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How to: Crochet Knittmaschen - instructions

Double chopsticks, simple chopsticks, half chopsticks, sturdy stitches, warp stitches - crocheting them together gives the descending steps. Although the chain stitch takes the smallest part, that does not mean that crocheting is not as important as your other colleagues. In most cases, warp knits are needed as a link, they "chain" other stitches into a single unit.

You are particularly dependent on the chain stitch when knitting rounds. When you close the circle with the chain stitch, you get a straight, smooth transition.

Crochet Knittmaschen - that's how it works

For practice and better pointing, the warp stitches are placed on a series of strong stitches in the following illustration.

1. Using the crochet hook, prick through the front of the stitch from the front to the back.

2. Hook the work thread into the crochet hook head and pull it through the loop head and at the same time through the loop on the crochet hook.

And already a chain stitch is crocheted. The finished warp stitch lies flat on the previous course.

Kettmaschen for closing rounds:

Already in the very first round (here 8 permanent stitches were crocheted in a thread ring) the chain stitch is used:

Pierced into the mesh head of the first tight loop. Now get the thread and - as explained above - pull through the stitch head and the loop on the crochet hook. The round is now complete. You can see around the circle 8 mesh heads, which can now be freely crocheted.

How important a correct round ending with Kettmasche is, can be seen in the further crocheting process. (It was worked with chopsticks). There is a gap between the last and the first chopsticks, which can be bridged wonderfully with a chain stitch:

In addition to the transitional air mesh is the mesh head of the first rod of the round. Insert the needle here and pull the working thread through the stitch head and loop on the crochet hook. Even this round is already closed and the crochet work can be continued.

Whether it's simply structured rounds, such as caps, socks, bags, etc., or filigree pattern crochets, eg. For example, in squares or filet crocheting - at the end of the chain stitch is an integral part of each round.

Kettmasche - simple yet effective:

  • Pierce through a stitch,
  • Fetch thread,
  • go through and
  • Knittmaschen make the perfect round end.
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