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Sewing scarf made of jersey - Instructions for scarf with insert

  • Material and preparation
    • preparation
    • Sew on the insert
  • Sewing a scarf

Today I would like to show you how to sew a great nursing scarf with insert made of jersey. Her little sweetheart is hungry every few hours. Supporting it by hand often causes long-term pain in the upper arm and shoulders. With our loop, you can easily embed your baby in the soft jersey fabric and breastfeed. Another plus: the child can be protected if necessary from the eyes of the environment.

We add a small pouch to the nursing shawl, in which you can, for example, store nursing pads or other important utensils. This small bag we also work from jersey fabric, quilting three sides fine and get a visually appealing bag that can be arbitrarily reduced or enlarged.

Since the scarf is sewn of jersey, it is washable with the washing machine at 60-75 ° C and a real all-rounder, which concerns processing and quality.

Material and preparation

To sew the nursing scarf, you need the following materials:

  • 2 jersey fabrics - each about 0.5 mx full width
  • scissors
  • matching yarn
  • ruler
  • pen
  • sewing machine
  • our guide
  • some leather or SnapPap as desired

Difficulty level 1/5
easily suitable for beginners

Time expenditure 1/5
1 hour

Cost of materials 1/5
10 EUR - 15 EUR for the jersey fabric

When you have all the materials at hand, we start to measure the material and the remaining steps in the preparation!


Step 1: First we cut our two jersey fabrics. Normally, the purchased fabrics should have a width of about 1.40 m - 1.70 m . The perfect width would be about 1.50 m, because the scarf can wrap so perfectly around the upper body and the child. The length of the two pieces of fabric should be 50 cm .

TIP: In order to facilitate the cutting and to obtain as large pieces of fabric as possible, the fabric can be doubled when cutting. So the corner edges lie on each other and it must be cut through only half of the fabric width. Make sure you draw the lines on the left side of the fabric.

If you want to sew the Stillloop from a single color, you can cut the jersey to a length of 1 m . This eliminates one of the seams and the scarf is monochrome!

Step 2: For the small drawer that can be used to store nursing pads, pacifiers or handkerchiefs, we need a rectangle made of jersey in a size of about 10 cm x 15 cm . Use the ruler and pen to draw the pocket on the left side of the fabric of any jersey fabric.

Of course, you can also use the same fabric that you use for the scarf, for the bag.

3rd step: We fold the upper edge of the bag backwards. It can also be ironed if necessary, which makes stepping up a bit easier.

Sew on the insert

Step 1: First, the top of the small drawer is stitched twice with the straight stitch .

Use matching yarn. When stitching the second seam, it is recommended to sew more slowly to get the same distance from the previous seam.

Step 2: To spice up the little bag, I use a small strip of SnapPap (available in any good sewing shop). Of course, another jersey fabric or leather can be used. In the lower end I punched a small heart.

Now we fold the SnapPap in the middle and fix the top with the heart on the fabric. It can now be quilted with a small seam.

TIP: For very short seams, I only use the handwheel to turn the needle into the fabric and out again. So you can control the run length of the seam better!

Step 3: The remaining three sides of the drawer are now ironed to the rear.

Now the bag can be placed on one of the two pieces of fabric of the nursing scarf (preferably on the fabric that is intended for the inside) and fastened with pins.

Now stitch all three sides of the bag with the straight stitch .

Sewing a scarf

Step 1: Before we move on to the sewing machine, we put together the two large jersey fabrics right to right and pin the two long sides (whole fabric width) with pins or Wonderclips.

2nd step: Next, sew the edges together with the overlock or the sewing machine (zigzag stitch ) and turn the nursing scarf back to the right side of the fabric.

This is how your sewing result looks.

Step 3: Now the short (un-stitched) sides have to be sewn together.

To do this, fold one half of the nursing shawl over the other so that the right side of the fabric lies on top of each other.

Your Sewing Sewing project is now showing this sewing result.

Step 4: Now sew with the zigzag stitch around the hose, but leave a ca. 10 cm wide turning opening .

Through this opening, turn the loop scarf back to the right side of the fabric.

5th step: To close the small opening, we use the so-called mattress stitch.

We need a needle and matching yarn. First, pierce through the fabric from the bottom to the right side. Now you stick in the opposite fabric from top to bottom and back up and turn the sides again.

Close the entire opening with this stitch. In the end, slowly pull the thread. So the fabric should close nicely and no visible seam should be present.

Voilà - our nursing scarf is already finished and ready for use! I wish you a lot of fun sewing!

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