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Sew dog coat - free sewing pattern

Autumn is coming and with it the colder temperatures! So that your little darling is protected from wind and weather, I would like to show you today how you can easily sew a warm dog coat. The coat is suitable for smaller, but also for larger dogs.

Today I use a nice solid jacquard fabric, of course you can also use solid cotton, quilted, fleece or other coat materials to sew the dog coat.

To match the dog coat perfectly to your four-legged friend, we first create the pattern based on the dimensions of your dog. After cutting the fabric, the coat can be sewn on the sewing machine in just a few steps. So that the coat looks nice, we border it last with bias tape to get a nice finish of the edges. If you do not have a bias binding available, I will show you how you can make your own bias binding from cotton jersey.


  • Material and preparation
  • Sew the dog coat
    • Create sewing patterns
    • preparation
    • Make your own bias binding
  • Sew dog coat | manual

Material and preparation

To sew the dog coat you need the following materials:

  • Coat or solid cotton (depending on the size of the dog 0.5 - 1.5 m)

  • ruler
  • pen
  • paper
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • Bias tape or color-coordinated cotton jersey
  • velcro fastener

  • sewing machine
  • our instructions

Sew the dog coat

Difficulty level 2/5
Binding with bias tape requires a lot of practice.

Cost of materials 1/5
10 euros depending on the jacket material

Time expenditure 1/5
2 hours

Create sewing patterns

Step 1: We are the first to measure the dog on some parts of the body. Measure from the rearmost point of the back (above the buttocks) to approx. 5 cm below the dog collar (= A). Now measure from exactly this point around the chest area (under the dog's neck = B). Next, measure the circumference of the belly at the thickest point and divide it by two (= C).

Download sewing pattern dog coat Please adapt to dog size

Step 2: Now make a drawing that shows the dimensions you just removed. You can find the template here.

For all three lengths, add 4 cm .

The part that will later be placed around the dog's neck should not be wider than 5 cm.

Step 3: Now cut out the pattern and use it as a template to cut the fabric.


Step 1: The pattern consists of 3 fabric parts: The top with the neckline is cut once. The band that is stretched around the belly is cut 2x. For the two bands, divide half the waist circumference (= C) again by 2 and add 2 cm each. The width can vary as desired, in my case it is 5 cm.

Step 2: Place the templates on the left sides of your fabric.

Draw the edges with a pencil.

ATTENTION: Add approx. 5 mm seam allowance here!

Step 3: Now cut out all three pieces of fabric with the scissors as precisely as possible.

Set this aside.

Make your own bias binding

Those of you who do not have a suitable bias tape at home will now find brief instructions on how to make the tape yourself quickly and easily.

1st step: Cut a jersey fabric strip with a width of approx. 5 cm. The strip should be as long as possible so that it extends around the entire dog coat. Of course, several strips can also be joined together.

Step 2: The easiest way is to iron the strip first. To do this, fold the fabric once in the middle and iron it. Then both edges are placed inwards again towards the center and ironed again. The right side of the fabric should face outwards.

The bias tape is already finished and ready for use on our dog coat!

Sew dog coat | manual

1st step: Since the jacket consists of only a few parts of fabric, we start by binding these parts with bias tape.

To do this, we first pin the tape to the fabric.

Place the right side of the fabric on the left edge of the part to be edged and pin all the edges.

Step 2: Now stitch about 5 mm from the edge around the entire fabric. (The side with the ribbon or the left side of the fabric facing upwards).

Your sewing result is shown as follows, as shown in the next picture.

3rd step: Now it gets a little more difficult: The bias tape is now folded "forward" onto the right side of the fabric.

Fold the previously ironed side inwards so that the band has a nice edge.

Pin everything back with pins or clips.

This is what your previous sewing work looks like with the pinned bias binding.

Step 4: Now stitch everything again with the straight stitch of the sewing machine.

This is what your sewing result looks like now.

ATTENTION: Keep the seam very close to the edge of the bias tape so that nothing sticks out later or the seam becomes irregular.

Now all three pieces of fabric should be edged with bias tape.

On the pictures you can see the nutritional results so far.

Your sewing result is shown as in our picture below.

Step 5: Next, we attach the Velcro fastener to the two elongated pieces of fabric that will later lie against the dog's belly. Part of the Velcro fastener is stuck on the right side of one band, one on the left side of the other band.

Topstitch the work with a narrow edge along the two sides of the Velcro fastener.

Step 6: Now we attach the straps to the top of the dog coat.

Place the ends of the ribbons relatively centrally under the coat and pin them in place. Now stitch the tapes with the sewing machine.

Use the existing seam on the bias binding so that the new seam is not visible.

That’s it! Our dog coat is ready and can be tried on right away.

I hope you enjoy sewing!

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