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Fold origami angel - instructions for a wrinkled paper fold

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Origami, the art of folding, finds more and more use in everyday life - whether as decoration or accessories. Everywhere you can see and admire the filigree folded objects. In this simple guide we will show you how to fold an origami angel. It's really easier than it looks.

The paper gel is perfect as a Christmas decoration on the richly set table or sideboard. You can make the Origami Angel any size. Unlike most other origami instructions, you use a rectangular paper size for this angel - at best in DIN format. But that does not have to be inevitable.

Folding instructions

You need wrinkle gel for an origami:

  • bonefolder
  • Sheet of paper in DIN format (A5-A3)

Step 1: Place the sheet of paper in portrait orientation. The side, which should later be the exterior of the origami angel, lies below. Fold the right, upper corner to the left and then the left corner to the right. A triangle now adorns the upper half.

Step 2: Lock the left corner you just folded down and flatten the paper into a square.

Step 3: Flip the bottom half of this square at the diagonal fold line. Then lock the right side down and press the paper flat again to make a rectangle.

Step 4: Fold the sloping fold line to all sides again. Then fold the right outer edge to the upper left, so that it runs along the sloping fold line.

Step 5: Now lock the just folded page and move the fold further to the top left and press it flat. This creates two triangular peaks that flash out below.

Step 6: Apply the paper to the back. Spread the three tips so that one is on the left and one on the right. The middle one is now folded. Fold the right-pointing tip inwards. Then lock this tip and press it flat. Now you can see a rhombus in the middle.

Step 7: Fold the two outward-pointing tips of the rhombus towards the middle.

Step 8: Now open these two folds again, lock the entire middle part and guide the outward-pointing tips towards each other. The paper should now look like this:

Step 9: Fold down the small triangle in the middle. The given convolutions show exactly where.

Step 10: Now take the origami angel in both hands, unfold the middle part completely. Now fold the marked area completely inwards and close the construct again.

Step 11: The paper is now on the table again. Turn the middle part completely to the left. Then fold the right-pointing tip toward the centerline. Open the fold and lock the middle part as well. Now press the right side completely flat, along the just folded line. Now fold the top tip down again.

Step 12: Repeat step 1 on the left side as well. The angel should now be so in front of you:

Step 13: Now the wings of the origami angel are folded. To do this, pull the right point to the right and fold inwards against the folded lines, so that the wing points horizontally to the right.

Step 14: Repeat the process from step 13 on the left side.

Step 15: Now unfold the right wing and fold it down to give it a wider diamond-shaped surface. Repeat this also for the left wing.

Step 16: Turn the leech on the back. Lead this corner inwards, this will open the wings. Then press this part flat. Repeat the process on the other side as well.

Step 17: Fold now the two tips, which look out below, generously to the rear. Then hide the tips by folding them inwards.

Step 18: Then fold the tops of the wing tips a bit diagonally downwards. Shape the wings nicely round.

Step 19: Then the head tip is rolled down a bit.

Step 20: Finally, fold the origami angel together again in the middle. If you have done everything right, this should now stand by itself. Finished!

Video Tutorial

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