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Remove sweat odor from clothing - 4 effective agents

  • Expertise and preparation
    • Use alternatives
  • The home remedies
    • Welding with lemon
    • Odor removal with vinegar
    • Washing soda against sweat smell
    • Soap and brush against stubborn sweat
    • Conclusion - home remedies help

In the context of sweat odor, one thinks primarily of the washing machine and assumes that persistent sweat after the wash is no longer a problem. But reality looks different. Especially with sportswear or textiles made of synthetic fibers, the sweat stubbornly settle in the material. Thus, a musty, very unpleasant odor is generated.

Sweat smell has various causes and is based on the formation of bacteria, which nest in the material of clothing. This can lead to unpleasant to penetrating odor. The sweat itself is odorless and therefore would not pose a problem. However, it provides the breeding ground for the bacterium Corynebacterium jeikeium . Not only in clothing, but also in the washing machine, the bacteria find plenty of food and nourish themselves permanently. Thus, a wash can even enhance the odor. In the end, it causes the clothes to smell even more intense after sweat and is practically impossible to wear. In this article there are helpful tips on how to counteract the smell of sweat and remove it effectively from the textiles.

Expertise and preparation

  • Corynebacterium jeikeium bacteria only die off at 60 ° Celsius
  • The detergent compartment in the machine must be cleaned regularly and freed of detergent residues
  • the door and detergent compartment must be left open and dry after the wash cycle
  • Heat-sensitive textiles need an alternative treatment
  • Prepare vinegar or lemon
  • alternatively use soap soap

Smells the clothes especially in the armpit very strict "> use alternatives

You therefore need alternative support, which you can achieve with different home remedies and without the chemical club for a fresh scent in the clothes can provide. For the basic equipment against persistent sweat you need:

  • Washing powder instead of washing gel
  • curd soap
  • vinegar
  • fresh lemon
  • in persistent cases a detergent with bleach

If you can not wash the clothes at 60 ° Celsius or hotter, cleaning in the machine will not be successful. A water bath containing 5% lemon or vinegar is more effective and should be done before the actual wash. Since the smell of vinegar or lemon is volatile, you do not have to worry about lasting damage to your clothes. Even curd soap has proven itself and leads to the death of the bacteria, if you intensively rub the affected areas of your clothes. It is best to leave the mixture of water and soap soak for about an hour and then bring the clothes into your washing machine. There you can wash them as usual and at low temperature.

The home remedies

Against the sweat and thus against the smell of sweat by bacteria is no means grown. Despite numerous advertising for deodorants with sweat-reducing effect, the unpleasant stuffiness can not be combated. Usually this gets even stronger the more you work with deodorants or you want to cover up the smell of sweat with a perfume. The odor of sweat must not be a permanent condition and the clothes are not meant to be discarded, as it provides an effective means to combat the bacteria and thus to eliminate the cause of the penetrating odor by simple means. Especially with colored and dark laundry a hot wash is excluded. Thus, it is necessary that the sweat goes to the collar differently and kills the bacteria before washing.

To eliminate sweat odor you need:

  • a bucket or a large bowl of water
  • the juice of a fresh lemon
  • or a tablespoon of vinegar
  • Washing soda from the pharmacy
  • Mustard soap and a medium soft brush.

Welding with lemon

The solution to combat Corynebacterium jeikeium bacteria is found in a mixture consisting of 5% lemon juice and the remainder of water. The lemon does not whitewash the scent, but deprives the bacteria of the breeding ground and leads on this way to extinction. For particularly stubborn sweat stains under the armpits of sportswear or tight sweaters and shirts, it may be helpful to rub the affected areas intensively and to use a brush for this purpose.

Lemon against odors

Tip: The lemon should not be distributed under the underarms of the clothes, because it has a decolorizing effect and in strong colors or black clothes attracts unwanted light spots.

Odor removal with vinegar

There are two options for using vinegar. If there is a strong smell of sweat, it is convenient if the clothes are placed in a bucket or bowl of water and vinegar before washing. Here you should soak them for one to two hours and then wring out the water. The careful handling of vinegar should be in the foreground, because a too large amount for longer lasting sour odors can provide, which can not be completely removed even when washing. Vinegar is suitable as a good home remedy for dark and colored clothing, as it does not discolour and thus leaves no visible traces of the treatment. Also in the wash a small amount of vinegar can be added to the detergent, especially if it is marginal smells or the post-treatment already in pickled clothes.

Vinegar effective against odors

Washing soda against sweat smell

Washing soda is available at the pharmacy and has proven to be a useful means of combating Corynebacterium jeikeium bacteria. For 10 liters of water, one tablespoon of washing soda is perfectly adequate, the mixture should draw for about half an hour. Only then put the smelly clothes into the bucket and let them soak for one night. After treatment with washing soda, the textiles are cleaned as usual and are freed from the unpleasant odor.

Soap and brush against stubborn sweat

While this method is not suitable for very thin fabrics and fine fabrics, treatment with core soap has proven effective on thicker textiles, cotton clothing and, for example, training jackets. The core soap is applied to the affected areas on the wet textile and then rubbed deep into the fibers with a medium-soft brush. To control the odor and fight it effectively, the rubbed clothes should be softened for about 2 to 4 hours and placed in a bucket of lukewarm water. In order to remove the residues of the core soap and to rinse the bacteria out of the clothes, a subsequent wash at 40 ° C is sufficient.

Conclusion - home remedies help

Sweat odor does not need a chemical club and is no reason to part with his favorite clothes. Rather, there is a whole range of helpful natural remedies that work effectively against the odor-causing bacteria, ruling out that the laundry even exacerbates the musty odor and spreads the bacteria throughout the clothing. With these tips it is easy to remove the smell of physical and physical activity from textiles and to stand confident and clean in life through a fresh fragrance

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