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Salt indicator on dishwasher always lights - problem solved!

  • Condition of the salt container
  • pull plug
  • Check sealing ring
  • Swimmer is caked
  • Swimmer slipped off the rail
  • Specialist company or ignore problem ">

    The salt ensures optimal performance and functionality of the dishwasher. The filling containers are usually located at the bottom of the device and can be opened by hand. The dishwasher salt is topped up as needed and runs through the softener. It does not really get in contact with the dishes, but indirectly has a positive effect on the cleaning process. So you do not have to check every time before rinsing, if the level is okay, most devices have a display. In addition to the corresponding symbol, a light is available, which should normally only be active if the salt level is too low. If it shines permanently and you have checked whether the salt level is sufficient, then you have various options to choose from.

    Condition of the salt container

    First, make sure that the container is in proper condition. Open the hopper (it is usually at the bottom of the dishwasher) and stir with a small spoon in salt or brine. It will be loosened a bit and possible blockages can be solved. Then close the lid and pay attention to the correct closure. Remember the level of the salt and repeat the examination after several rinses. The level should decrease, otherwise there is a problem with the salt being pulled through the machine.

    pull plug

    If there is enough salt in the chamber and the salt is consumed properly, there may be a technical error. In practice, it has been proven to briefly disconnect the dishwasher from the power. Many machines will erase existing memory, which may cause the display to go blank. In the case of built-in dishwashers, it can be difficult to access the power plug. In this case you can switch off the fuse of the dishwasher and thus interrupt the power supply. Sometimes it may already be sufficient to switch off the dishwasher at the push of a button on the device.

    Tip: Leave the dishwasher switched off for at least 20 seconds, preferably 10 minutes.

    Switch off fuses

    Check sealing ring

    A common problem with equipment is gaskets. Over time, they may show signs of wear and their function no longer meet. Dishwashers have at the opening of the hopper a sealing ring. Check if it is intact and replace the gasket if necessary. The costs depend on the particular model and the availability of the seals, but are usually below 1 Euro without shipping costs.

    Swimmer is caked

    In many salt containers, a float is present, which is available for the measurement of the level. Since most of the water in the container, the salt is transformed into a brine. If encrustations are deposited on the swimmer, his mobility is restricted. Open the container and try to use a spoon to remove possible encrustations by stirring.

    Tip: Use caution to avoid damage. Theoretically, you can also use the finger. However, it is better to come into contact with the dishwasher salt as little as possible so that it does not stick to your fingers afterwards.

    Swimmer slipped off the rail

    Swimmers can be technically realized in different ways. Often it is a small block that moves up and down on a rail. If he has slipped out of the rail, he can be plugged in again. Empty the container, which costs a little effort. With a cloth you can absorb water, an aspirating syringe can also help. Then place the float on the rail.

    Tip: Often the emptying of the salt container and refilling is sufficient to remedy the problems. After emptying, run several rinses and check the function again.

    Specialist company or ignore problem "> On the other hand, electrical appliances should always be in perfect condition. If defective cables are present in the device, then these represent a great security risk. It can come to a fire, which is noticed in the worst case only too late. If you are aware that an electrical appliance is damaged and there is a fire, not only is your health at risk, but the insurance cover may be at risk. For this reason, all malfunctions should be remedied or checked by a specialist company.

    Tips for quick readers:

    • Switch off the dishwasher briefly and switch it on again
    • Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains
    • Disable backup
    • defective electrical appliances can endanger safety
    • Swimmer has slipped from rail
    • Swimmer is caked
    • Empty the salt container and refill

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