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Sew Pillowcase with Hotel Closure - Instructions

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The most practical and fastest way to individually order a pillow is by far the hotel's reference. Without disturbing buttons or a zipper, this cover version is not only comfortable, but also very easy to sew. In the following, we show you in a detailed sewing instructions how you can quickly sew a pillowcase with a hotel closure yourself.

A removable pillow cover is always important for any type of pillow. The fact that you can take it off and wash it at any time is only an advantage. Would you like to redecorate your apartment individually and according to your mood, you will achieve a lot with coordinated pillowcases. A hotel reference is then the simplest and fastest execution.


You do not really need much for the self-made hotel. As already mentioned, you are spared sewing on buttons and zippers. You only need:

  • sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Decorative fabric in the desired color (in the best case 100% cotton)
  • Scissors, pen and tape measure

Measuring and cutting

The pillowcase has almost the same dimensions as the pillow you want to buy. At the beginning you should therefore measure the desired cushion.

The pillow in our case has the dimensions: 40 cm x 50 cm. The cover requires a seam allowance of 3.5 cm. The cut is made now so: the pillowcase consists of a small and a larger piece of fabric. The longer piece of fabric will be used later for wrapping, so it should be 1/3 longer:

  • Small piece: 43.5 cm x 53.5 cm
  • Long piece: 43.5 cm x 71.5 cm

Transfer the cut details to the dimensions of your pillow:

  • small piece: height + 3.5 cm x width + 3.5 cm
  • long piece: height + 3.5 cm x width + 1/3 width + 3.5 cm

So that you can follow our sewing instructions better, we have chosen the fabric of the front and / or back of the cover in different colors. Likewise, the longer piece of fabric consists of two different colored fabrics, so you recognize which part is taken later.

Sew pillow case with hotel closure

After you've cut the fabric, it's time to sew. At the beginning, the fabric pieces are lined, so that the edges do not fray.

Then iron the short side of the larger part twice about 2 cm and sew it with a straight cut on both edges. The same procedure is used for one of the short sides of the smaller piece of fabric. Now the smaller piece of fabric and the bigger one are placed on each other and the size is marked. At this point, apply a sharp crease with the two fabric sides facing each other.

The "beautiful" fabric sides of the two parts are now superimposed in such a way that the edge of the short side comes to lie exactly in the crease of the long side. Then fold down the protruding fabric end and put everything firmly in place. Now sew off the crease once over both lengths and one short side (do not forget to sew at the beginning and end!). The crease is left open.

Now the reference can be turned.

Then the pillow is upholstered. The inner flap is guided around the cushion.

Done is a self-sewn pillowcase with hotel closure!

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