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Renew Window Seals - DIY Instructions and Costs

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Window seals are important to keep the heat in the interior and to increase living comfort. Defective seals lead to damage and a loss of heating energy. But how are porous or fragile seals replaced ">

Window seals are often one of the biggest weaknesses in the house. At first glance, they look inconspicuous, but they fulfill a very important task: the gap between the sash and the frame allows heating heat to escape unused. The seals adapt to the existing scratch and prevent heat loss. This saves you heating and comfort increases. Even the slightest breezes through leaky windows are perceived by the body as unpleasant. Intact window seals are therefore necessary for many different reasons. Unfortunately, the seals are fragile and can easily be damaged. Defective or porous seals no longer fulfill their purpose and must be replaced.

Instructions for replacement

Step 1: Choosing the right replacement gasket

The seals differ mainly in profile. It is important to pay close attention to the fit here. Look at the old seal and determine which profile you need. Common profiles can be found in every hardware store, special designs are offered by carpenters or window makers.

Tip: Take a small part of the old seal with you for purchase and select a suitable model.

An incorrect type of seal can also have negative effects. There must be no tension between the frame and the sash. Otherwise damage can be caused to the fittings.

Step 2: Remove the old seals

It is crucial to remove all residues of window seals. It is best to use a craft knife and remove the gasket.

Tip: If the seal sticks too tightly in one place, then use a spatula, a screwdriver or a knife to help.

Step 3: Attach the new seals

  • Start at the top frame in the middle.
  • First, push the new window seal into the groove.
  • Miter the gasket at the corners.
  • Take a craft knife or a miter and cut out a small piece in the shape of a triangle. This should have about a size of 10 to 15 mm.
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Cut out small triangle

Caution: Depending on the type of seal - Do not cut the triangle out of the sealing surface except from the seal base. An alternative is the oblique cutting through the seal and gluing with sealing adhesive.

  • Proceed accordingly with the remaining 3 window pages.
  • Press the gaskets firmly together at the resulting end.
  • Check if the window opens and closes well. If necessary, adjust the fittings.

Tip: Specialist retailers offer special single-rollers, which simplify the insertion of the seals into the groove. A big advantage of the reel is that it prevents the seal from lengthening. The resulting voltage could otherwise lead to interfaces and thus to gaps.

frequently asked Questions

When do I have to renew window seals ">

Window seals can become porous over the years and peel off. If leaks occur, valuable thermal heat is lost. Another problem is the danger of mold growth. If moisture can penetrate through the leaky window seals or forms a passage for cold, then the material may begin to mold. In this case, health hazards and the cost of repair increases. In general, window seals last for several years, so replacement is relatively rare. As soon as you recognize that the existing gaskets become porous or are already peeling off in some places, you need to replace them.

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Test with the lighter
paper test

What tasks do the window seals ">

To ensure that the window seals last as long as possible and rarely need to be replaced, you should pay attention to the correct care. Here are some tips for increasing the life of the window seals:

  • Make sure that the gaskets are as dry as possible. If condensation forms or if the seals have become damp due to rain, you must immediately dry them. Use a rag for this.
  • Even soiling can lead to damage to the seals. Therefore, clean the window seals with a soft sponge and clear water and detergent. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents, as they may cause damage.
  • In order to maintain the elasticity of the window seals even in cold temperatures, silicone spray is suitable.
  • Apply a little talcum powder during the summer so that the absorption of moisture improves.

Should I carry out the replacement of the window seals myself or hire a specialist company?

The replacement of the seals is relatively straightforward and can be performed by a single person. Therefore, the commissioning of a specialist company is usually not worthwhile.

What costs are incurred by renewing the window seals?

On average, one meter of the sealing material costs about 1 Euro . For a window of the size 1 meter x 1 meter you need about 4 meters window seals. Thus, expenses incurred around 4 euros.

Tips for quick readers:

  • Window seals keep the heat in the interior
  • They prevent the formation of mold
  • Condensation leads to damage
  • Always keep seals dry
  • Always keep seals clean
  • Silicone spray promotes elasticity
  • Remove old seal with cutter
  • pay attention to a complete distance
  • press new seal into the groove
  • start at the top center
  • Miter corners
  • Single roller makes work easier
  • pay attention to the right profile when buying
  • Seal type is crucial
  • take old seal to the hardware store
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