, jagged line. It can be used to frame a motif or to decorate, for example, the hem of a skirt. For floral motifs, you can use it to draw flower stalks or grass. It is simple and yet versatile as a sample engraving. We'll show you how to embroider jagged lines as well.

1. Pierce the needle from the back to the front through the embroidery base
2. Leave about 3 cm of yarn for later sewing
3. Grasp the needle from the front
4. Guide the needle on the fabric one unit at a slant from the left to the middle and pierce
5. Guide the needle to the back of the fabric and pierce forward at the point that is opposite the starting point at the same height and distance from the center to the right.

6. Grasp the needle from the front and prick it from right to left on the front in the same spot as the previous stitch.

7. Replace the needle on the back on the left side and pierce next to the last stitch. Decide for yourself how closely you want to tackle the individual stitches.
8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 until the motif has the desired length.

Even a beginner can use this technique to embroider patterns or even to line fabrics. With lightning speed, you embroider jagged lines that resemble arrows. Your creativity has no limits with this technology.

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