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What helps with cough and irritating cough - 6 natural home remedies

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  • Home remedies # 1: tea
  • Home remedies # 2: Inhale
  • Home remedies # 3: onion or garlic
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    • garlic syrup
  • Home remedies # 4: milk and honey
  • Home remedies # 5: Off in the bath
  • Home remedies # 6: potato wrap

Persistent coughing or coughing as a result of a cold can be very annoying. You do not need to use medications from the pharmacy to treat the symptom. Instead, use proven home remedies. We present you the best options to get rid of the cough or dry cough quickly and effectively!

The cough itself is just a symptom, not an independent disease. As a rule, it is caused by a respiratory tract infection, which occurs especially in the case of a cold, flu or bronchitis. As uncomfortable as the constant coughing is: it is a natural reflex of the body - with the intention of chasing pathogens, secretions and other pollutants as quickly as possible from the airways. An acute cough can affect you for up to eight weeks. So that you do not have to endure the condition for so long, you can and should help with simple home remedies. Take one or more of our tips - and the annoying cough is over!


Before we start with our recommendations, we would like to give you an important basic information: Coughing is not the same as coughing. There are two types: the so-called productive cough, in which mucus is coughed from the bronchi, and the dry, irritating cough. The latter commonly forms the initiation and the end of a cold, while the productive cough affects the middle part of the illness. Different home remedies are suitable for the two genera. We will mark each proposal accordingly. Let's go!

Home remedies # 1: tea

Do not wait, but drink (a lot) tea ...

The most important and at the same time simplest home remedy for both types of cough is drinking. During your cold, flu or bronchitis, you should drink a lot of fluids. Recommended are at least two liters per day. In this way you prevent the drying out of the mucous membranes, whose full functionality is essential to liquefy the viscous mucus in the airways.

Anise, thyme, fennel

It is best to drink cough tea. This is how they kill two birds with one stone: a large pot provides you with enough liquid. In addition, the plants contained in the tea develop their healing effect.

Thyme, fennel and anise are advisable for productive cough. Their essential oils have an antispasmodic and expectorant effect, so that they promote the exhalation. Here's a good recipe: Mix ten grams of thyme herb with 20 grams of fennel and anise seeds each. For each cup, pour two teaspoons of the mixture with 200 milliliters of boiling water. Let the whole thing draw for ten minutes and then add a little more honey - it calms the bronchi. Drink three cups of it daily. Incidentally, the cowslip, ivy, ribwort and / or coltsfoot are also suitable for mucus dissolution.

If you have an irritating cough, you should opt for teas with herbs that are thought to have an antitussive effect. For example:

  • hibiscus
  • Icelandic moss
  • sage

Effort: minimal
Efficacy: high
Suitable for: productive cough and dry cough

Home remedies # 2: Inhale

Put your head in the pot ...

Like drinking, inhaling is an extremely effective home remedy for productive coughing as well as for irritating cough. It moisturizes the mucous membranes, loosens firm secretions, relaxes the bronchi and relieves the coughing (irritation). That's how it's done:

  1. Step: Fill a large saucepan with one liter of water.
  2. Step: Bring the water to a boil.
  3. Step: Dissolve ten grams of sea salt in the boiling water.
  4. Step: Allow the mixture to cool slightly.
  5. Step: Keep your head over the mixture and cover it completely with a towel.
  6. Step: Stay in this posture for about 10 minutes . Inhale through the nose and over the mouth.

Note: Do not overcool, but do not cool too briefly to ensure the effect, but to avoid scalding. The towel prevents the hot steam that you want to inhale from escaping.

More tips

  • inhale twice daily in the manner described. To speed up the healing process.
  • Instead of salt, you can also use a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
  • But beware: small children, asthmatics and other allergic persons should refrain from the use of menthol or other strongly smelling substances when inhaling.

Effort: medium
Efficacy: high
Suitable for: productive cough and dry cough

Home remedies # 3: onion or garlic

Hoist onion or garlic flag ...

These two - similarly effective - home remedies are, so to speak, from great-grandmother's bag of tricks. They are among the oldest variants, in order to distribute not only your interlocutors, but especially the cough. The methods have proved particularly useful in the case of the productive symptom version.

onion juice

  1. Step: Cut an onion into small cubes.
  2. Step: Mix the onion cubes with 250 grams of candy.
  3. Step: Boil the mixture over low heat.
  4. Step: Take the mix off the stove and let it stand until it is not too hot anymore.
  5. Step: Sift the broth through a coffee filter, cloth or small sieve into an adequate container.
  6. Step: Try one teaspoon of your homemade cough syrup.

Tips and Hints:

  • Granted, the taste takes some getting used to, but the prospect of alleviating the discomfort motivates.
  • Take one to two teaspoons of the syrup per day.
  • Instead of sugar candy, you can also use honey.

Incidentally, the reasons for the cough-reducing effect are the essential oils contained in onions, sulfur-containing compounds and flavonoids (phytochemicals). They kill germs and inhibit inflammation.

garlic syrup

The garlic syrup is no less odor-intensive and just as effective.

  1. Step: Crush some unpeeled garlic cloves.
  2. Step: Pour the crushed toes with 250 milliliters of water.
  3. Step: Boil the mixture over low heat.
  4. Step: Remove the mix from the heat and add the juice of half a lemon and about three tablespoons of honey.
  5. Step: Boil the mixture again briefly.
  6. Step: Pour the mix through a sieve into a suitable container.
  7. Step: "Enjoy" about three teaspoons of garlic syrup per day.

Tip: The additives should both improve the taste and promote the healing power.

Effort: medium
Efficacy: high
Suitable for: productive cough

Home remedies # 4: milk and honey

Milk and honey for the sweet cough relief ...

Now we can once again the great-grandmother - or at least the grandmother - endeavor: Almost every grandmother prescribed hot milk with honey when it comes to relieving the annoying cough. Important: The time-honored recipe is only recommended for irritating cough . If you suffer from productive cough, you should not use this home remedy. Because milk increases the formation of slime, which is logically counterproductive in the already slimy variant of coughing.

In the case of irritating cough, however, hot milk with honey is a helpful method of treatment that, for once, sometimes tastes good. It makes sense to take the drink in the evening before going to bed. This helps you to sleep through the night, without being awakened again and again by irritating cough attacks. Incidentally, it is believed that honey works so well against cough due to its antioxidants.

More tips:

  • Those who can not tolerate conventional milk can resort to rice or soy milk. The more important component of the duo is honey .
  • Apropos: You also have the opportunity to take the honey completely pure. Just spread a teaspoon of it over the day and then swallow it.

Effort: minimal
Efficacy: high
Suitable for: irritating cough

Home remedies # 5: Off in the bath

What works well in the case of colds in general, can not hurt even with coughs in particular. In fact, recreational baths with appropriate supplements such as menthol, eucalyptus or thyme oil not only relax the limbs, but also the bronchi. Linger for about 15 minutes in 37 degrees hot water and inhale the comforting vapors quite consciously - similar to the inhalation (see home remedies # 2 ). Apart from the fact that the method is effective, it also gives you a pleasant break.

Effort: minimal
Efficacy: high
Suitable for: productive cough and dry cough

Home remedies # 6: potato wrap

Wrap the cough around your finger ...

Finally, let's introduce you to another classic that works against both productive cough and irritating cough: the potato wrap. It dissolves the mucus and helps the bronchi. In addition, the production of the wrap is very easy:

  1. Step: Pick up four to five medium-sized potatoes.
  2. Step: Put the potatoes and bowl in a pot of water and cook them ready to eat (even if you will not consume the good foods afterwards).
  3. Step: Crush the boiled potatoes roughly with a sturdy spoon.
  4. Step: Wrap the result from step 3 into a linen cloth.
  5. Step: Lie down - and the cozy-warm package on your chest, neck or back.

More tips:

  • Leave the potato wrap in place until it is completely cold.
  • Take care not to burn yourself with the wrap. So put it on only when it is still very warm, but not too hot.

Effort: medium
Efficacy: high
Suitable for: productive cough and dry cough

Bear in mind that people are different and therefore respond differently to the home remedies offered. First, just try the method that appeals to you the most. If it does not work as desired, you can still try the other variants. We hope that you get well soon!

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