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Dispose of OSB boards - where to go? Information about prices

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The OSB panels, which have been available since 1965, have developed from waste products to a central building material. They are widely used both in the construction industry and in packaging technology. But even if they look like a natural substance, they can be heavily loaded with chemicals. This sometimes makes their disposal a challenge. We inform you in this article how to dispose of OSB boards and what prices are to be expected.

Wide application

OSB boards are widely used in many areas. Your advantages are essentially:

  • low density
  • cheap price
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • big formats
  • easy processing
  • Diverse design
  • Interesting texture
  • high stability

OSB boards are mainly used in body shop, in the construction and in the packaging.
In the bodyshell one differentiates between direct and indirect use for OSB boards. The direct use applies to all installations where the OSB board remains in place. Usual places for these materials are:

  • Interior formwork of trusses
  • Interior shuttering of stud frames in wooden houses
  • Movable walls
  • Carcasses for kitchens, counters and receptions

Above all in the field of partition walls, OSB panels are superior to conventional plasterboards in some respects. They are easier to install, have higher intrinsic stability and are also easier to process, demolish and dispose of. Above all, they offer a much more effective soundproofing. They are simply screwed together to form a thick, dense and stable partition wall. By default, whole family houses are built from this building material in the USA.

Their texture is basically not unaesthetic. The intertwined wood chips make for a very organic look. With a colored paint can be achieved with it very interesting effects.

The texture of the OSB boards is also often used for the optical design of raw concrete. As a pure formwork material they are not, however, they are too fragile. However, an OSB panel on the inside of a formwork can provide a very attractive pattern in the finished concrete.

Structure of an OSB board

An OSB board consists of long wood chips. These are glued together in layers. The direction of the chips changes in each layer so that the OSB board can develop interesting bending strengths. However, this chipboard is by far not comparable in terms of stability with the barrier or solid wood panels.

The problem with an OSB board is the gluing. Here is still mostly used formaldehyde-containing glue. Halogens and furans are also used in the gluing of these chipboard panels. During processing and use, these compounds are harmless or can not escape. When burning, however, they are set free. The heating of OSB residues in the domestic oven is therefore neither permitted nor recommended. Old OSB or leftover waste must therefore be disposed of professionally.

Dispose of OSB boards

The OSB board is not bulky. The remains of coarse particle board are considered as rubble by the disposal service providers. They are not obliged to accept them. Although it can do no harm to put his OSB remains to bulky waste. With luck, everything will be taken. However, in most cases, only the walk to the disposal yard.

In small quantities, the disposal of OSB boards at the collection point is usually unproblematic. Small quantities are usually accepted free of charge. Despite the sometimes problematic ingredients, the remains of coarse particle board are welcome fuel.

But as I said - to burn OSB requires a lot of technical effort. If whole old partitions are burned in the local fireplace, this can have very expensive consequences. The residues from the glue settle on the walls of the fireplace. In the worst case, the demolition threatens.

At the recycling center, the coarse particle boards are considered "construction waste". But beware - it may still be delivered only pure OSB boards without any attachments. For this Germany are very similar prices. As of December 2017, the following guidelines can be used:

  • up to 0.5 cubic meters 5.00 EUR flat rate
  • 0.5 - 1 cubic meter 10.00 EUR flat rate
  • 1 - 1.5 cubic meters 15.00 EUR flat rate
  • 1.5 - 2 cubic meters 20.00 EUR flat rate

This staggering is intended for small quantities and therefore quite linear. Stadtwerke wants people to get rid of their waste as quickly as possible. It is therefore not worth hoarding them in the garage until you have accumulated large quantities.
From 2 cubic meters, the delivered material is no longer considered a small amount. From this size is no longer calculated in volume, but in tons. For uncoated Baumischabfall here is a flat rate of about 80 € per ton. However, you need 46 plates of the thickest thickness of 25 millimeters in the standard measure to get a ton together.

OSB boards with polystyrene

The prices described are valid only and exclusively for OSB boards which are delivered uncoated. Paintings are already not welcome. If it is proven to be emulsion paint, it is often overlooked. A thick paint, vinyl or latex layer can make the coarse chipboard already a problem case.

It gets really expensive if the OSB board is a sandwich module or if it is covered with styrofoam on one side. Here at the recycling centers always the price of the most expensive component. An OSB board with hard foam is treated in volume and weight like a polystyrene board. And their disposal prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Particularly problematic is the polystyrene, which is mixed with HBCD flame retardants. Although this is mainly found in thermal insulation composite systems of facades again. However, it is very difficult to find out whether a manufacturer of OSB boards has also stuck his OSB boards with HBCD-containing polystyrene.

As a mixed waste with unclear ingredients, OSB composite panels require up to 100 euros per cubic meter of disposal costs.

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Playgrounds are grateful

Many municipalities offer construction and craft playgrounds for children and adolescents. It is hammered, sawed and built under supervision and guidance to your heart's , which allows the imagination of young people: huts, houses, castles, tree houses and much more can be found there. These construction playgrounds are usually very grateful for complete OSB boards. They are easy to process and provide fast success. However, you should always ask the operators of the building playgrounds. If you simply unload the old building material from there, this can lead to an ad for illegal waste disposal.

Offer by classified ad

As long as they are dry stored or installed, OSB boards are not actually bad. Particularly complete panels therefore always find takers. The classified ads are constantly being searched by building and DIY enthusiasts for inexpensive or free building material. This is a good place to give away old OSB boards. The special advantage: many interested parties do not just pick up the plates. Depending on the agreement, you can also remove the practical boards yourself from the house. So you not only save a lot of money for the disposal, you also has no effort with their expansion. It's worth a try in any case. Cheaper and easier one will not let go of his old OSB.

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