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Crochet Star - DIY tutorial for a great crochet star

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When a star falls from the sky, we may wish for something. Unfortunately, you rarely get to see such shooting stars. That's why we help and crochet our stars ourselves.

The first tutorial shows how to crochet a bulbous star after Amigurumi-style and in the second tutorial it's all about a beautiful flat crochet star, which makes a good gift tag or Christmas tree ornaments.


As usual with crochet work, I swear on mercerized cotton yarn. This can be processed very well and also has a slight shine - so the perfect material for stars. To buy there is such yarn z. B. from

  • Schachenmayr (Catania), length 125 m per 50 grams, for crochet hook 2.5 - 3.5
  • Lang Yarns (Quattro), length 120 m per 50 grams for crochet hook 3 - 4

But there are no compelling rules for star crocheting. What pleases and can be crocheted well may prove to be a star yarn.

For the Amigurumi crochet star, wool remains are needed as marking threads and some filling wadding.

Missing only the right crochet hook to the chosen yarn and the crochet star can grow.

Crochet Amigurumi star

The star is crocheted from the inside to the outside in spiral circles. First crochet the front and back star bodies and then successively crochet five tips.

star body

Round 1: As a first round, crochet 5 tight stitches into a string and close the ring with a slit stitch.

Starting from this first round, there are now 5 increases in each round. So ultimately no exactly circular body, but a slightly 5-sided shape.

Round 2: Make the increases at each stitch. (Crochet 2 sts in each stitch) = 10 stitches

Caution: In spiral rounds, the individual rounds are not closed with a chain stitch and there are no transitional air meshes. At the end of the lap, simply go straight into the next lap. Anyone who struggles with mesh counting can mark the round crossing with a marking thread. At the beginning of a round, simply knit the marker into the stitching, crochet a full round to the thread, pull out the thread and reposition!

Round 3: Make the increases on every 2nd stitch = 15 stitches.

Round 4: The increases on every 3rd stitch make = 20 stitches.

Round 5: The increases on every 4th stitch make = 25 stitches. (The pentagon is already beginning to show)

Round 6: The increases on every 5th stitch make = 30 stitches.

Round 7: The increases on every 6th stitch make = 35 stitches.

Round 8: The increases on every 7th stitch make = 40 stitches.

Round 9: The increases on every 8th stitch make = 45 stitches.

Round 10: The increases at every 9th stitch make = 50 stitches. Mark all increases in this round: To do so, cut 5 markers. * Crochet 9 stitches, pick up the marker thread and pinch it, crochet the doubling stitch in the same stitching point *, * * repeat a total of five times until the round is finished crocheting.

Now work the second part of the star body as well.

ATTENTION: do not cut the working thread, leave the stitch on the crochet hook. It is directly crocheted with the last stitch of the star body.

Crochet star beams

Five rays between the markings complete the star's body in its astral form. They are connected piece by piece with front and back of the two star body parts.

Beam # 1: Starting from the last work loop, crochet tight stitches to the next mark. Crochet a mesh of air as a compound and arrange the back star body so that the first round can be crocheted there as well.

Now also crochet fixed stitches along the back of the sternum between two marking threads, crochet a mesh of air as a joint and finish the round with a sturdy stitch. This first round measures 22 stitches (10 stitches between the marking threads on the front side, a transition stitch, 10 stitches between the marking threads on the back, a transition stitch)

It continues in hospital rounds, which screw themselves up to the beam tip. In each case on the right and left side, two stitches are mixed together, so that the number of stitches is reduced by 2 stitches in each round. Stand in the last stitch of the front, take the thread, do not crochet the stitch, but cut straight into the first stitch on the back, take the thread and pull it through all 3 stitches on the needle, crochet along the back and do the same again .)

The star beam gradually comes to a point. If there are only a few stitches remaining that can no longer be removed, the tip is closed with a final slit stitch. If there is still a small hole open, this can be sewn immediately with the work thread.

Beam Nos. 2 to 4: The second beam is displayed on the left next to the star beam. This is followed by fixed stitches to the next marking thread on the left and an air mesh. Then prick into the marked stitch on the back and crochet at the back.

There is no need to crochet a separate mesh on this side for connection. A solid mesh can be picked up from the first jet wall. There are no holes in the end result.

From now on, finish the beam as described in No. 1 in spiral rounds and crochet the two corner stitches left and right again.

Beam No. 5: The last jet is already given the opening. Crochet along a round of tight stitches and continue with the decreases as described above. If the crochet star is to be filled, now is the best time to do it before the opening becomes too small.

Arriving at the last beam tip, the crochet star is finished. Sew on the five thread ends to hide in the star heart.

Of course, the crocheted star can be embroidered with a nice face. In a larger version, it is wonderful as a pillow.

Crochet Amigurumi Crochet Star larger

The described star is too small "> Flat crochet star

Round 1 ( Star Body ): This first round consists of a thread ring in which 3 air meshes are crocheted as first chopsticks and additionally 11 other chopsticks. Close the ring with a chain stitch = 12 stitches

Round 2 (star beams): crochet 5 air stitches and crochet these stitches back towards the circle as follows:

(First inspection point is the second air mesh from the crochet hook.)

  • 1 fixed loop
  • 1 half stick (3rd bubble from the crochet hook)
  • 1 stick (4th bubble from the crochet hook)
  • 1 double stick (5th bubble from the crochet hook)

So already a star beam has been created, which is now fixed at the rounding in the middle. This is done with a strong stitch in the mesh head of the 2nd originating stick.

For the second jet, crochet 5 meshes and crochet back as described above:

  • 1 fixed stitch (2nd air stitch from the crochet hook)
  • 1 half stick (3rd bubble from the crochet hook)
  • 1 stick (4th bubble from the crochet hook)
  • 1 double stick (5th bubble from the crochet hook)

The anchorage to the star body is the same as for the first beam. For this purpose, a stick head is passed over and a crochet stitch crocheted in the mesh head of the 4th Originstabchens.

A total of 6 star beams are crocheted, anchoring the very last beam with a chain stitch on the star body in the mesh head of the 12th original swab.

Round 3: Another round of fixed stitches follows: * Starboard beams 4 crochet stitches into the top of the beam 1 crochet stitch, 1 air stitch, 1 crochet stitch, the second side down again 4 stitches, in the space of 2 blots a solid stitch. * * * is repeated six times around each star. The very last stitch is again a chain stitch.

Sew on the threads either on the back or leave them as tie straps.

Quick Start Crocheted Amigurumi Star:

For a crocheted Amigurumi star, work 2 x the star body first:

  • Cast on 5 stitches in a thread ring
  • Crochet in spiral rounds and evenly spread 5 stitches in each round until the desired size of the star body is reached (the star body represents a 5-corner)
    Crochet 5 Star Beams to both parts of the Star Body in spiral rounds and remove 1 stitch each time on the left and right

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