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Fold origami elephant - instructions + paper / banknote template

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Origami, the art of paper folding, is becoming more and more fashionable. Whether in fashion, as jewelry or as home accessories - folded animals or objects are popular designer pieces. In this tutorial, we'll show you two ways to fold an origami elephant - one from a banknote and one from origami paper.

Elephants are very popular with many - especially Africa fans can be surprised with such a work of art. In the following, we will show you step-by-step how to fold an elephant from a single banknote or even from a sheet of origami paper.

Folding elephant out of a soft spot

This elephant is really easy to fold. Beginners should definitely not have any problems with this guide.

You need:

  • bill
  • bonefolder

Note: Since the origami elephant is sometimes very filigree folded, it is recommended here to use a larger bill.

Step 1: At the beginning you place the bill in portrait orientation. Now fold it along in the middle. Then open this fold again.

Step 2: Now fold the left edge inward towards the centerfold. Then fold the left edge to the right outer edge. Open the last of the two folds again.

Step 3: Then fold the left and right upper corners inward toward the centerfold.

4th step: The corners are now folded inwards again, so that the tip is even sharper.

Step 5: Now fold the tip down to the lower outer edge.

Step 6: Then turn the bill on the back. Fold down the outer edge of the top layer. Open this fold again.

Step 7: Pick up the note as follows. Fold the tip in zig-zag once.

Step 8: Put the bill flat again with the tip up. Now fold the folded part upwards.

Step 9: Then fold the tip down. Once again the tip is zig-zag folded up again.

Step 10: Rotate the gelatin on the back and fold lower edge up to the fold line.

Step 11: Turn the bill to the back. Take the bill in your hand and fold this part in a zig-zag to the fold line.

12th step: Again, the bill is turned to the back. Then fold the two corners on the left inwards to create small triangles. These are then reopened.

Step 13: Turn the bill so that the just folded corners point towards you. Open them and fold them flat. This is how the bill should look like:

Step 14: Repeat steps 12 and 13 on the other side.

Step 15: Then fold the top half of the bill down. The origami elephant is now slowly recognizable as such.

16th step: The point, which now points to the right, is now hit once down and immediately back up.

Step 17: Look at the elephant again from the bottom. Hit the left and right corner inwards.

Step 18: Then fold the elephant together again. On the left side you can see the rump. There, only a small tail is formed with the fingertips. The Origami Elephant is out of a banknote.

Sweet and valuable at the same time is this little elephant made from a money rail - perfect as a present for an elephant lover, who needs a small money injection.

Folding origami elephant - video

This elephant is a bit more complicated and unsuitable for beginners. But with some patience even newcomers succeed such a beautiful origami elephant.

You need:

  • a sheet of origami paper (20 cm x 20 cm)
  • bonefolder

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